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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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  1. Ater


    In my opinion ArchAge and Wildstar can’t be direct concurrent because they have only one similarity – it all MMORGP. But all other thing is completely different. For example, ArchAge f2p where in fact that for normal play you must pay more than TESO subscription. And Wildstar sci-fi and have cartoonish graphics with poisonous color. And I will never play in this game. But maybe it is just me so picky... And most people will eat what they are given. Craglorn disaster? Disaster is Craglorn endgame, or fail during putching? )
  2. Ater


    ArchAge and Wildstar it so different from TESO that it can’t be direct concurrent. ArchAge - it is Korean greeend game. With great idea, but with shitty realization. The biggest advantage of this game is build a house and plant a vegetable garden... And regularly take care of him… Wildstar - even not release yet... I think (at least for me) it would be quite strange to start as level 1 in a game played by others since 2 years ago. The differences (in knowledge about game) would be too much. Only if you want to reach first place in all aspect of game. But even you play from start - 4 hour a day it not enough for competitive in rating. So what's the difference when begin to play?
  3. Ater

    patch notes 1.1.2 (Craglorn)

    Problem is that it’s not in patchnote… So it seems more like bug… And this: "Deadly Bash Fixed an issue where the damage bonus coupled with a “bashing†jewelry enchant was doing too much damage.Slightly decreased this ability’s stamina cost reduction."Was 25%. Now 40%... O_o Decreased? Rly?
  4. Ater


    First of all I must say that TESO is absolutely not boring for me. I bored in MMO rly quickly, and prefer to do many alt to avoid this. And when I hit toplvl by one char, I manage to do 2-4 alt to midlvl. With TESO I plan to do same, but I still play only one char, and don’t want switch to alt at all!!! My comparison with other MMO: 1) WoW - it was my first MMO, and longest I play. Hard to judge so I skip it for now. 2) SWOTOR – most boring game I played. Storyline is great, best part of game, and for this I come back to it someday. But fight is awful!! It so monotonous so I can’t bear it. It similar to WoW, but somehow they manage to do it all wrong. You can put on skillbar much more skill then in TESO, but you only push same 3 buttons, always in only one sequence, no meter against whom you fight!!! In TESO it only seems that you have small skillbar, but in real you have 15 button, and all of that is useful. And use of it much further than simple monotonous rotation. So TESO have great storyline to, and awesome fight system. Result: TESO > SWOTOR. 3) GW2 – good game and best example of bold experiments in MMO innovations. And best example of public relations. Also have good solo storyline, it only lack of good background like in TES or SW. And it have exemplary team play mechanics of events. But it also has disadvantages… In some moment you just realize that you ran as a hamster in a wheel, and don’t have any benefits of doing same thing. And fight system is much more AOE fest and spaming all your keyboard rather than sensible tactic and thinking. As a result, we obtain a good game as lvling experience, fun fight system. And great tool for brain off. In TESO you always mast wisely choose when and what to use, always must keep constant vigilance in fight. One mistake can cost your live, and it is rly grate. So TESO in it core features for me > then GW2. But… In small detail TESO is still beta, and fight system is lack of responsiveness. I rly hope they fix it as they promise. 4) Neverwinter – victim of F2P. Even if you can play freely without payment, all game won’t let you forget about microtransaction! And after month of playing I was sick from firework of advertising to by something in every step of play, in each place of interface. So subscription plane TESO is right decision. So if you read all of this, you understand that I think TESO a rly great game. And it has a really good advantage over other big MMO. And want to believe in it great future. BUT! I regretfully must admit that I have strong suspicion not to pay for third month of game for now. Why? Because it still not more than open beta!!! And I don’t want to test it with absolutely shitty customer support, and ignoring obvious question. One gets the impression that ZOS takes their customers for an idiot!!! Game was lunch to early (2-5 month early). And its biggest problem it ZOS, which seems ignore not only good attitude to customers but and experience of other MMO developer. I will wait some time to play in real release… But I don’t think game boring!!!! I think it most fascinating MMO I ever play!!! PS. I did not start to discuss people who bored from questing and prefer to greeeeeend. They are mystery for me… PPS. And why people do not participate in conversation? I introvert so it rly question not for me))
  5. Ater


    Not only the best, but probably also the most successful. After this she was invited to work in advertising Bioshoc. But I do not think cosplay is extreme form of RP. Participating in RP in the open air, away from civilization, for several days - it much more extreem then copy the image of some character.
  6. Ater


    It seems that all classes with the abbreviation "DK" doomed to success))) In WoW their DK were able also to do some reid boss by solo. Yes, hi is hero... But in this build he is not very good tank. No taunt, and maybe lack of controll.
  7. Ater

    Trait swap.

