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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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Guest neaNicu

hello people

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Guest neaNicu
Hello people and nice to meet you.


I have read the guild's presentation and I liked it. I am interested mostly by PVE content with friends, have fun and chat, mature but relaxed atmosphere, socialize with other people.

I'm not alone, I will play with my son and other two friends, we already have and use TS3 but it will be a pleasure to visit yours.

When I saw "sorceresses", then "Merigold" I was afraid you do not accept males but then I looked to Merigold's profile and I understood it is about in-game characters not real-life persons :P


Ah, did I say my son? OK, like a short introduction: I'm almost 40 years old, male, from Bucharest (Romania / EU), married, 2 children, working fulltime as a chartered accountant but I still play 3-4 hours/day on laptop.

My gaming background is various...I started in 1996 with Prince of Persia, Doom 1 & 2, The Sims, then several years of shooters (such a noob).

Lately, I played mostly on Steam: Dead Island, Civilization V, Dota 2, Dishonored, Bioshock and...800 hours of Skyrim :)

Ah, by the way, I tried Witcher 2 after playing Skyrim but it was not my taste and finally rage-quited after trying for 3 hours to kill some monster, forgot its name.

I have never played MMOs so I waited ESO with a bit of emotions.

I was invited for the latest 3 sessions of beta and...I think I'm enloved again :)

Already pre-ordered imperial edition and most probably I will play as a Nord 2 handed, female character, Ebonheart Pact.

I am not sure about guild rules in ESO...should all guild members be part of same alliance or it does not matter?

I know, I know, I always write too much, I'm used to be forum admins' nightmare with all the long texts.

In case of this forum, I managed to piss off the admin even before starting posting :angry:

Ah and finally...English is NOT my first language so please don't be too hard on me.

Have a good day people!

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Welcome aboard Serana! :)


I am thrilled to see you joining us - our ranks indeed are increasing everyday. That's quite a pleasure to see!


Lodge will be an Aldmeri guild, and as far as I know, you can join guilds of any alliance, but when it comes to Alliance Campaigns - PvP part of the game that is - you will be fighting in guild's name and thus in our faction's name - the Aldmeri Dominion. However, you still can be Ebonheart Pact aligned and be part of our awesome guild ;) I hope this reality wouldn't hurt your allegiances, would it? :D


Welcome again! I will be looking forward to seeing your son and friends in our forums as well. Feel free to use our TS3 servers for chit chat, whatever the purpose. They are up and running 24/7 on our dedicated forums. Login details you can find in this forum, up top. See you in the game!


P.S.: Meanwhile you are welcome to subscribe/like our other web assets such as Facebook, Google+ pages/Youtube channel etc, if you are a user of those social environments. We are constantly posting in those places, trying to maximize our public exposure.

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