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Hello fellas!

Welcome to yet another Guild Report (formerly known as a "newsletter", but unfortunately I don't have time to make these a weekly thing, so from now on, I will do them whenever there is enough to report)! We have a lot to cover, so let's start! ;)


Welcome to Fresh Blood!

Since my last report weeks ago, a horde of players have joined us: some remained, some left. From those who have remained, it's my pleasure to welcome @Kevj331701, @DarkSideDany, @WeirdNoodle, @oranje-elf, @TheDjLexx@Gavin, @Beacze, @Nitrius, @Niraito@Adrianell, @Beefy, @TheConcept, @nmshadey, @saladin649, @Riis, @Znowman and @Bigevilpeter!

We also had two recruits who joined us for future Ashes of Creation: @freezebe, @Ashira.

Welcome guys!

Furthermore, @Gavin has joined our officer team as a Social Officer responsible of our members below Champion Level 200. Together with him, we will be organizing events for these members to give them opportunity to level faster, to farm/craft necessary gear they might need and get ready for our events as soon as possible. These events will be organized on-fly, rarely being scheduled on Calendar. So, if you are below CP-200, please coordinate with Gavin to get these events planned. Thanks Gavin, for reaching out with this proposition to help and then doing so!

And @Knight30 - our former Training PvE Officer has returned to the game full-time. Welcome back mate! He will be assisting @Gavin and @mooslacker with training of our "low-levels".




PvE Midgame Phase-1: Regular Veteran DLC Dungeon and Dragonstar Arena Runs

In short, it's working out greatly! We have had events going on in the guild for several weeks now (since we started all this), almost everyday, with great success! Most of these events also get streamed and reviewed by attendees, for the rest of the guild to enjoy! Please keep signing up for these events as much as possible! And my sincerest thanks to everyone who participated! Thank you guys!

Special thanks goes to @mooslacker for joining our Officer team as a PvE Officer and helping to organize these events - You have been great help mate!


Important Note: Please be advised that this new direction Lodge is taking, is very important step in the development of our guild. As such, all members are expected to participate (not necessarily every day or event, but it is necessary to make yourself noticed at least twice a week), as we are striving to build a strong social guild with sustainable raiding capabilities.Please be advised that Lodge doesn't recruit people for the sake of numbers, so full guild participation is mandatory!

Although we have been having great time with our events, some members are noticeably not joining them! So, since last week, I have been sending final warning/request messages to such members, asking them to join our events as required. If you happen to be one such member, please try to join our guild runs in more regular fashion: many people are working on making this guild flourish in ESO, specifically in PvE department - so any support from our members will mean a million to us!




PvE Midgame Phase-2: Training

During these events we also realized that some of our members are having difficulties with their roles. As you know, our goal is to gradually move towards the endgame, and for that we need to train. That's why from time to time, some of you maybe approached and offered training sessions with one of our experienced members/officers. In such cases, please take a time to train, learn some bits from them and improve upon those. It's important not to join our events, but also finish them successfully; and for that, we will need functioning teams. Let's work together to overcome these obstacles and grow steadily towards success.

In our ESO Community News & Announcements forum, you can find tons of videos for all classes from AlcastHQ.com and Woeler.EU - the leading Meta build websites out there. Please check the ones for your classes and train as much as you can. Guild Hall (@Glevissig's primary housing) has necessary Training Dummy in it.

Additionally, as we strive to run parallel groups for our events, we need more flexible Healers and Tanks to train and join our events as soon as possible. By "flexible" I mean players who at least have two roles: either Tank/Healer duo or Tank/DD, Healer/DD ones. That's because when raiding time approaches, we will need 1-2 tanks maximum, for each raid group, i.e. most of these new tanks will have to fill other roles as well.

All this in mind, we decided to have some starting standards for you guys:

  • Tanks joining our DLC Dungeons/vDSA runs should have ~35k HP with food, ~25k both Resistances with self buffs. Full set of Torug's Pact (or if you have been doing nTrials with PUGs, Roar of Alkosh) should be worn, with Infused weapon and Glyph of Crushing on main bar.
  • Healers on the other hand, should have 17k HP with a consumable, with Lightning Staff (Charged enchant) in backbar. Around 30k Magicka with consumable, and of course full compliment of either Worm Cult or Spell Power Cure sets.
  • Finally DDs need the same amount of HP as Healers (17k HP with consumable). 15k DPS on a Dummy Skeleton, sustained for at least 5 minutes. Without Elemental Drain or any other buffs normally used by other group members. Do not enchant Glyph of Crushing on anything. The tank will run it.

To achieve these initial goals, we will be training - @Gavin and @Knight30 will be organizing training sessions, gear farming and what not to help you achieve this first milestone. Please cooperate with them to achieve greater results.




Additional Tools for PvE Coming Soon!

By @mooslacker's advice, I started working on a custom Planner we will be using soon, with all whistles and bells integrated into it (forum signin integrated, class/gear sets incorporated etc). Using this future tool, the goal is to have better organized events, with best role/class group composition. More news on this one will be released soon! Wish us good luck!


Guild Hall (@Glevissig's Primary Housing)

As I stated before in the dedicated Guild Hall topic, we have numerous coolness installed in our Guild Hall. Sturdy Training Dummy, Transmutation Station, Torug's Pact Smithing and Julianos' Clothier Stations, plus Enchanting and Provisioner Stations are few to name.

Additionally, we need some mats to craft housing items - primarily simple Style Materials (such as Magnesium, Obsidian etc) and Daedra Hearts. Also every weekend, I am buying housing items from Luxury Items Vendor in Coldharbour, which really cost a fortune (every week 100k+ gold in average). That's why we are open to donations of mats and gold to the Guild Bank. With all these, I plan to make our Guild Hall an exotic place to enjoy, full with tools and stations we need. Hopefully, in future, if real Guild Halls get implemented into the game, I will move all these stuff to that place.


Guess that's it for now! See you guys in yet another issue! -- Gelmir

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