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    As most of you already know, Lodge "doesn't share it's memberbase with any other guild or group" - this I keep telling to all our recruits when I interview them. What does this rule entail? Basically, as long as our guild is organizing certain types of events, our members cannot do those same events with other guilds or parties, at the same time we are running those events (exceptions apply, e.g. you can PUG them any other time during the day, if you think you won't be available during our guild event time - thanks @Peaceruler for pointing this one out). We are currently organizing daily DLC Dungeon runs in order to prepare our guild for the ultimate goal of raiding Veteran Trials. Every guild member must take part in these events a minimum of twice per week, meaning they are allowed to not participate the remaining 5 days of the week. Where this rule comes into play is when someone is skipping scheduled guild runs to do the exact same content with another guild or group, at the same time when we are doing them. If a member is available and planning to do the pre-organised event for that day, they have the responsibility to do it with the guild. Of course there maybe a situation (as stated above) when you can't be online in the evening, during guild event hours - in this case you are free to PUG these events during the day, outside guild events time slot. In general, this is what is meant by “we do not share our memberbase”! But, Why?! There are several reasons, the most important of which are the following: Every member recruitment period for the Lodge has a purpose. Currently, that purpose or goal is PvE Endgame preparation. We are not recruiting for exclusively social slots at this time. Side Note: That doesn't mean we don't need social players! When recruiting for any goal, we focus on players who also want to socialise in chat and on Discord. I have declined many applications because the players in question only wanted to do the content and didn't care about anything else. They didn't want to join Discord, or even socialize at all. In order to serve this purpose, we need a guild who is fully on board. If we don’t have that, we will run into the same problem we had last year while trying to form a Raid Core. We failed not because we couldn't find raiders - we actually did find them. Almost 50 of them, all inspected, farmed/geared and trained. But when raid time came, no one appeared online. There was a complete lack of team spirit and commitment! This time we have decided to take a longer, more natural path to growth and create a guild of players tightly knit together by a sense of team play, purpose and commitment. To achieve that, we handpick every single recruit, making sure they are team players. We want them to show that they share our goal! We value our members a lot and we invest in them. As you read above, we play together repeatedly to learn, train, farm etc. This is a great investment from the guild's side: our experienced players spend their valuable time to achieve these goals. After putting in the hours and the effort, we don't want to waste that investment. That's what we mean when we say "Lodge loves discipline" - it doesn't mean playing (or even grinding) the game every day for countless hours, it means we need to make sure that our invested effort achieves something. That these people we have played with, trained and geared contribute something to the guild in the long term. This requires some team building, commitment and organization. Now you may say: "Come on, this is just a game, not another work! You are over-reacting!"... Well, my answer to that objection is always the same: "Yes, it's a game! Played by real people, who spend real resources - time and money - in it, in a guild, the majority of which is comprised of working class (i.e. people with very limited time and resources). I want my game time to mean something, to have a value. Hence, the Lodge!" What To Expect Then? We've been having great recruitment period. Our events are regular now, and we are about to have parallel group runs. We have experienced people in the guild, and we have newbies, who are very excited and willing to learn, improve and achieve great fun together with their guildies. This is very valuable thing to have, especially in ESO, and we need to preserve it! We will continue recruiting more such people to the guild. But at the same time, we will be filtering out non-team-players, people who don't fulfill their recruitment obligations, who don't participate and whose names we only see when they log on and off. We understand the value and meaning of real-life: from time to time some of us may not be able to do events with guild for many personal reasons. Such stuff should be, and in most cases is communicated to us! That's all good! We always preserve such players in the guild. But, with all due respect, outright negligence towards guild activities and spirit will not be tolerated! Please try to participate as much as you can, communicate whenever you can't and instead of playing with outside groups, try to bring them in - this can add even more value to our guild! Thank you for reading! And thank you for being part of this! -- Gelmir P.S. Thanks @emzynai for her help with wording of this sensitive topic!
