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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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  1. Sal

    A question

    I can only speculate that ESO follows the rules in other MMOs, in that case explicit element resistance is added to your general spell resistance and the number used to calculate the mitigation for example you have 50% spell resists and 15% fire resist and 200 fire damage incoming, your total resistance to fire is 50%+15%=65% so you will take 70 dmg. The big issue with ESO is that the actual percentages are nowhere to be seen and the numbers you see on your character sheet are useless.
  2. Sal

    A question

    No, what he is saying is that Spell resistance includes all type of resistance. For example 1000 Spell resist = 1000 Fire res. + 1000 Frost res. + 1000 Shock res. etc. So if your items / skills / traits give 1000 Spell res., 500 Fire res. and 1300 Frost res. your total res will be 1500 Fire, 2300 Frost, 1000 Shock etc. But i think the OP question was more in the line of "How much less dmg you get per point in resistance and/or armor?" Which according to Flavia is 35% reduction at 1800 and 50% at 4000 which is not a linear progression so i'm not sure it's correct.
  3. Sal

    A question

    My comments are in green
  4. My input: Health - 1.5k HP is reachable with far less than 25 points in Health. you can get HP from armor enchants, you can't get Spell power with enchants, that you would otherwise get by investing points in Magika rather than Health. 2k+ HP should be the target for tanks if not 2.5k, they should be able to easily hit the soft cap on Armor and spell resist with only the Heavy armor passives Resists - Anyone with Light an Heavy armor should be at the soft cap at least. Builds - We shouldn't limit the dps classes to 2 specs - AoE (trash) and Single target (Boss fights), unlike other games you can swap specs at will outside of the fights so i would recommend having a couple of dps with healing/tank as second spec during boss fights. Creative use of skills like inner fire slotted on the secondary skill bar by a range DPS can save the tank in a desperate moment. Same goes for a heal or 2 thrown by a melee dps in the thick of the fight by a means of some restoration staff skills slotted on the secondary bar Pets are useless their dps is rather poor, they die far too easily and they interfere with CC. Restoring twilight gives little benefit to someone using mgika as a primary resource - if they are not soft capped on magika regen they should have been left out of the Raid/Dungeon/Trial etc. Last but not least they reduce the mana pool and take up valuable slots on the main skill bar. Magika regen - Dark Exchange is a must for sorcerers, can be easily slotted on the secondary bar. Can't really comment on other classes
  5. Sal

    tannin expertise

    At 2lvl you need 4 reagents to get 100% chance of improvement Green>Blue - 30%,60%,90%,100% At 3lvl you only need 3 it was something like 42,84,100% need to check tonight The real benefit is for blue to purple and then to orange as with level 3 skill you need about 8 reagents to get to 100% chance purple > orange
  6. Sal

    Finally made it past level 10!

    You know that you have kill the orbs that she spawns before they reach her and heal her, right? If you do that she is fairly easy, much easier than the Beta
  7. It's really not a rocket science when it comes to playing Sorc as a nuker, there are more than one way to do it but this one served me well so far: 1 opponent - Crystal fragments, Crystal Fragments, Crystal Fragments, Endless Fury = Win 2 opponents A - Rune prison mob 1, Crystal fragments, Crystal Fragments, Crystal Fragments, Endless Fury mob 2, Crystal fragments, Crystal Fragments, Crystal Fragments, Endless Fury mob 1 = Win 2 opponents B - Crystal fragments, Crystal Fragments mob 1, Scatter shot mob 2, Crystal Fragments, Endless Fury mob 1, Scatter shot mob 2, Crystal fragments, Crystal Fragments, Crystal Fragments, Endless Fury mob 2 = Win (replace scatter shot with Destructive clench if you want) 3 opponents A - Deadric Tomb (Deadric mines), wait fro magika to regen, Crystal fragments, Crystal Fragments mob 1, kite, Crystal Fragments, Endless Fury mob 1, Scatter shot mob 2 and 3, then kill them with the rest of your magika/stamina abilities and normal attacks = Win 3 opponents B - Deadric Tomb (Deadric mines), wait fro magika to regen, Rune prison mob 1, Apply "2 opponents B" = Win 4+ opponents - Deadric tomb, wait for magika to regen, drop Storm Atronach, nuke the ranged mobs ASAP, kite the melees with the help of Scatter shot
  8. Sal

