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September 2018 - Guild Report

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  • Ipsissimus

Hello gang!

Here again, in yet another guild report. This one will be generally about our PvE project.


PvE Cores: Current Status

September passed by, and thankfully, today we have working 2x Cores. We came long way to get here! I thank every one of you who kept sticking with us no matter what and worked hard to get the guild to this point! :samsung-smiley:

Currently, as you know, we have 14x raiders in Core-1, 13x in Core-2. Core-1 will be filled to 15x, whereas Core-2 will have 14 people for the moment. @Maxime is leading Core-1, with @Quake89 co-leading and chipping in some fresh approach occasionally. @david0001 is leading Core-2. Once first 2 Cores are filled, we will work on additional 2x Cores as well, eventually hoping to have 4x of them.

Coupla weeks ago, we also managed to procure a 51 mill HP dummy for our Guild Hall (@Glevissig's primary house) for training purposes. To get it, we had a donation campaign. Many Core raiders helped, and the missing amount was compensated by few generous souls, as we needed the dummy purchased asap. If you missed the chance to assist the guild with this (amount was 50k gold per raider), feel free to send your donations to Guild Bank. Thanks to all our donors for this one!




PvE Cores: Things to Come

To make Cores more viable and strong in coming progressions, we will be doing some balancing work: as you know, certain instances require certain ranged vs melee DD ratios. To achieve successive groups, we need to make sure this ratios are in working norms. To that end, we might be swapping few raiders between Cores this week. More news will follow, as we discuss this with raid leaders.

PvE Cores: Notes of Importance

All these aside, I noticed few things during our events which I'd like to bring to your attention:

  • From time to time, I hear frustration in some people's voices. Exclamations like "why did you do X?", "why Z wasn't done?" etc. I kindly ask everyone to be calm and patient during events: our Cores are relatively young, with fresh and inexperienced players in them. Very few actually have Veteran Trial experience. Even fewer have prior MMO raiding experience. Let's not create unnecessary tension during events guys! You see something lacking, someone making mistakes - please calmly point the problems out, and let related people to fix that. Give others a chance!
  • Sometimes I see raiders protesting against Raid leaders during events. Please don't do that ever! Raid leaders, even if they are wrong, have the sole privilege to lead the events. That is their job. Point out potential mistakes only after the event. Never during! Never harass Raid Leaders, just because you disagree. That is one thing I am allergic against, and Lodge I envision, isn't this. If they notice something you think isn't the case, or "wrong", please try to let it slide, give them the benefit of doubt, and play along - never jump to creating a heat. Doesn't matter how experienced you are: whenever they say "Jump", I want to hear "How high?" from everyone. I mean it! So let's be civilized, and not take things into our hands and try to "fix" them whenever we feel like it. There are rules and order in the guild, and I kindly ask those to be respected. In short, to be a bit blunt, I don't want to experience this kinda behaviour any more please! To remind raiders: @Maxime is Core-1 primary Raid Leader, @david0001 is that of Core-2's.

Thank you for your understanding! 


Future Projects

In parallel with Core-3 recruitment, I also plan on kick-starting our PvP project. We will be brainstorming with Officers on how to approach this one, and ask for your suggestions as well.


That's all. Thanks for reading, Good luck and Happy hunting! -- Gelmir

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