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    Happy holidays, everyone ! One of the easter eggs seems to be gloriously tainted by the Pact >_>
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    Dear friends and guildies, let me first apologize for taking the initiative and changing the topic's title a bit as i found my curiosity at what first seemed like a fun plot discussion led me to stumble upon and read on subjects and ideas that i wouldn't have read if i was prepared to what opinions i would encounter. I'm not gonna comment on anything directly, i will only honestly admit that what i read at several points watered my eyes as i felt people touched ideas and notions that i have encountered in my life, and still do, that have made my quality of life as well as other people's hard. All this i say without wanting to offend anyone and of course i know that everyone is entitled to his own opinion and views as well as that no one is forced to read anything, you can always stop reading something you dont like but on a final point i would like to ask if you think a game's forum is a proper place for such discussions. I strongly believe that we have young members reading our forums and such touchy subjects may be against parental advisory content so we should warn them beforehand (at least try to). In that regard i took as i said the initiative and changed the title with a warning. Again im sorry if offend anyone and by all means feel free to correct me if i'm wrong and continue your discussion if you so wish as it seems "the touchy" subjects have ended. To change the mood and direct our attention to something that is a common issue like our home planet's environmental destruction. Have you seen "Project Home" ? Its informative, visually and narratively stunning with excellent soundtrack too, enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqxENMKaeCU
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    Hello everyone! I am here with you in yet another Guild Report, generally covering the month of July! Additionally, we made some changes in our PvE project - it is important we communicate those as well! LF PvE Raid Leader As you know, last week our PvE officer @mooslacker decided to leave us, thus making the Raid Leader position vacant. Currently, our friend @Knight30 is taking care of that role. But we still need someone committed to take on this role, and lead our vTrials inside instances. The responsibilities of the role would only consist of the following: researching vTrial mechanics and strategies, through various sources (online guides and their own prior experiences of course) and leading our Core during vTrials, constantly training them and eventually progressing towards success, with patience and understanding. If interested, please let me know on Discord, we will talk. Attendance Problems & Absences We noticed some members have been absent without notifying us for a few weeks now. Some others have been away for more than what they notified us about. Please be advised that, in general, I don't tolerate extended lack of participation with events, especially when someone doesn't even bother to notify us about it. Such members are regularly removed from the guild. In order to avoid that, please make sure you let us know about your holidays/times-off whenever those are about to happen. Veteran Trials: Current Status Since the last guild report, we've been doing veteran Trials with certain degree of success. So far we have cleared vAA (with speed run), vHRC (with speed run), vSO (with failed HM attempt) and vAS (past Tuesday). Our initial start was quite successful. But unfortunately later weeks have proven problematic from attendance standpoint. Starting this past weekend though, after @Knight30 taking over as a Raid Leader, we have seen some good progress, as we started to test a new approach. We managed to get a speed run out of vAA, and managed to progress in vAS (clearing it)... Alas, yesterday's vAS was very loud, more than we would like it to be: Discord was completely dominated by people constantly keeping chatter up, very badly hindering the Raid Leader's work. From now on, during the events, certain people will be assigned roles of calling out certain mechanics by Raid Leader. The rest of the group will have to maintain silence during combat, in order not to disrupt Raid Leader's work. Unpleasant topics aside: additionally, this week, in order to increase vTrial events' success of happening, we created a poll for our Adeptus Major members, to determine the most popular days of availability, among raiders. As it stands currently, Monday, Tuesday and Friday are top-voted days. I ask our Adeptus Majors to specifically signup in those 3 top days, for maximum possible signups. Of course raids will also be scheduled in the remainder of the week (FlexiCore, after all), so please don't neglect those days as well. In no way, determining 3 top-voted days means the rest of the week should be empty, raiding-wise. And Adeptus Major! Please vote in that poll, choosing your days of availability, for vTrials! As to the formation of actual MainCore: I still think it is too early for that. Instead, as stated above, we will try to focus on certain few days, and try to maximize our efficiency, as a standing Adeptus Major