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[Week 4] Weekly Guild Newsletter

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  • Ipsissimus

Hello Lodge! Following is the weekly report for Week #4 of this year. Here we go:


ESO: Attempt to Revive PvE Raid Core

As you already know, we are attempting to revive our PvE project and the related Raid Core along with it. A week or two ago, I created a topic calling raiding enthusiasts to join us in this attempt, as previously, our such attempts didn't yield any fruit. Since then, we've managed to gather around 9 raiders and we are still recruiting. Once we hit 15-person marker, we will start actively inviting people to the guild (although many already joined it) and start inspections, training and organization of the whole thing.

Additionally, we need a PvE Officer (per se Raid Leader) as well. So if you know someone with time and experience, please send them our way.


GW2: Plans for Future

As you know, a week or so ago, we had this terrible drama incident which happened between 3 members of ours, one of which was an officer. It resulted in many people getting hurt, at the end of which some decided to leave the guild. For those who are new: we had two officers onboard at the time and they were the ones who mostly ran the guild. After the incident, I decided to intervene and take things under control. And to that effect, our Guild Wars 2 plans are still ongoing and we will be recruiting to grow.

Current overall goal is to create a strong social community.

Following are my plans regarding our GW2 guild:

  • Guild will continue to grow, initially as a Social guild for at least 6 more months to come. No special projects (such as PvE raiding, RP etc) will be initiated, as I want an organic growth for this guild, instead of a rushed one, with projects hastily started without proper member-base.
  • Being relatively recently revived, Lodge in GW2 is very suitable for, and welcoming towards returning and new players. So don't hesitate to join us, even if you are new to the game.
  • Since we will be recruiting only for Social purposes, only the social members who choose to participate on active Discord chat will be recruited. Voice chat will have strong place here, not just the text one.
  • All-time guild representation will remain in force.
  • Since open-world adventuring, especially, but not limited to HoT zone questing is a very popular  in the game, people who are interested in these aspects of the game are especially welcome to join us.
  • Dedicated Social officers will be recruited to organize weekly guild events, in order to level up the guild, to help with recruitment and in general, to help me to maintain the guild.

On July 1st, the state of the guild will be reviewed once again, to assess whether we are ready for serious projects in the guild or not (such as PvE raiding etc).


That's all for now! Thanks for your time and See you folks in-game! -- Gelmir

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  • Ipsissimus

Small Note: To retain our new GW2 recruits and not have them leaving the guild due to the small number of regulars, I decided to invite them in batches, instead of one by one. They know the situation and generally current new recruits are OK with this situation. People register on forums, join Discord and every weekend, I will be inviting batches of minimum 5 new recruits to the guild in-game. Thanks all!

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