    Worries about the future of TESO

    Sorry but i feel i need to continue on the off topic Molten Weapons is good for 60sec (mroe with the passive) so it's a good idea to cast it before the fight, wait for your magika to regen, then start the fight. Instead of wasting a good chunk of your magika during the fight. Also you can put it on your secondary bar and cast it before the fight than switch to your primary bar and the effect will remain. Freeing 1 valuable slot on the skill bar. (Personally i have mapped "6" for skill set switch and 5 for Molten weapons so i either press 6,5,6 before the fight or rely on my macro Keyboard/Mouse to do it for me) Fiery reach and Momentum are kind of redundant - you either charge the ranged mob (usually the most dangerous) and leave your self some breathing room while the melees close in. Or you pull the ranged mob to you and leave your self some breathing room while the melees close in. Doing both not only put's you in the harms way faster but wastes valuable space on the extremely limited skill bar. Now on Topic: PvE - I can't comment on the game future before i actually have a feel about the end game, and lately i barely had time to play let alone read reviews, since my baby boy is back home. What i can comment on is the leveling and the solo play - and they are one of the best if not the best i have seen so far in MMO. The game deserves the hefty price even if you only play it solo as a TES game. PvP - Not my thing unless it's well organized end game PvP, and i still have level my alt enough in order to join you guys for that. SWTOR references - The major downfall of SWTOR was the rather poor end game, the "dungeons" weren't bad but the itemization was absolute crap and the reward for doing them wasn't worth the effort, same goes for the "Raids". The PvP was rather lackluster, and far from balanced, curiously enough the rewards were often better even for PvE than the equivalent PvE content.
  9. Sal

    Mage healer?

    Any class can heal with Light armor and resto staff skills. There are just a hand full of skills from the mage 3 skill lines that are beneficial for a healer and the yare mostly utility. The templar is the best healer as there are some nice skills in the Restoring light tree that noone else has. IMO the templar is mandatory class for a dedicated healer.
  10. Sal

    Mage healer?

    Between 35 and 50 i wasn't using any weapon skills, the only stamina skill on my bar was Silver bolts from the fighters guild tree. Which works perfect as the majority of the mobs you fight at that stage are Undead and Deadra.
  11. Sal

    Bugs and now exploits

    No way they will wipe the servers. not unless they are willing to sacrifice millions on re-funds and bad people leaving. The financial cost of a wipe will be greater than the one coming from bad bad press linked to this screw-up. And number is all that the bean counter at the helm of any company care about.
  12. Sal

    Bugs and now exploits

    The big problem here, just like the article states is not the actual exploiter - as they will be banned easily enough. But the many "law abiding" players who simply bought the dupped reagents for peanuts and used them to craft legendary quality gear. They can't ban them, as they simply bought the items at low prices. And having a bunch of people running in top gear 2 weeks after launch is BAAAD.
  13. Sal

    Mage healer?