Core group. Guidance Group: Training/Farming & Midgame Past weekend, we also decided to move Midgame events under Guidance group's organization. Our officers @Jaynoel, @Gavin and @Nerfmysorc have done great job with our training/farming members, clearing quite some of them for Midgame and Endgame content. With Midgame being under the domain of Guidance, we hope to streamline our growth towards eventual Endgame more effectively. To that end: In order to give a chance to PvEers from all ranks to participate in Normal Trial Farming as well, we will not organize Normal Trial Farm runs during top-voted Veteran Trial days. These will be 3 days a week maximum. Normal Trials will be scheduled for the remaining 4 days of the week. DLC Veteran Dungeon Pledges will be scheduled everyday, as it's always been, as a fall-back event for Trials. All ranks will be signing up for those in a Substitute basis: if 12-player content doesn't happen, we will be organizing DLC Dungeon Pledge runs. DLC Veteran Dungeons, once members clear them for certain amount of time, they will start progressing in them, for Hard Mode and achievement runs. For easier ones (e.g. Veteran Imperial City Prison and White Gold Tower), this number is 1 (one), whereas for more difficult ones (especially Veteran Scalecaller Peak or Fang Lair and similar) it is 3 (three). Attempt towards HM/achievement runs may require restarting the instance from scratch (e.g. during No-Death runs), which from now on is becoming a norm. Groups should be progressing in DLC dungeons for 1-1.5 hrs, if not successful, they are welcome to finish the dungeon in non-HM. Since we will also be progressing in DLC Veteran Dungeons, our officers will do their best to organize the most meaningful group composition: people who would do the dungeon for the first time, will be grouped together; whereas groups intending to progress for HM/achievement runs, will have players who have shown progress in their training (higher DPS, better healing/tanking), in order to ascertain maximum success. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, regarding these changes! I understand it maybe hard to understand them... Guild House Improvements As you know, my (@Glevissig's) house is considered as our Guild Hall. Since last year, many generous members in the guild have been donating towards its glamour. Around 150-200k is being spent every week, for 2-3 months now, plus around 150 EUR of real money was spent, to get the Premium, Luxury and Achievement furniture for it. We already reached Traditional Furniture limit of 700 in the instance. I am currently revising the interior design, also obsoleting regular cheap stuff and replacing them with their premium counterparts. It's still an ongoing work! We still need donations towards that project (not only gold of course). So feel free to check it out and see what you can contribute! Every tiny bit counts! We (originally from @Jaynoel) had this idea of creating a custom Arena for Dueling in an elevated layer within the Guild Hall. But unfortunately, because of ZOS' short-sightedness, houses suffer from ability-clipping problem: AoE skills can't be applied on artificial surfaces and objects in the house don't work as obstacles, to control the Line-of-Sight. This situation completely undermined our plans regarding the Arena. This is it! Thanks for reading and thanks for being with us! -- Gelmir
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    Which has now become a magdk. Demethys is back in black. And white..
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    Warning: alchemy spoilers of sorts Herbs of Tamriel -a Fieldguide To Jo’Tian, who was always patient when this one mistook Common Thistle for Blessed or came back with mashed up mushrooms because she had not secured them with enough cotton or grass, and who always told the best good night stories. Introduction With this book this Khajiit hopes to share her knowledge about the herbs of Tamriel. For every plant with known magical properties she has carefully written down their location, a description, similar plants, with this knowledge it should be easy enough for anyone to find the right herbs. This one has also included the magical properties of each plant, what deadra or aedra the plant is believed to belong to, and which mundus stone is connected to the plant. This one hopes you will enjoy her herbal guide and not eat anything marked as poisonous. Water Hyacinth Location: Water Hyacinth as the name suggests grow near or in shallow water. It is a very common plant and it is very easy to find, the plant prefers still water. Description: It has a thick stem and broad crunchy leafs. If you take the stem and break it, it will make a tiny pop sound. Its sap is thick and sticky. Be careful not to get sap on your skin as it can cause a rash if exposed to sunlight. It sprouts four or six leaves near the root of the plant and they surround the stem completely. It you find a plant with a natural occurring uneven number of leafs it has greater potency and should be saved for special brews. The flowers grow in one bunch at the top of the stem. When the plant is about 1½ hand tall out of the water it will produce many small buds which will blossom within days. The color of the flowers varies from a soft pink to a deep purple. The