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Tyronus Venurori


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Hail ye Sorceresses of the Lodge, I salute thee!


I suppose this is my intro of sorts as I'd like to make an application to your guild. I hope I'm putting this wall of text in the right section. If not I appologize; I'm a viking, so I have a racial weakness towards "technology" magics. It took me 20 freaking minutes just to get past that security code thingie when I registered. In a fit of gloriuous rage, I nearly smashed the computer with my flail - and yes, I actually do have one of those. Flails, that is. The computer I'm less sure about, if it keeps antagonising me like this.




So yes. I've read up on what the guild is about, and I like the fact that you actually have an active forum - one of my past banes have been that I've been the lone ghost of various guild forums I've been on.


I saw no instructions on what to include in an application though, so I'll just ramble for a while.



Me in ESO

I'm sort of a casual player at this point, interested in mainly PVP and RP. I've been a guild officer/leader of RP guilds in the past, so I know how it works and don't mind helping out beginners. As for PVP (and PVE to the extent that I engage with it) I am... a little less skilled! I still consider myself a bit of a noob, but if you need a meatshield who maintains a good and cheerful attitude as he dies horribly - I'm your guy!


Oh! And I currently have three ingame characters, all of them Dominion:

Tyronus Venurori - V1 Imperial Dragon Knight / PVP and PVE Main

Adacus Valerion - Level 4 Altmer Battlemage (Sorcerer) / RP Alt

Ma'zaad - Level 4 Khajiit thief-class-whatchamacallit-I-forget-the-actual-name-of-it / Likely RP Main


Obviously I'm still in the process of leveling them all. I plan on experiencing all game content with Tyronus, so obviously I'll get him to max level. I'll probably get the other two to at least level 40-something so they can RP in all Dominion zones.



Me outside ESO

It just occurred to me that perhaps I should have lead with this... oh well! I'm just some random 25-year-old living on the Swedish west coast. I'm currently a university student getting my Master Degree in history. As such, my schedule is pretty much my own to set, so expect me to be flexible with guild events and such! Aside from ESO I don't do a lot of video/computer gaming anymore, with exception to a few RPG's. I am, however, engaged in miniature wargaming, so if there are any Warhammer fans out there, a special hello to you!


Other random facts about me:

-I'm a passionate hockey fan.

-I own a mead collection.

-I have a beard.

-As a kid I once set my parents' kitchen table on fire.

-My computer is either a bit too old, or ESO is still a little too buggy... in any case, my game tends to crash sometimes. Sorry about that in advance!

-My favorite guilty pleasure on Youtube is Robbaz, and if you don't know who that is, you haven't truly lived.

-I am a firm believer that the Imperium of Man would win in a war against the Sith Empire.

-Likewise, Knight beats Samurai and Ninja beats Pirate. Sorry guys!

-I sometimes write fan fiction - usually connected to my RP personas.

-My favorite race in the Elder Scrolls universe are the Khajiit.

-Favorite Daedric Prince? Sheogorath of course!




In conclusion:

Do you like what you've read? Do you think I would be a good fit for your guild? Then look for me ingame in the afternoon/evenings and toss me an invite!

My User ID is @Professor_Beardface

Which is also my Superhero name.


Tatty bye for now!

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Welcome :)

I'm glad to see another RP'er, if you ever want to meet IG and waste time just yell :)

And Sheo is def my fav deadra also!


I did warhammer a loooong time ago, spend loads of money on a zombie army :D But I have lost track of them and have no clue in what place they got left behind :(

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Cheers, and thanks for the invite!


Nuin, let me read up on the guild storyline and figure out where my characters would fit, and I'll definitely be up for some RP. Until then, pass the cheese!


And cool about your Warhammer army, was it Vampire Counts, or Chaos Space Marines back in the day when you could field Plague Zombies? They put them back in with the 6th edition actually, so I'm building a bit of a zombie army now, myself! Zombies just so happen to be a mild obsession of mine, so to be able to field them in the 40k universe is pretty much my idea of "the best of two worlds"

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I never did the 40k kind, so it was with vampires, and I ofc switched the roles of the two vampires so it could be the countess leading the army :D

A friend had a scavenger army, today its the name of his sca-band. Was the rats 40k? I liked the rats, but might be why I never played those. Everyone had pet rats back then, mine was named Abaddon.


Let me know if you want to mix up our RP stories :) I write backgrounds and odd things for the fun of it, and everyone is welcome to write themselves into those if they want (no pressure though at all!)

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Skaven (rats) are part of Fantasy Battle, though I've used some of their small plague rats to decorate 40k bases. Come to think of it though, they would make an epic 40k race! But I guess the Tyranids are there in their place to take up the spot for a "Horde" army.


And sure! I only really have the basics pinned down for my RP characters so far, so that would be rather easy to do. Awesome! :) I'll go have a read in the RP section shortly, but for now, I don't know much about your character(s). I presume from your avatar that your main is a Khajiit? Because since I have one too, he would probably be the easiest to write in. He's a bit of a "comic relief" character though... (runs around with an Alfiq in his backpack), whereas my Imperial and Altmer have more "normal" personas (protagonist and antagonist, respectively).


Let me know if you have any ideas! Otherwise I'll get back to you once I've read through everything on the forum, and possibly posted up some basic character sheets of my own.

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Ok it's been long since the warhammer battles :P


You write really good stories :) I like the tongue-in-cheekyness to them and I already like Ma'zaad and Dro'kir


I have just this one Khajiit character, she has been with a bunch of traveling traders and she is searching for them and her family who are with them. It's Khajiit traders so should be easy enough to conjure up some connection.

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Cheers Morier!


And thanks Nuin! :)


Agreed that it should be simple enough to come up with something. Ma'zaad and Dro'kir are basically "clanless". Alfiqs like Dro'kir are known for their magical prowess, and my idea is that Dro'kir has been known to occasionally turn to the darker magics, and so as a consequence his Clan Mother chose to banish him. Ma'zaad was very young at the time, but he couldn't bear the thought of Dro'kir being alone, so he ran away and followed him. To this day, Ma'zaad gets kinda... "bossed around" by Dro'kir, and they both have a tendency of getting angry with each other, but at the end of the day they only have each other, so they stick together.


Aside from that, I am very flexible with their story. It could be that your character is one of the very few friends they've made in their travels, or perhaps they go back further than that, hailing from the same clan or something like that. I imagine that could create a pretty interesting dynamic, with a bit of friction a la "you ran away and abandoned us for that dumb Alfiq", or similar!

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Guest Sepirothine



a viking,


im into my metal, and viking metal bands are just amazing IMO


glad you can join us. hope you have fun

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