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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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Guest neaNicu

Daughter of Coldharbour

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Guest neaNicu

Disclaimer 1: FIRST RP try so don't be too hard on me!

Disclaimer 2: English is not my first language so please excuse mystakes.




Prolog "Hunter and prey"
(Skyrim, year 4E 202, Dimhollow Crypt)

Serana was sitting in her millennial prison in a state of semi - consciousness,
endlessly re-living the same nightmare, the degrading ritual of Molag Bal.
She could not decide whether the hate against the Daedric Prince and the shame about suffered orgy are stronger than pride to be among the very few survivors of ritual or not.
On the one hand she wanted to forget, on the other hand she was proud of the gift received, to be among the few "Daughters of Coldharbour".
Then the fight for power between her father and her mother, she caught in the middle, their breaking and her mother imprisoning her here.
All these thoughts mingled in her asleep mind.
neaNicu boredomely gallop the narrow path that leads to Dimhollow Crypt in wait for another routine mission in this new job as "vampire hunter".
The quest received from the head of Dawnguard "go and see what the vampires look for in
Dimhollow Crypt" did not seem too interesting.
After you have fought against the 8 Dragon Priests and against Alduin, all other adventures seem like simple walks in the park.
Arriving at the entrance of the cave, he tied Frost, recheck his spell "Incinerate", which typically used and his gear and entered.




The fight was easy ... vampires have an  innate sensitivity to fire and neaNicu noted with satisfaction that  "Incinerate"  simply melted them. It took only 20 minutes (and dozens of victims) to make his way to Dimhollow Cavern.
Arrived there, noted that unfortunately he came too late: two vampires just killed a member of Vigilants.
Removing rest of opponents on the way to the center of the room, he remembered
Isran's words "what so many vampires do seek in that isolated cave?"
Noticed a strange device with a button in the middle ... neaNicu has been in hundreds of
caves and was accustomed to a particular caution to avoid traps but
current situation seemed to not give him a choice ... tried to look around for a few minutes but in the end chose to press the  button in the middle of strange room.
Ohhhhhhhhhh, he could not hold a howl of pain, accompanied by some cursing, when that button transformed itself into a sharp piece of metal which penetrated his hand...he was bleeding profusely and the pain was unbereable so he retreated a few meters to take care of his wound.


Serana wake of the semi - conscious state because of the blood that flowed abundantly from her prison's mechanism directly on her lips. She didn't feed for a long time, the feeling was so nice that almost overwhelmed her.
She tried to yell for help but could't...
After calming down his pain for a little, neaNicu saw room floor partially light and some pillars across the room.
A puzzle he thought... and noticed that the lights changed depending on pillars positioning on the floor.
Finally, after several failed attempts, the floor was fully lighted and the mechanism
visible in the center rises, revealing a new button.
No, not again , he sighed, remembering his still-bleeding wound.
Then took courage though and pressed the button again... instead of pain,
this time felt a huge surprise when the central pillar of it opened and a mysterious woman fell on the floor...


Serana hardly rises , her legs still shaken after so many years of imprisonment...
She looked surprised and, looking into the man's eyes, said "Who sent you here?"

Although she did not seem dangerous, neaNicu prepare by reflex his magic to attack and enigmatically replied "Who were you expecting?"

"Someone like me, at least..." she replied, slowly regaining her breath.

Only now neaNicu noticed red - glowing eyes of the woman!  "You mean ... a vampire?"

Exactly, said the woman. By the way, my name is Serana, she added, smiling and offering her hand to shake with her savior. Little did she know that neaNicu was sent there to hunt her...

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