plant should be picked while it blossoms as it is then most powerful. The flowers may look torn and worn, but it is a trick played by the plant. To avoid being picked it camouflages itself to look like an old and worn example of the plant. Do not be fooled by this disguise. The root of the plant is onion shaped with many little white thread-like roots. The plant is easily lifted from the water. Similar plants: Water Hyacinth is not easily mistaken by other plants growing at the same locations. If however you see a Hyacinth of similar proportions growing far away from any source of water, it is most likely the Blue Hyacinth. The two look very similar, but the flowers of the Blue version will grow to become a bright blue, whereas the Water Hyacinth’s flowers are pink or purple. Traits: The Water Hyacinth is mostly used for its healing proportions. It can sometimes also be an advantage to chew the leaves for a better aim, but be warned, if the potion is brewed too strong it can cause the user to grow roots. Daedra: Meridia Mundus Stone: The Shadow Jo’Tian sometimes referred to this plant as “Umaril’s Anchorâ€. It is told that Umaril will forever flow in the waters of Oblivion, and only when he manages to get hold of one he gets a chance to clear his head and remember who he is. Such a shame the roots of the Hyacinth breaks so easily. While you are near water searching for Water Hyacinth you might also look for Nirnroot. Remember though, Nirnroot is best picked under the moons. (I hope to continue this over time, but I realise I'm writing on many things right now )
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    Only 4th time? Pfff... With that amount of mods you can play 10 more times, especially if you like RP. Entropy Rising is a hardcore guild. It's not easy to assemble and coordinate 12 ppl groups, for most of the guilds such trials will be hard. I don't rush to the end-game, there are a lot of things to do. Even without any trials it's fun.
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    I figured if we are doing PVP nights as a guild, it might be good to have a pre-agreed set of tactics. I am starting this thread to open up the floor for general PVP ideas and advice, since we've been playing the game for a while now and a few of our veterans will probably have figured out by now what works and what doesn't. For starters, I think it is important to be aware of the following: When attacking -It is always better to do a "direct hit" on the fort than to take resources. Don't listen to the people rambling about "teleportation" or whatever; so long as the keep is under attack, the enemy can neither teleport in or respawn there. In other words, attacking the keep first is the same as launching a surprise attack. If the enemy wants to lift the siege they will have to first teleport to the nearest adjacent keep and ride from there. -The only siege equipment you really need to bring are stone trebuchets and battering rams. So long as the enemy doesnt place any oil out, the battering rams take down the gates in no time at all. -Don't bother with siege repair kits. Just stay well-stocked on actual siege equipment. When defending -Know that you can burn enemy siege equipment even when it is manned. People don't seem to have figured this out yet, because the enemy always places sieges in front while the rest of the group waits in the back. This means you can be quick and sneak-jump from the top of the wall, run forward and burn a trebuchet, and most likely have time to run back to safety behind the gates again without dying. I do this all the time, with a decent 50/50 survivability rate considering what a suicide mission it really is. -Oil is your friend. Use it and abuse it whenever you can! -Flame Ballista works as well if you want to focus on siege equipment rather than infantry. -Always keep a couple of wall and gate repair kits handy; there tends to come the occasional window of opportunity where you are able to repair the keep even mid-siege. Both -It's always a good idea to place a forward camp if you expect heavy opposition. We've all been at the point where we die in an awkward spot where healers can't really go ress you without dying as well. -Catapults are absolutely useless. Don't buy them, don't use them. That's all I've got, but I'm sure I've missed plenty. Does anyone else have some PVP goodies to share with the guild?
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    Checked my Provisioning recipes today, making list of what mats are important for which recipes. Following is the drafted list: FOOD Glace Viande + Mudcrab Meat [Magicka, 50] Honey Comb + Imperial Stock [Magicka, r-5] Beef + Jus + Onion [stamina + Magicka, 40] Baker Flour + Mudcrab Meat [HP, 50] Honeycomb + Imperial Flour [HP, r-5] Baker's Flour + Mudcrab Meat + Red Wheat [HP + Magicka, 50] Beef + Cake Flour + Barley + Red Wheat + Oats [HP + Magicka + Stamina, r-5] Fatback + Mudcrab Meat [stamina, 47] Honeycomb + Pinguis [stamina, r-5] Honeycomb + Pinguis + Salt [HP + Stamina, r-5] POTIONS Mountain Berries + White Malt [HP-12, 50] Bervez Fruit + Imperial Mash [HP-13, r-5] Jazbay Grapes/Bervez Fruit + Golden Malt [stamina-13, r-5] "50" in square parentheses means level-50 consumable, "r-5" means rank-5. Italics means possibly raid-important.
