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Member Album, volume 1 - History of Lodge

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  • Ipsissimus

Consider this topic an album or, a diary :) Post your character pictures here, daily adventure screenshots etc. I will close these topics every month and open a new one to continue on. Enjoy!


Here goes my Francesca Findabair :) in her Primal style Heavy-armor (first two pics) and Medium-armor (last pic).


post-1-0-46840300-1399119220_thumb.jpg post-1-0-48444000-1399119240_thumb.jpg post-1-0-19241500-1399120731_thumb.jpg

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Guest neaNicu

I posted pics with my character in "first impressions" topic and also in "beta pics" so I'll not repeat them.

Here are some new ones: Serana - with her Dwemer spider pet, in newly received costume "Dark Seducer" (I know Nuin will not like it) and also in her usual heavy armor  :)




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Guest Sepirothine

im sure ive chucked some pics of sepirothine up before but heres some more...

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EDIT: Please convert images to JPG/GIF/PNG and upload again.
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Guest neaNicu

some changes since previous post :) Serana is now in light armor and has a destro staff equiped (Bogdan's Flame).


PVP Empress:




The 3 guys who scared the West (remember the movie?) - from left to right neaNicu, Vulturul and numaru7




and finally 2 friends making bank deposits (or robbing the bank?)  :) Serana and numaru7



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Guest neaNicu

One of the most beautiful girls I saw in ESO:



The end of the AD faction quest-line, Serana with Queen Ayrenn, Silvenar, Green Lady and Razum-Dar:




The new AD level 10 Serana (I know, I know, Nuin, I'll change my dress before questing together with you :P ):




And finally...this AD VR12 Veteran (what's this title?) guy thought he can ambush a Daughter of Coldharbour while she's questing alone in Cyrodiil? Ha!





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Guest neaNicu

Sargasso event (RP night)




Flavia as Flavius (drinking as usually)














Nuin as Malva


Nuin as Mage




Nuin as Bard




Nuin as Nord Warrior









Girls trying to seduce convince Nuin




And still trying




Flavius thought he would be more successful




The end - Flavius very ill and girls worried and trying to help :)





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Guest neaNicu

Now I finally understand why Nuin gathers all flowers...for her secret mead plant of course!!!



Well, veteran zones may be desserted but the 1-50 zones are full of people. Rift bank -> people formed a long queue to make deposits :) So if they change the veteran zones soon, during summer, maybe there is hope for ESO.




Serana worked for countless hours and days, to unify Ebonheart, to save the world, to solve over 1.000 quests (yeap, 1 thousand), to clear all dungeons, to defeat Molag, to earn "Tamriel hero" and "Explorer" titles and many others. And sadly no reward for all her work. Until today, when she received a present, a new toy :)



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Awwww don't tell about my secret vine-underground-brewing :P


Nice staf, I thought first you had gotten a real toy -you now something that just takes up space in banks, good it can be used for killing things

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Guest neaNicu

Because I posted yesterday a picture of myself and people were dissapointed to find out they quest with a fat and old guy, I will replace that picture (deleted together with other posts) :)

This is Serana before joining Lodge (or it's actually "after", lore-wise).

I hope you enjoy more this one :P and also I hope you'll understand the reason for which I just cannot play as vampire in ESO.










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Guest neaNicu

it's not the same M'aiq but a relative of him with same name.

Devs explained that lore-wise, his father, his grand-father etc have all the same name.

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Guest neaNicu

not really related to Guild's history but anyway, tried my first time the Aetherian Archive Trial.

Only managed to kill first boss and failed to the second (out of 4 in total).

Gelmir would have enjoyed for sure to wipe for weeks until finally success would eventually come.

It's really difficult for an average player.


First room for preparation, repair etc. Really nice architecture in my opinion:




A scary apparition, trying to convince you to leave:




First boss




Forgot to SS the second boss, it was a Stone Atronach dealing over 4.000 damage in one shot :)





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