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    • Veteran White Gold Tower
      By Malshy,
    • Mag DPS Training
      By Kydum,
         Attended :
    • DPS Training
      By Emhyrr,
         i like cookies, and dummys 
    • Veteran Dragonstar Arena
      By somnambulus,
         First time doing this. Never even finished it in normal. Jay was really helpful, he taught us all the mechanics, with his leadership, we managed to finish it off. Overall a good learning experience for me.
    • Veteran DLC Dungeon
      By Issnali,
         Run was pretty smooth and quick until the last boss on HM. We only completely wiped once on the first boss and once on the gaint boss. It was my first run on HM and also vet so I took a few deaths to get hang of the mechanics of the Zaan but everyone caught up pretty quickly. We kept wiping on second frozen/poison phase tho.  When we decided to do it on non-HM, we killed the boss on a first try :). Overall the group was really friendly and fun to play with, we would just need more practice together regarding positioning on last boss so its easier on the healer and the poison phase. 
      We'll get 'em next time!
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