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Glevissig (Gelmir)

July 2020 - Guild Report

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I hope you all are faring well. Let's start with our Guild Report, shall we? ;)


Attendance Requirement No More

As of August 1st, we will not be mandating our old Attendance requirement as a condition for guild membership. No member will be kicked from the guild as a result of not doing regular content with guildies. But we will continue tracking Attendances and when we form our upcoming Cores, the members with higher Attendance track-record will have special treatment in general. As such, although this requirement is being removed, we still encourage our members to take part in them and do content regularly. Additionally, I programmed our bot to post #looking-for messages on a daily basis for that day's DLC dungeon. So please feel free to sign-up, have fun and get your cheevios.




Guild Hall Campaign

Nothing "big": I want us to have Stone Husk dummy - the latest and shiniest of all, in our Guild Hall. And for that we need 50x Stone Husk Fragments. They most definitely aren't cheap. But nothing valuable in life is, right? If you come by these fragments, and if willing to donate, please deposit them to the Guild Bank so that we could get this new dummy for our Guild Hall. As such, withdrawing these fragments from Guild Bank is naturally forbidden! Or just mail them to me.

In the meantime, as I always do (i.e. buy all the best my gold can buy), I got us Vampiric tools in the Guild Hall: the Basin of Loss and Soul-sworn Thrall which can be used to manipulate your Vampire stage is there, at your disposal. Enjoy! I also plan on getting Mundus stones one by one as well. Anyone wishing to pitch in are welcome to donate to Guild Bank. Each costs 2000 crowns which equals to 500k to 600k of ingame gold. If you want to donate the Mundus stone directly, ping me on Discord - I will tell which we need first.

Thanks for all your donations in advance folks!

Oh, before I forget: I also have done large rework in Guild Hall. Few areas look much better now. Please share your comments below if you like or dislike something there :) 




Recruitment Efforts Ongoing

Since late spring I have been trying to recruit as much as possible to the guild. In July, these recruitment efforts slowed down drastically - guess because of the season. Regardless, we need a lot many members to join our ranks. That said, we need help with this - namely, with "spamming" our guild ad ingame, in zone chat. Currently, I am the only person doing it, and I am not online at all times, and a single person can't be present in many zones concurrently. As such, please consider helping us with this task. "Spamming" the following ad in zone chats every 5-10 minutes should suffice. Please do so everytime you switch a zone, or stay in a zone for a prolonged duration. Ad is as follows:

|H1:guild:3411|hLodge of Sorceresses|h LF **motivated** CP 160+ players for long-term growth in PvE group content. Daily Midgame events. Recruiting towards 3x Cores by autumn. Can't join our guild yet? We got options. Read the link, join us on Discord, follow bot's instructions. Looking forward to doing great stuff together with you guys!

I also posted this ad on Discord (#announcements) and will update it there regularly, for you to have the latest version of the text. While "spamming", if someone asks detailed question about the guild, please ask them to click the link in the ad and follow the instructions there for more info. I also tell them exactly that, since : 1) we don't have time to engage on prolonged discussions with players online and not everyone is up for such a task, 2) we already have Guild Planner's onboarding wizard for that. Thanks guys!


That's it folks. Thanks for reading! -- Gelmir

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