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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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Updates for Week #6

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Hello Lodge folks!


Following is our weekly news-letter summarizing past three week's events, news and announcements. We generally send these newsletters in a weekly basis, but for some reason, mostly because of us all questing and no special news existing, we didn't send them. Anyway, here it is, so enjoy!





As we all started approaching our final veteran ranks, to make sure we don't have too many members left behind level-wise, I decided to recruit from veteran ranks only. And as majority of the guild moves up the ranks, I increase the veteran-rank tier of our recruitments. Currently we are recruiting from rank-2 and above, and this week I expect to increase that at least to rank 3, if not 4. We have had some new good tanks and healers in our guild, so please feel free to start doing veteran dungeons together, especially if you are close to or beyond rank-5. No shyness please!





Effective immediately, using veteran rank-10 gear for crafting-leveling purposes is forbidden (I will update Guild Bank rules later today, to reflect this new change). Please do not touch such gear for destruction purposes.


Additionally - this is for the attention of news members mostly - please do not touch Guild Bank unless you have read and learned Guild Bank rules. If our officer base detects a member taking stuff and selling them for a profit, we will have to kick and ban that member from our guild permanently. Its every member's responsibility to know guild regulations, which are posted in our forums in a very clear format.


Last thing on the topic of Guild Bank: every week, if our Guild Bank overflows with useless items (such as low level potions and accumulating low level crafting ingredients), we clear it up making more space for incoming deposits. So if you notice bank going beyond 430 items, expect it to be cleared down to 200. This clearance might happen more than once in a week if necessity arises.





I noticed we are having some activity of sales going in our Guild Store, which is a very good thing. Please don't hesitate to sell as many stuff as you can, crafting materials withstanding. As store listing is 30-day long, its very highly probable that someone in the guild will need some materials at least during that period. So let's make our Guild Store rich with many varieties of goods.


Also, if you noticed in one of earlier official blogs, they are planning to launch an Auction feature where you open your Guild Store to the highest bidder. Having rich guild store is quite vital at that point.





Once we have many members approaching veteran rank-5, I will start organizing some guild dungeon sessions, planning these stuff with our PvE Officer @Thyworm. Since those dungeons are quite hard and loot dropping there are rank-5, I see no point in doing them and dying for countless times. Of course, you are free to do them with our guildies at your own discretion by organizing them among yourselves. But as I said, as a guild, we will be organizing them once we have enough people closing on rank-5. I think this will happen in a week, or two - tops.





Since last two patches claim to ease the burden we have had in Cyrodiil a bit - I haven't been in Cyrodiil in past two weeks, so haven't checked the facts for myself - I think we will try joining the campaign action in this and later weeks as well. Our PvP Officer @PduJ will be organizing some stuff, and scheduling events in forum Calendar. Please check there regularly and RSVP those events if you are interested. Everyone regular level 10+ are welcome to attend. Oh, and please be advised: we are on Dawnbreaker campaign as a guild.





We have several RP enthusiasts in our guild and our RP Officers - @NuinNuin and @Lanmorier - are trying to organize some events. Also we see stories flying around in our RP forums. If you are an RP enthusiast, you are more than welcome to join those activities. Please feel free to contact either Nuin or Morier for your new ideas, questions etc in regard to Roleplaying. Additionally, as you know we have a werewolf-vampire sub-guild called Regere Sanguine which was created for RP purposes (among other reasons). Our Duke Regent Morier is the person to contact in that regard.





As you might have heard, ESO has capability to utilize user-created add-ons, which make our lives much easier in the game. Please do not mix these add-ons with Skyrim add-ons - the add-ons in MMOs are quite different stuff. We have dedicated topic in forums teaching how to make Curse client work, and what useful add-ons exist out there. At this moment, I'd like to recommend Thurisam's Guild Add-on which makes Guild panel much more useful. Links and details are inside aforementioned topic.





Our Community Manager Serana (@neaNicu) proposed an idea for a guild meeting. Since some of our members are not of Dominion, the idea is to hold such meeting in Cyrodiil. He might be organizing such event and schedule it in guild forum Calendar - so keep an eye for it.





This week, I will be creating Raid Core application topic inherited from our pre-ESO raiding times, a topic which will give you an idea what to expect. The actual enlisting will not be open of course - we will do that once majority of members reach rank-8. Based on that application topic, you can find out what is required from our raiders, and prepare yourselves for it. Please be advised: although Lodge is a casual guild, we definitely are  not casual when it comes to PvE raiding - we are semi-hardcore. It has been this way for past 3 years and I aim to maintain that quality and discipline in ESO as well.





As you learned when you joined our guild, it's a requirement for each member to not be absent for 60 days - us been notified or otherwise. We have had some members not playing ESO for past 20+ days. We will be demoting those members to lowest member rank in coming days and once they reach 60 days of absence, we will be doing house-cleaning. Please try not to be absent for that long.



That should be all for now! Good hunting! :)

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