    First and foremost - Morph ALL skills you plan on using, on top of the added effect you have 4 additional levels of the skill increasing it's effect even further. For healing - Like i already advised in-game i only needed Mutagen(Regeneration) and Combat Prayer(Blessing Of Protection) for the normal dungeons. I added Healing Ward(Steadfast Ward) for the Veteran dungeons, managed to heal for 1 boss kill at VR1, so i can only imagine this will be more than enough at VR4-5 when i go back to Veteran dungeons. I complete the skill bar with Rune Cage(Rune Prison) for CC and summon Restoring Twilight but i will probably remove it as the pets are interfering with CC. For the passives in Resto staff i have Restoration Expert and Essence Drain and will naturally get Restoration Master as long as i get the skill leveled enough. For DPS (nuker/ranged, cant' speak about weird melee build) - My current build is: 1. Crystal Fragments (Dark magic) - massive damage + chain knock down, i can kill most small bosses without them being able to stand up 2. Venom Arrow (Bow) - DoT while the lock down from Crystal fragments + cast interrupt 3. Endless fury (Storm calling) - Massive damage for under 20% - executing all normal mobs essentially as if they only had 80% HP and devastates bosses at the end of the fight. 4. Draining Shot (Bow) - Knock back + Disorient + snare = nobrainer for ranged DPS 5. Deadric Tomb (Dark Magic) - Lay it down before a pool and re-apply when needed, at the moment it does 252dmg per mine for a total of 756 dmg which is 1/3 of a normal mob HP Passives: 1. Storm Calling - Capacitor - 10% Magika regen - nobrainer, must have - Energized and Expert mage - depend on how much storm calling you use, nice to have, but not mandatory. Personally i have them both - Disintegrate - giving the fact the Endless fury already kills normal mobs once they are below 20% i opted not to invest here. 2. Dark Magic - Unholy knowledge - 5% reduced magika and stamina cost of all abilities - nobrainer, must have - Blood Magic - 5% HP heal on hit - Up until recently i hardly needed healing and was not using this. But at VR2/3 i started dying like a fly on even normal mobs, depserate times called for desperate measures and i took this. Didn't regret it as it saved my life a bunch of times - Persistence - 20% duration of Dark magic effects - The only draw back is that the increased duration of the crystal shard knock back messed up the chain lock down as if you knock back and already knocked target the effect of the new one doesn't apply, so you need to time them. But increased duration of everything else is nice so i use it. - Exploitation - 15% crit on targets affected by dark magic, nice to have but somewhat situational. 3. Summoning - Rebate - 15% Magika on pet dead - I was using the Clannfear for tanking and it rarely dies so i didn't take this, might be worth with Unstable familiar tho. - Power stone - 15% reduced cost of ultimates - i rarely used ultimates up until recently i didn't invest in this - Deadric Protection - 20% HP regen with summon slotted - not bad, but again situational. - Expert summoner - buffs the pets - kinda mandatory if you plan on using summons 4. Light Armor - All of them are simply nobrainers and must haves for a mage as soon as you can invest in them. 5. Medium Armor - Half of these are tailored for melee, the other half are increasing dps from weapon skills. Giving the fact that just 15% of my dps comes from such sources - I don't use them. On top of that using more than 1 will leave you with fewer than 5 light armor pieces breaking the 10% crit from light amror passives - avoid, avoid, avoid 6. Heavy Armor - At some point i was toying with the idea to use a chest piece heavy armor for some armor increase but even if you use that it's nor worth it to invest skill points. Remember the 10% crit with 5 pieces of light armor..... 7. Bow - I only use Ranger fro 20% reduce cost of bow skills the rest of the line is mainly for bow normal attacks and not worth it at the moment, when only about 15% of my dps is coming from the bow Hope this is not too confusing and helps
  14. Sal

    Post 50 tips

    Updates: - Killing mobs gives veteran points (exp.) - CE Treasure maps in the second zone where the content is V2 give V2 items - so hold on to them. @Serana, there is no mandatory content, if you don't like how hard the dungeons are - don't do them. When you are finished with all 3 stories, start an alt or whatever. The content will end at some point, that doesn't mean you will be forced into veteran dungeons and Trials.
  15. Sal

    Post 50 tips

    The problem with doing veteran dungeons at V1 is that as far as i can tell just like in WoW and other MMORPGs there are stiff penalties for fighting anything 3+ levels from you, taking extra damage and dealing reduced damage. My first attempt was at Fungal Grotto, we wiped on the first trash group because everyone was hitting his own mob and you simply can't heal non-tanks taking continuous dmg. The second attempt went a bit better, in Spindellchurch (or whatever) we managed to kill the first boss after a couple of wipes, again caused by non-tanks taking dmg from the adds. Once we cleared it's adds the first boss was easy and dropped V5 blue drop. But the 2nd boss is impossible as it does huge AoE around him that is hard to avoid and almost 1-shoots non-tanks with 1.5k-2k HP. On top of that he gradually reduces the room size by by collapsing the ceiling so at some point you have no room to dodge the AoE, we managed to bring him to like 80% HP i don't remember the exact number. The tank in the group told me that it's like that in all 3 dungeons - the second boss is gear check. That and the fact that the drop is V5 (making it useless for quite some time) made me stop trying them before V3 at least not with PUGs Now i can't comment on the other group member skills/gear but i was having quite the trouble healing with mostly V1 gear 50% of it blue, greatly overcharged Magika and, magika regen and i would like to think better then average skills. This was mostly caused by non-tanks taking way too much damage, thus my comment about need for CC and agro management. BTW the repair bills are becoming huge with 250g+ per item so the total bill is easily 1.5k+ I don't think you get veteran points (exp.) from mobs and the best way to level is by doing quests that give much needed gold as well. I did all of the quests in the first zone of the Covenant and that brought me to V2, which coincidently is the level of the mobs in the 2nd zone, which makes me believe that it's roughly 1 level per zone, for a total of 5 levels for your second faction and 5 levels from your 3rd faction stories, bringing you to V10 at the end.

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