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Hello folks,

Welcome to the yet another Guild Report - as you know, current situation requires one. This will be in 3 steps:

  1. Summary,
  2. Officer Board Situation,
  3. Course of Action.

Please read the whole thing, in order to have a full understanding of the situation and of our plans moving forward! So let's start:


PvE Summary: Cores, Veteran Cloudrest Progression

As you know - we had long standing problems with Core-1, which we failed to fix in a timely manner. Core-2 has been doing relatively well, but alas, the raid leader decided to abandon the team. So that is also over.

So, what we do? 

Our vCR progression simply put, is kaputsky (dead). Cores are in a default situation, some people decided to leave. But regardless, I will be continuing my guild work, rebuilding, reorganizing and pushing forward. 

We will build a fresh Core - relatively young one, comprised of very good people we have (and yes, we have very good DDs waiting to raid with us, from the midst of Adeptus Major) and progress, starting with vMOL. In between, we will tackle with Craglorn trials as well, in order to do them for those who don't have the achievs and certain gear sets. This time around, I want the team actually master the content they are doing - Tier-2 raiding, although a goal for us, won't be rushed into. For the duration of Tier-1, @Maxime will be raid leading, but once we approach Tier-2, I will make sure we get Tier-2 experienced Raid Leader. That can be @david0001, or someone else, so we will see.




Officer Board Situation

Latest events undoubtedly made some people fatigued. So let's go through the officer list, starting with high profile figures in the guild:

  • @Maxime - been leading Core-1 since ... September of last year I guess, she's come quite a long way with us. She stumbled into certain challenges along her path, and latest problems most definitely left some marks on her: some people stated she might not be ready for Tier-2 raid leadership, mostly due to 2 reasons - lack of experience in that tier of content, and being too soft with her team. Last time I talked to her (yesterday), she told me she is ready and willing to continue with Lodge. Thank you, Maxime! :) 
  • @Jaynoel - been our Head Guidance Officer since early 2018. Especially during 2018, he's done tremendously great job of training the guild, alas, most of which abandoned us after becoming something in this game. This deeply hurts Jay, no surprise there. And he is convinced it is not worth continuing this training efforts, since the Return of Investment in this "business" is quite low. I have slightly different thinking there (which I will share below), but yeah, one can tell Jay is done with training business. He might take coupla weeks to lose the tension we've had, and when he is back we will see what future unfolds for us.
  • @david0001 - as far as I can tell, he is still unsure about his commitment to us, mostly because he's been away for almost 3 months and being back now, he is trying to stabilize his place with his original group. This situation overall makes him unreliable, even if that's temporary. I think we will be giving him time to recover after his absence, as we recover ourselves.
  • @Marmoth90 will remain as Guidance Mag DD Trainer/Inspector. :ThumbsUp:

Overall, one thing is for sure: in this guild, when it comes to our projects, project leaders like Raid Leaders always had, and will have final say regarding decisions made. Every single person removed from Cores, every single person added, every restructuring was initiated - all these things were triggered by the reports and requests from these people. I always work in close communication with them - they know I get upset when I feel we have bad communication in officer team. This trend will continue: you will see my voice announcing things, but decisions are quite rarely my own (and this is by design). In short, as a guild leader, I am an Option Giver, an Enabler for these guys.




Plan of Action

  1. Effective immediately, both Cores are dissolved. Every single Dominus Liminis will be assigned Rector rank (some of you, who already left Cores, are already assigned that role). You won't be kicked from the guild for the lack of attendance. But ...
    • I am recovering this guild. So please decide whether you want to stay or not, with hope of raiding with us in future. I want you guys to stay with us in this capacity, in order to maintain the relationship. Today you may raid with other guilds, but in about 2-3 months, I will invite you guys back to a stronger raiding environment. If you think "this is it" for you, if you are completely and utterly done with Lodge, please leave the guild as soon as possible. You will be set as Soulshriven on Discord (i.e. will have access to it) if you want that (post below, in this topic, let us know). Those who choose to stay in the guild, will remain with us as Rectors. Those who choose to raid with us in this new iterations of Cores, if they become part of them, they will remain as Dominus Liminis.
  2. Pre-existing Rectors of the guild, people like @Porkkanalaatikko, @walkerjones, @Ripples etc - I urge all of you to remain in the guild, because when we recover, and when you are available for raiding, we will need you. But again, if you think that's it for you, feel free to leave the guild and Discord, preferably as early as possible.
  3. Guidance structuring won't be one-man-crusade any more. We will have multiple trainers for DDs, and Inspection Officers for tanks and healers to clear them step by step. With this, the task on Guidance will be more distributed. Even if return of investment is low, overall, it won't be a great effort from a single person again, but rather something quite fun to do in slow, non-tiring fashion. We will add more Trainers to Guidance to reinforce our training infrastructure (so if interested in joining Guidance, please state so below, by replying here). What we had with @Jaynoel last year was the foundation of Guidance principles, and that naturally took its toll on him. There was a time he was doing everything alone - only after several months we decided to invite more Trainers to the team to lift the load from him. Guidance literally was built upon his shoulders.
  4. A new Core will be formed by the end of this week. We will work on it, making sure performance is there and it remains there. Dominus Liminis and Rectors, to be part of that Core, please reply to this topic with your interest, and I will consider you there. As I stated earlier, @Maxime will lead that group until Tier-2 content (unless @david0001 steps in and takes over earlier). Nothing changes raiding wise: it is still 3-day-a-week raiding, same time, same guidelines, same requirements.
  5. Recruitment will continue in a controlled manner, to avoid over-crowding of the guild. Since we won't have 2nd Core in short-term, we need to be sure who remains or leaves the guild. So please, kindly, decide as early as possible.


Thanks folks, for reading! Good luck with whatever you decide! And good luck to us who remains as well! -- Gelmir

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Guest BadAssMeister
On 4/3/2019 at 8:11 PM, Gelmir said:

So I believe you are not joining us after all.

i do not think so there is too much disapointment on here.

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