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    It was a dark moonless night, a night that all the nocturnal animals should have been active and loud, especially in a swamp like this one, but not tonight, it was like they knew what what was about to happen. It must have been really cold and damp, he was sure it was, he could feel some of the yound priest's muscles twitch as they passed the narrow trail through the swamp their torches lighting the way. He could feel their warmth as their exposed flesh touched the mist that was him, a warmth he couldnt feel himself any longer, a warmth that brought the weaknesses and pleasures of the mortal flesh to mind. They were clearly afraid, not only because their heartbeats were racing but also in the way they moved as close to the carriage that housed the High Priest as possible, like cubs to their mother. A High Priest of Arkay would surely protect them against anything, nothing malevolent that the night may bring could hurt them, surely not, at least that was what they thought. The whole absurdity of that notion brought a smile to his lips, well it would have if he was in corporeal form, he would have even laughed at them. "How foolish they are.." he thought, "Suiting they will have a fool's death then". He never had any patience for fools or weaklings, the weak have to be culled as they would soon find out. As he exerted his will over his dark gift that had transformed his body , the mist that was him started to coalesce around two of the young acolyte priests, who froze in fear, "weaklings indeed!" he thought. Lightning broke the silence of the night, they never had the chance to scream as they saw a pale altmer with bloodshot eyes and a mocking fanged grim smile before they were turned to cinder. The cries of the rest of the young acolyte priests broke the silence of the night again as more parts of the mists struck at them with blade and spell, the rest of his brotherhood was moving as they had received their signal to attack."Such a lovely tune", " truly my favorite symphony of the night" he thought as he moved his hands much like a mad maestro to an orchestra. He reveled at the sight of the rest of his brotherhood as they slaughtered the priests, two of which held the doors of the carriage shut at it was burning, even when they shied and hissed at the fire that was their bane, "My disciplined Harbingers" he thought with pride. The cries of the High Priest burning alive inside the carriage were the crescendo of his dark song to his ears and then silence filled the night again except for the soft crackles of the fires that still scorched the carriage. "What a marvelous perfomance!" he yelled to his fellow brothers as he applauded maniacly. Some minutes later the scene was set to the last detail. All that the investigators would find would be several flame atronach dusts , a dremora heart and remains of a fresh dead body of a worm culitst with a half burned letter containing among other the encrypted location of one of their cult's lair. Not too hard nor too easy or they would suspect fool play. "Two birds with one stone" he thought, looking at the dead bodies of the priests with a distate at the wasted blood still flowing from their corpses, it couldnt be helped, their presence shouldnt be noticed or this would be for nothing. Lamae, the dark mother, would be pleased and thats all that mattered. Morier, is an enigmatic individiual with a bordering mad persona, he is usually cruel to murderous towards everyone he thinks is beneath him or not worthy to live. He can be benevolent towards people that he likes, deems worthy or is wierdly enough touched by some tragedy around them. He has been a prisoner in coldharbour long enough that he cant even recollect his past or his real name. After he was freed with the help of the "Prophet" he was soon approached by minions of Lamae and soon after turned into a vampire by her, a nature that for some reason felt familiar to him, maybe tied to a more sinister past that he cant remember that ties him to Lamae and Molag Bal but thats a story for another time. He now serves Lamae, his Dark Mother and under her orders he created "Regere Sanguine" by recruiting other vampires of Laeme or by siring sons of his own, to infiltrate the Aldmeri Dominion and with it foil the plans of Molag Bal as well as destroy the church of Arkay piece by piece. He has grown fond of the Dominion , as it is mostly comprised of strong individuals. He thinks Queen Ayrnen is a bold young Altmer with potential to build a strong empire and so he supports her in ways he finds suiting.
