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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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Status Updates posted by Gelmir

  1. Can't play any MMOs until I get my GPU cooler. Hopefully this week, I will receive it. Already ordered!

  2. Happy 25th birthday, Nef! :D May you prosper and live long with your beloved ones!

  3. Raids will be scheduled 2 days before the raid date on our Calendar.

  4. Get ready to raid next week folks! :) Finally we are wrapping things up!

  5. JoM_TESO left the guild, since our raiding hours aren't suitable for him.

  6. LF RP Officer. Please check RP forums for more info!

  7. Having terrible headache... :( 

  8. Had extremely tiresome past few days - family health issues. Finally can take a breath! I hope... :) 

  9. PvE Initiative beautifully coming around! Thank God, finally! :D Thanks to everyone for your hard work guys! Keep it up!

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    2. Gelmir


      We don't have Core yet. We will have to choose 15-16 people from our raiders, to have permanent Core. 12 man trials means 15-16 Core members. We have reserves, yes, but nevertheless, for steady progression reasons, dedicated Core with dedicated reserves in required. Anyway :) It's coming around now. We have done great job so far. Hope it pays off!

  10. Normal mode Trials scheduled. Raid Core members, please signup!

  11. Raid Core Application Requirements and Attendance Guidelines posted. Raid Core club activated.

  12. Almost there with Raid Core guidelines and requirements drafts! Stay tuned!

  13. Weekly report has been dispatched! Please check your mailboxes!

  14. Starting today, we will have events listed in our calendar. Please RSVP as much as you can so that we knew who is attending or not. Thanks!

  15. Happy Birthday, @x_mco:birthday:

  16. For some reason I like the game a lot nowadays :) Already bought every single DLC and xpac - so much content. Recruiting in full throttle.

  17. LOL, I got Morrowind xpac yesterday - I don't even have a net yet, but I hear people all over the ESO are getting bored to death! :D 

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    2. Smepic


      Yes, and replay value needs to be common in the entire game – which does not mean more RNG.

  18. Waiting for DSL arrive to my apartment. Appointment date for tech guy is July 14th :( 

  19. Registration still taking some time folks... More updates soon.

  20. Guess I finally found an apartment :) Ok, time to get done with registration, and furniture and what not...

  21. Started inspecting apartments in Koln... Hopefully will get one quite soon.

  22. In Koln, trying to find a permanent flat for the family. Might take some time. Otherwise, things are OK. Just need to settle.

  23. Moving to Germany on Monday! May be away for a week or two starting Monday, from the game. Will check forums very regularly :) Also will have access to Discord on my mobile.


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