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Moo's and Emzy's Mooish Meals

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These two travel all over the lands, sometimes bringing back tastes from their travels to the more well-known and some more dangerous corners of Tamriel.

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Wayrest Honeyed Ham

Being an intersection of trade routes, here we have access to foodstuffs even from the Alik'r Desert. This recipe uses both traditional ingredients from Stormhaven and more exotic spices and fruit.


You will need:

smoked ham


1 large carrot

one red pepper

two bayleaves





strong mustard

horseradish paste or crushed horseradish



huntsman's peppers


Put a shank of smoked ham in the pot with an onion cut in fourths, a large sliced carrot, two bayleaves and some sliced red peppers. Cover entirely in water. Do not use any salt or pepper in this. Ham will provide salt and pepper will be added later from the glaze/gravy.
Bring almost to a boil, then poach on low heat for half an hour.
Bring the oven to maximum heat (Around 300 C).

Mix honey, strong mustard, horseradish paste, thyme and ground or very thinly sliced dates, huntsman's peppers - all to taste.

Lift the ham to an oven pot with a bit of water in the bottom. Keep the vegetables and stock from boiling. Slightly cut into the ham skin to form a pattern you like, slicing just slightly through the skin in some places to let the glaze in better. Smear glaze all over the top and sides, make sure some gets into the cuts.

Turn the oven down to low heat (150) and cook the pork without a lid, pouring the glaze and water mix from the pot over the ham periodically. Cook until the glaze remaining on top looks sticky. Turn the shank around and glaze the bottom. Cook like previously.
Turn the shank around, increase the heat on top (to grill if available), add some more glaze from the bowl, cover in a generous sprinkling of thyme and sear the top to look deliciously brown.

Pour away some of the broth from vegetables, leave just enough to almost cover the onion slices. Lift the meat on a serving plate and pour the remaining glaze from the cooking pot over the vegetable broth.

Slice ham to the plates and pour the sauce right on the plate with vegetables.

Serve with a fine Wayrest mead, cider (sweeter French ciders are a good pairing) or beer, both at least a bit on the sweeter or spicier side.




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