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Guest neaNicu

TESO disguises

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Guest neaNicu

I remember that some colleagues keep disguises in bank as souvenirs or collectibles.

Here it is an interesting list of ALL disguises and costumes in-game: http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/discussion/111864/all-teso-disguises


The author did a video with them all but currently unavailable because he wants to re-upload a better version today.

Even ZOS seems very interested about video and willing to officially promote it.

I'll update the thread once the video becomes availables.

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Guest neaNicu

And the video with all ESO disguises is available:




List in the alphabetical order:
Bloodthorn Disguise - 0:32
Colovian Uniform - 1:06
Courier Uniform - 1:54
Crown Dishdasha - 2:35
Dark Seducer Costume - 3:24
Forebear Dishdasha - 4:10
Fort Amol Guard Disguise - 4:53
Frostedge Bandit Disguise - 5:35
Gemstone of Skeletal Visage - 6:23
Golden Saint Costume - 7:05
Hallin's Stand Seventh Legion Disguise - 7:54
Hollow Moon Grab - 8:39
Imperial Disguise - 9:27
Keeper's Grab - 10:20
Kollopi Essence - 11:10
Mannimarco Costume - 12:06
Midnight Union Disguise - 13:05
Northwind Disguise - 14:03
Phaer Mercenary Disguise - 14:57
Pirate Disguise - 15:51
Quendeluun Veiled Heritance Disguise - 16:44
Red Rook Disguise - 17:39
Seadrake Disguise - 18:30
Sea Viper Armor - 19:27
Servant's Robes - 20:23
Shadowsilk Gem - 21:14
Steel Shrike Uniform - 22:18
Stormfist Disguise - 23:40
Vanguard Uniform - 24:43
Vulkhel Guard Marine Disguise - 25:40

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