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[Patch Notes] RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #5 8/9/2017

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RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #11 9/20/2017


* Zone Events: Several changes have been made in an attempt to address the issue of the loot not being awarded consistently.
* Quest: The Maze of Steel: Changed many aspects of the fight with Ahnket and Crucia to decrease difficulty slightly:
- Fixed Ahnket’s “Ray of Obliteration” so that it will no longer be able to be cast immediately after becoming unshielded.
- Ahnket’s “Ray of Obliteration” now ticks 3 times, previously 4 times.
- Ahnket’s “Ray of Obliteration” has had its cooldown increased to 35 seconds, previously 29 seconds.
- Crucia’s “Lightning Breath” has an increased warning delay of 4 seconds, previously 2 seconds.
- Crucia’s “Thunder Blast” has had its cast time increased to 8 seconds, previously 6 seconds
- The “Shield” and “Heal” temporary abilities have been changed.
- “Shield” is no longer an absorption shield. It now mitigates 75% damage from Ray of Obliteration. Note: This ability ONLY affects Ray of Obliteration, and nothing else.
- “Shield” has had its duration increased to 8 seconds, previously 4 seconds.
- “Heal” has had the initial heal increased to 30%, previously 20%.
- “Heal” has had its heal over time effect increased to 8% health per tick, previously 5% health per tick.
- “Heal” has had its cooldown decreased to 15 seconds, previously 25 seconds.
* Fixed an issue with daily meta quests auto-completing on log out or crashing.

* Trinket: Cursed Claw: Energy Manipulation no longer consumes Claw Curse.

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