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  1. Almsivi

    Veteran Cradle of Shadows

    Fun dungeon with some challenging mechanics that took a few tries to get at the end. We tried a few times to beat Velidreth on hardmode and then at the end forgot to activate hardmode and wondered why it was so easy!
  2. Almsivi

    Veteran Fang Lair

    Fun dungeon, fun mechanics. The cadaverous bear boss was pretty tough, especially with us getting pinned down by a senche and exploding wolves. It went pretty smoothly on the bosses without tough mechanics. I could stand to do a bit more damage and overall it took us a bit to get all the targeting priority right but we did it in the end!
  3. Almsivi

    DLC Pledge Dungeon - Bloodroot Forge

    The dungeon was tough but really fun and we only wiped a few times. Mostly my fault I think! Great to run these with nice people!

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