    Updated my list of trait to. At the moment I do not have to study: Heavy Shoulders - Exploration Shield - Treining Healing Staff - Treining Fire Staff - Treining Bow - Powered Light Boots - Training Light Legs - Training Light Gloves - Exploration Light Helmet - Divines Light Belt - Training Ready to take in any convenient time for you, in any way. All costs I compensating))
  8. Ater

    legit or not?

    HarunAlHaschisch, so simply saying you just envy that someone have more items faster? ))) But TESO, as the WoW, not confronts players directly. For me makes no difference in what armor runs that guy near, or that he has a 3 horse, and open all bank and inventory upgrade. So for my game his real money has no effect. Yes there is PvP, but in WoW you can't buy PvP gear for gold/real money. Even PvE equipment you can by only 10% of those for gold. So I do not see much impact gold selling on real game advantage. PvP in TESO? There is still need time to see. Hard to say how it goes. And in any case, in these games, gold has very little value. Compared to EVE all games has absolutely no influence of real money. EVE is the only game where you can talk about the real serious PvP. And yes, there is absolutely officially authorized conversion real mony in ingame currency.
  9. Ater

    legit or not?

    Selling gold for real money is illegal in all games. But I do not agree with this completely. When I played in WoW, I seling my gold for real money. Finally I got the money three times more than spent on purchase of all extensions and pay a subscription. And in the game I getting expensive items from auction when I wanted to, without worrying about the price. Do I think that did a bad thing? Absolutely not!! The problem is not in buying\selling gold for real money. The problem is that such a demand provoked exploits and botting. For me, farming gold in WoW was no less exciting than his PvP and PvE component. Mining in the right place at the right time, competent use of crafting professions, speculation in auction house (market monitoring, and reliable investment) - it is all completely legal ingame mechanics. I enjoyed it, and it is my business what to do with my gold. I have not used any illegal mechanics to do this. And I do not see anything that ruined the game. So I do not approve of a ban on trade ingame currency. But of course I totally disapprove all kinds of exploits!!
  10. Ater

    Guild Bank Regulations

    This is definitely the wrong way of thinking. The meaning of the guild is to unite different people, and not to produce more smaller subgroups.
  11. Ater

    Guild Bank Regulations

    Restrict access to GB to most lower rank. And lower rank use as probation. It's pretty common practice in MMO. But it not necessarily. Especially until there is nothing in the bank with real value. For a start will be enough to make sure that the new member actually read all the rules of the guild. Especially when we have a good forum for this.
  12. My addon list - update: 12) MobileBank - remote bank and inventories from all yours alts. 13) BatmanStoreFilter - more filtering options to the guild store. Its even more useful then "Guild Store Search"!!!! 14) JunkBuster - a new level of inventori cleaning. 15) MultiCraft and Stack Split Slider and Junkee - small things that should be built in normal interface.
  13. Ater

    Guild Bank Regulations

    All of this not naive or stupid. All this is very good intentions. Naive only assume that in guild with open recruitment, each new member will fully share these views from the start.
  14. My addon list: 1) CancelCast - for hotkey CancelCast 2) Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper - Provisioning Helper )) 3) AI Research Grid - Research mnitoring 4) SkyShards 5) Inventory Item Borders - display equipped items quality and durability. 6) SoftcapInfo - addon displays the softcap for each stat. 7) Combat Log Statistics (CLS) - full combat log. 8) Dustman - for cleaning inventory 9) Bank Manager - automatic transfer item in\out from bank. 10) Item Saver - to mark item in inventory. 11) Borrower And Lender - NPC Muter - to shutup some annoing NPC.
  15. Ater

    Guild Bank Regulations

    Gelmir, great idea. I fully support.

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