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  1. wonderful! I am not crazy, not at all! I am just ...HYPED! No seriously, as so many others, I really really long after a game that you can play for a really long time. Where you can actually be first with something, or among top tier of something. Crafting, gathering...I dont care really. As long as you can actually excell in something if you put enough time and energy into it, and not be just another one in the crowd. So it will be a long wait, and i will probobly write tons of ideas and strategys here so I hope you dont kick me out for being that duracellrabbit jumping around you 5 o´clock in the morning crying for attention
  2. Crivel


    ha! I sense a red thread here. lets only invite people who´s name is Mikael, or Michael, or Michelle and so on Hi mate, and welcome. Looking forward to play AoC with you
  3. Thanks Nea. And ofc you will play AoC with us, what are you thinking??
  4. Crivel


    Thanks After browsing the forum I realized I might met a few of you back in the days. We played the same games I played WildStar, I played Rift, I "have been" playing ESO even tho I kinda stopped just recently. I started with Ultima Online I think it was, then EverQuest, been running through Starwars online and was hoocked up on WoW for a few years. When you look at it, I love RPG, and I love MMORPG as well, but I still havent found my "home". I guess we all hope this AoC will become our home for many years to come. Especially since they said in the live twitch, they will have secrets stashed away that can take years to find, unique items and so on.
  5. And with a few seconds of more reading I found this written by you Gelmir: "Torn between movement to Germany and reviving the guild and kicking it to motion. Coming months will be challenging..." Wich answered my question Well, add a few more topics so we can start discuss our future and I will be happy to pitch in and help with whatever I can
  6. Alot of old posts in this forum. Are there any active members left, that will play Ashes of Creation? Dont want to be rude in any way, but there is alot of posts where the last coment was made 2014. And can you add a page where you can talk about AoC, discus tactics, ideas and such?
  7. Crivel


    Well, hello everyone. My name is Mikael, but I will (hopefully) go under the name of Crivel once we enter Ashes of Creation. I am from Sweden, and, well, I am 43. Might as well say it. I asked for information from guilds on the AoC forum, and got a couple replies but Gelmirs link provided the most intriguing description so... here I am Looking forward to get to know perhaps not all, but most of you. Better be realistic And by the way, I have played ESO as well, cancelled my subscription last month actually.
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