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Glevissig (Gelmir)

[Week 33] What's New? "Clubs" on forums, state of recruitment etc

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Hello people,

Traditionally, in past I posted weekly "State of the Guild" posts in forums, giving our guys some idea about where things are, what we are doing and what is the progress. I think it's time I resumed this again, since I am fully back to the game now.

Recruitment Efforts

They are going reasonably well, us focusing mostly on Official Forums as a source for new recruits. Unfortunately right now, most of our members who decided to stick around, are rather focused on individual activities, or doing stuff with their other guildmates from other guilds - which is understandable at this point. But once we fill our ranks in coming weeks, I hope this will change (after all, all of you joined Lodge for a reason to do things as a guild, right?).

I also updated our guild ad topic in Official Forums where I stated that we also need to fill our Raid Leader positions (PvE and PvP separately). Please read the details there. Due to the game design issues of ESO, unfortunately recruitment of raiders and officers is going quite slowly (in other MMOs you can literally reach these goals within mere few weeks really). Despite that, we have quite many members who decided to stick with us: I personally thank you guys! This means a lot to me!

Changes in Forums

After upgrading our forum software to the latest version, we got a new feature called Clubs through which I plan to organize our Raid Cores. I already moved our old Rift and ESO Raid Core forums into the new The RAID CORE club, and I will be continuing discussions related to raiding inside that club. This organization of things isn't yet final, I am still brainstorming on it, so some changes may happen. Meanwhile, please do not join this Club as we haven't started forming our Raid Cores.

I also added Daily Pledges event to the Calendar, please sign up and try to do them as a guild, mostly because we should play more with each other to know our guild mates and to create a guild atmosphere. Otherwise, I can't imagine how funny and family-like our raids will become, when we start doing them.

That's all for now and thank you all for taking time and reading all this!


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