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Newcomer's Guide Part 2 - Professions

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Welcome to Newcomer's guide Part 2.

In this guide I'm going to detail every aspect of Professions in the game.

Professions are an important part of the game, tied with character progression in the form of crafted gear and upgrading any gear you want to use. Until the Summerset expansion, the exception to this is jewelry, which cannot be crafted nor upgraded, but can be enchanted. Summerset bring both jewelry crafting, upgrading and transmutation. Until then the crafting skills are the following: Blacksmith, Clothier, Woodworking, Alchemy, Enchanting and Provisioning.

Crafting (Blacksmith, Clothier and Woodworking)

Blacksmith, Clothier and Woodworking are the gear crafting skills. Blacksmiths craft melee weapons and heavy armor, Clothier light  and medium armor, Woodworking bows, staves and shields.Through crafting passives you get cheaper upgrade costs and increased research slots and reduced research time. Traits can be crafted on these items which give extra bonuses, more on trait research below. You can also craft sets at special set crafting stations scattered around the world, some crafted sets are best in slot for certain builds, but to craft a set you will need to have specific number of any traits researched on the item you want to craft. To be able to craft them, the exact types of traits do not matter.

Gear Traits

There are 9 traits in the game, different for armor and weapon pieces. These traits need to be researched to make them craftable on gear. Research is done by sacrificing an item with the trait you want researched at the respective crafting station. Research takes time, each consecutive trait on that specific item(like light head or heavy shoulders) takes more time, the last trait research on an item takes 26 days to complete, so if you want to be a master crafter start researching as fast as possible. Also start researching the traits you really need, first. There are items that reduce the research time by 1 day with 1 day cooldown, so you can make research faster by buying these from the mastercraft mediator, other players or buy even more potent items which finish ALL research that has one day left and reduce time on the rest, etc from the crown store. Now you get some of these crown store items when you reach certain levels witch any of your characters.

Leveling Crafting efficiently

To level these gear crafting professions you can do 2 things - either craft items which reward very little xp, or deconstruct items. Deconstructing provides the most crafting xp, especially intricate, and secondly items made by other players. Anything you have made yourself will deconstruct for a lot less crafting XP. You will also gain a portion of materials, style materials, trait materials and rare materials for upgrading by deconstruction. It is generally better to deconstruct the useless gear you loot (unless they are ornate, in which case you should sell them because they are worth more at the vendor) to gain materials quickly.

During crafting you can determine the style of the item as well. These can be learned through motif books and chapters. There are more than 50 learn able styles in the game, with different locations for drops. Your racial style is learned automatically, but you'll need to hunt down the rest if you are interested in having them. You can find the most complete motif list and locations here.

As of one of the latest patches You will no longer need to craft gear in specific styles, but you can still learn the styles to use on outfit stations, to change the look of your character, no matter what you are actually wearing. Currently there is still a bug in game which can make your bar swapping fail when you have changed your weapon(s)/shield with the outfitting station, so if it affects you, check it out.



Alchemy allows you to craft potions and poisons by combining a solvent with 3 alchemical reagents. Solvents determine the level of the product while reagents the effects the potion or poison has. Alchemy passives increase the time of potion duration on you and increase the number of potions and poisons you craft in 1 batch.

NB!! Alchemy is an integral part of endgame so you should level it up fast, because the Medicinal Use passive allows you to maximize the uptime of potion buffs on you to 100%.



Enchanting is done by combining 3 kinds of Runestones into Glyphs. These runestones are Aspect runes, Potency runes and Essence runes. Aspect runes determine the rarity of the glyph, potency runes its level and type and essence runes determine the effect there will be on the glyph crafted. There are 2 kinds of potency runes, positive and negative, each giving different end results. There are dozens, if hundreds, of possible combinations for glyphs and each can be useful in a certain way. You'll need to level this so you can be self sufficient in endgame when you need to enchant weapons, armor and jewelry yourself, not buy glyphs from the Guild Stores.



Provisioning allows you to create food and drinks. It is the only crafting skill that uses recipes instead of combining the materials yourself. Food and drinks have important buffs in endgame, and provisioning passives increase the duration of these on you. With these in mind it is good to level provisioning to get the increased duration passives so you would be using less of them.


Crafting Writs

The game also has crafting quests for each of the crafting skills, called Writs. The crafting dailies are unlocked by completing the crafting certificate quests, these can be found in the first city after you leave your alliance starter zones. The Writs require you to craft certain items and then deposit them in the quartermaster chests, depending on your crafting level these quartermasters can be anywhere in the world, the highest level quartermasters being in Craglorn. The crafting missions are quite useful both as a gold source and material source, when you complete a crafting mission you gain a reward box which contains items for the crafting skill you completed the quest for. These contain materials, repair kits, legendary materials, white gear that can be deconstructed, glass style fragments and surveys. Surveys are like treasure maps, but instead of leading to a buried treasure they lead to rich material nodes. It is worthwhile to hunt these down when you have them as the rich nodes provide significantly more materials than normal nodes.

There are also master writs, which are crafting missions for master crafters. These missions require you to craft a very specific item, in the case of gear crafting skills the item type, rarity, trait and style are determined in the quest description. These master writs rewards writ vouchers which can be spent on furnishing plans, research time reducing items, the ebony motif and crafting station for your house. You can get these Writs from Rolis Hlaalu, the mastercraft mediator in your alliance capital city.

Overall crafting is an integral part of endgame. If you max crafting in multiple characters you'll have a steady income of gold and legendary upgrade materials. Each character gets 4k gold/day just from the quest reward of these crafting dailies at max level.



  • MultiCraft - Allows you to queue up multiples of the same item to be crafted with you adding them to the queue, pressing Craft and going to make tea/coffe or whatever floats in your belly, while the items are being crafted one after another.
  • AI Research Grid - Makes remembering what you have researched and what is still on the list, easier.
  • Lost Treasure - marks both treasure map and survey locations on your map by a red x, makes hunting both of those a lot easier.
  • Lazy Writ Crafter - basically crafts the items required for crafting missions with a click of a button, making these missions take much shorter

This concludes the crafting guide, hope it helps :) Stay tuned for more newcomer guides in the future!

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