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Lodge of Sorceresses is Growing towards PvE Endgame!!!

We are recruiting active players, enthusiastic about PvE content in ESO, to grow towards the Endgame (progressive veteran Trials, currently running 2 Cores, 2 more being planned) through what we call "Midgame" content (veteran DLC Dungeons & vArenas). To achieve our goal, we organize events everyday: 12-man content at 8:30pm CET (German time). We do Midgame content in a daily basis.

Who can join?

  • We accept CP 300+ players, for long-term camaraderie. Candidates need to be able to attend our events at least 3 times a week (Mid-/End-game). Raids start at 8:15pm CET (events last 2-2.5 hrs max)...
  • We only are looking forward to players who can play the game 4-5 evenings a week in general, with future Endgame prospect in mind... No logging in from raid to raid. We believe "you learn the game by playing it!".

What We Provide?

  • Constant training and growth to help you become a killing machine (or a healing lifespring) as we progress together...
  • Fun environment to do PvE - absolutely zero elitism, patience and tolerance towards new/unskilled players and such...
  • Discord - where we socialize, which is our primary guild chat...
  • Premium Website - where we organize our events, socialize further. Featuring event reviews written by our members. Colorful Event gallery... 
  • Custom Planner - where we plan to organize even better (coming very soon!)
  • Guild Housing - where you can find Crafting Stations, Transmutation Station, Mundus Stones and ever growing cool decoration for your seeing pleasure...
  • Youtube Channel - where we stream almost all events we do as a guild...

Who Shouldn't Join?

  • Whoever isn't sure about their availability and playtime. We really don't want to chase after people and remind them to sign up for events. So if unsure, please don't waste our time!!!

If you like what you read, please kindly signup on our website (make sure you complete your profile here 100%).

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Mage healer?

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So right now I'm creating this 2 roles mage: DPS+CC and heal+CC.

I like doing CC, and I've done that role before in PvE.

I like CC because it is challenging and because you need to know tactics and because just trying to break some dmg-meter is dead boring. Also I could never break the dmg-meter :P


I decided to play CC+DPS from the beginning to get the skills into my fingers, but I had to get a tankpet :( So I have the summoned dinosaur. That's all though I have in summoned line.



I'm spending points on "encase", "rune prison" and "negate magic": I've morphed some of them.

I'm thinking about how to keep enemies locked down and silenced when I place points here, and it seems to work for me when I play just with me and the tankpet.


Is there any skills I should definetly spend points on/morphs I should definetly do CC-wise?



I've spend points in restoration staff skill line also, and I've tried to heal in the lowest lvl dungeons, and it was fun :)

I have: "regeneration". "grand healing" and "blessing of protection" some of them morphed. I'm thinking on spending lots more points in this skill line.


But is it a waste of points to even use the restoration staff healing when you are not a templar?

Or will it be a good help to a templar healer to have assist heals from a mage?

I'm happy with assist and I'm thinking heal+CC will make a good assist to a templar healer?


Is there any skills I should spend points on healing-wise? (If it's not all a waste that is)



I have no clue what is good and since I don't I'm not spending any real points in this, so I'm getting really really slow at killing anything.

So what is good DPS skills for a mage?

I use destruction staff and have only "destructive touch" and I don't think it's morphed. I don't have this on my bar.

As my DPS for lvling I use: "mages fury" and some other spell that i can't find on the list lol (wonder if it's unmorphed version?)


So what is good mage DPS skills?

I'm so lost in this side of things...


I don't count on concentrating on doing loads and loads of DPS, as I consider myself CC'er mainly, but I need to do more then now lol.



I went from medium to light armor and have spend some points there also. I've 2 points I think in "evocation" and "recovery" and maybe 1 point in "spell warding".


I'm just lvl 21 so a lot of stuff is locked still, but I tend to not spend my skill points when I get them, and then I walk around with 3-5 unspend points. Then I think I'm silly and I just hurry to use them on something, and I don't think that is a good idea :P I need some sort of plan, not strict or anything, but just  a plan :)


Please help me figure this out :)

Any tips and tricks are appreciated!

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Guest Sal

First and foremost - Morph ALL skills you plan on using, on top of the added effect you have 4 additional levels of the skill increasing it's effect even further.


For healing - Like i already advised in-game i only needed Mutagen(Regeneration) and Combat Prayer(Blessing Of Protection) for the normal dungeons. I added Healing Ward(Steadfast Ward) for the Veteran dungeons, managed to heal for 1 boss kill at VR1, so i can only imagine this will be more than enough at VR4-5 when i go back to Veteran dungeons. I complete the skill bar with Rune Cage(Rune Prison) for CC and summon Restoring Twilight but i will probably remove it as the pets are interfering with CC. For the passives in Resto staff i have Restoration Expert and Essence Drain and will naturally get Restoration Master as long as i get the skill leveled enough.


For DPS (nuker/ranged, cant' speak about weird melee build) - My current build is:


1. Crystal Fragments (Dark magic) - massive damage + chain knock down, i can kill most small bosses without them being able to stand up

2. Venom Arrow (Bow) - DoT while the lock down from Crystal fragments + cast interrupt

3. Endless fury (Storm calling) - Massive damage for under 20% - executing all normal mobs essentially as if they only had 80% HP and devastates bosses at the end of the fight.

4. Draining Shot (Bow) - Knock back + Disorient + snare = nobrainer for ranged DPS

5. Deadric Tomb (Dark Magic) - Lay it down before a pool and re-apply when needed, at the moment it does 252dmg per mine for a total of 756 dmg which is 1/3 of a normal mob HP



1. Storm Calling

     - Capacitor - 10% Magika regen - nobrainer, must have

     - Energized and Expert mage - depend on how much storm calling you use, nice to have, but not mandatory. Personally i have them both

     - Disintegrate - giving the fact the Endless fury already kills normal mobs once they are below 20% i opted not to invest here.


2. Dark Magic

     - Unholy knowledge - 5% reduced magika and stamina cost of all abilities - nobrainer, must have

     - Blood Magic - 5% HP heal on hit - Up until recently i hardly needed healing and was not using this. But at VR2/3 i started dying like a fly on even normal mobs, depserate times called for desperate measures and i took this. Didn't regret it as it saved my life a bunch of times

     - Persistence - 20% duration of Dark magic effects - The only draw back is that the increased duration of the crystal shard knock back messed up the chain lock down as if you knock back and already knocked target the effect of the new one doesn't apply, so you need to time them. But increased duration of everything else is nice so i use it.

     - Exploitation - 15% crit on targets affected by dark magic, nice to have but somewhat situational.


3. Summoning

     - Rebate - 15% Magika on pet dead - I was using the Clannfear for tanking and it rarely dies so i didn't take this, might be worth with Unstable familiar tho.

     - Power stone - 15% reduced cost of ultimates - i rarely used ultimates up until recently i didn't invest in this

     - Deadric Protection - 20% HP regen with summon slotted - not bad, but again situational.

     - Expert summoner - buffs the pets - kinda mandatory if you plan on using summons


4. Light Armor - All of them are simply nobrainers and must haves for a mage as soon as you can invest in them.


5. Medium Armor - Half of these are tailored for melee, the other half are increasing dps from weapon skills. Giving the fact that just 15% of my dps comes from such sources - I don't use them. On top of that using more than 1 will leave you with fewer than 5 light armor pieces breaking the 10% crit from light amror passives - avoid, avoid, avoid


6. Heavy Armor - At some point i was toying with the idea to use a chest piece heavy armor for some armor increase but even if you use that it's nor worth it to invest skill points. Remember the 10% crit with 5 pieces of light armor.....


7. Bow - I only use Ranger fro 20% reduce cost of bow skills the rest of the line is mainly for bow normal attacks and not worth it at the moment, when only about 15% of my dps is coming from the bow




Hope this is not too confusing and helps

Edited by Sal

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Thanks Sal :) That's really helpfull.

I'm glad healing works for that long *yey* and the DPS is really helpfull. I was thinking about using bow, and I did in the beginning, but then I was afraid it would be wasted points there, but I'll look into that again.

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Guest Sal

Between 35 and 50 i wasn't using any weapon skills, the only stamina skill on my bar was Silver bolts from the fighters guild tree. Which works perfect as the majority of the mobs you fight at that stage are Undead and Deadra. 

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Oh ok

I have not taken any skills from the fighters guild yet, so I should atleast get that one for dmg?

I'm also thinking of adding point to stamina (has put points in just magic and a bit in health untill now) but I run out of stam now when dodging :/ Is that a good idea?

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Stamina - bad idea. Magic points increase not only total amount of MP, but also spell damage. Later you can enchant armor and add attributes that you like.

Maybe Critical Surge (Storm Calling) can be helpful for you - it increases weapon damage and heals on crit. Also activating Surge gives a chance to cast Crystal Fragments instantly for 50% MP cost.

I like when healers use Circle of Protection (Fighter's Guild skill). It's AOE skill that consumes stamina and increases resistances.

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Guest HarunAlHaschisch

Since I don't want to make a new thread:

Is a light armor templar healer viable? Using all the passive boni of the light armor and have the resto staff AND templar-heal skilltrees at your disposal? Or would that be unnecessarily much?

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Guest Sal

Any class can heal with Light armor and resto staff skills. There are just a hand full of skills from the mage 3 skill lines that are beneficial for a healer and the yare mostly utility. 


The templar is the best healer as there are some nice skills in the Restoring light tree that noone else has. IMO the templar is mandatory class for a dedicated healer.

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Hmm... And how well can Templar DPS or tank? (Sorry for off-topic question: Sal, you can answer this question in Raid Core Guidelines topic).

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Guest Vulturul

As a templar healer, I think I know how things work with it. I agree with Sal.

You can heal well as a sorcerer, but if you want to play the role at its maximum potential, you have to be a templar. I am not going to explain here why, you have to check by yourself its class called in English "Restoring Light" (if the actives don't convince you, you can check its passives).

If we're talking about a DPS or tank, I don't know that well, but I think it can't be a ranged DPS, because I am using its ranged offensive abilities to make some damage and I have to say that they're not that great. Perhaps it can be played as a tank or as a melee DPS.

Edited by Vulturul

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Guest HarunAlHaschisch

Should have asked: Is templar healer better? Answer's yes. Thank you both, that's what I actually wanted to know. I do play the game in English but I don't really know the names of anything but the classes, races, places and some lore stuff. For my mage it's like "Black icicle, damage rune thing, go forth! Yeah take that Lightning, eat it!"... :D

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