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    2 cool statues added to the Guild House, thanks to donations from @JordanPyrrhic and @LocaSugar! Additionally, thanks to @jobek's donation, we get to have a Banker as well
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    Is it ok to sign up to DLC dungeon instead of nTrials?
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    Greetings to everyone, A friend of mine has joined yesterday, and said you guys are doing "serious" PvE content, vTrials, and I wished to join and test myself. I mostly play as healer templar which is my main class, and love playing with. I have done a couple of vDungeons in the past, some of them (specially the DLC ones, for example Cradle of Shadows and Folkreath Hold) were a total disaster. Could be me that wasn't ready, or the rest of the group, I don't know. Those and some of the others are a bit scary xD I'm playing the game for quite a while with a ~10 months break I had. But I'm back now, and will continue playing cuz I love it. Well.... I don't know what else I should write. I'm a tiny tiny bit shy. I hope to cya around
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    Sunderflame set change - Summerset Chapter
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    I like to recreate The Witcher characters in ESO, and I want to display them. Unfortunately, eyebrows can't be coloured separately, so characters with light hair are forced to have light eyebrows. I will update the thread as I do more. Firstly, the characters I own the names of: Síle de Tansarville. Radovid V. Aryan La Valette. (Not a real card) Ge'els. Adda the White. Now on to characters whose names I don't own: Margarita Laux-Antille. Keira Metz. Saskia. Philippa Eilhart. Assire var Anahid. Fringilla Vigo. Ciri. The cards are from GWENT.
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    Shines-A-Lot starting her healing adventures as Undaunted milksop.
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    Hello everyone and welcome to part 1 of the Newcomer's guide series! Thanks for @Cortair for the original guide! All of it still mostly contains the original content, being updated to the latest changes. In this series, I'm going to detail the game mechanics that are important to the PvE aspect. I'm not much of a PvP player, so that will have to be done by someone else . Part 1 will focus on character creation, leveling and addons. Character Creation As with all MMOs, the specialization of your character starts with character creation. Some race/class combinations are better for one role while others can be useless outside of their specific roles. Classes As you know, there are 5 classes in the game at the moment: Dragonknight, Sorcerer, Nightblade, Templar and Warden. Below I'm going to detail each strengths and weaknesses. Dragonknights (DKs) are the best tanks, they have amazing group utility. Currently they can be strong Stamina DDs(Damage Dealers) as well, while Magicka-based DK DPS is very low. Don't even think about running a DK Healer for difficult content, it's the worst possible class/role combination. Sorcerer - Strong and versatile damage dealer, currently viable both in Magicka and Stamina setups with the right gear. They can tank non-DLC veteran dungeons at high CP levels while shield stacking, but are not viable tanks in harder content, outside very specific cases and strategies. Currently they are the strongest Magicka-based DDs among the Magicka builds. Nightblade - Good DD class in both Magicka and Stamina builds; they lack as Tanks and Healers, unfortunately. As DDs they bring some good group utility to the table in the form of Minor Savagery that increases the weapon critical ratings of nearby allies, a strong defensive ultimate in the form of Veil of Blades and a low cost ultimate in the Assassination skill line. Templars are the best Healers in the game. Their skills and passives are the best for healing and support group utility. They can be good Stamina or Magicka-based DDs. They bring Minor Fracture to the table which decreases the physical resistance of the enemy. They are weaker as Tanks. Warden - The new class added in Morrowind DLC, Wardens are excellent Healers but they lack in the DD department. Their class passives and skills are more geared toward group utility, and currently they are among the weakest DDs in the game's PvE side of things, having to rely a lot on weapon, guild and pvp skill lines. They are pretty good tanks, lacking somewhat in mitigation, instant AoE control and fast chains. They can get a lot of self healing and some damage off even in Health build, making great Dungeon tanks, or even sap tanks if building more towards group healing. Races There are 10 races in the game at the moment, each race is specialized in different aspects of the game and to maximize the potential of your character you will need to be mindful about your race choice. These races are: Breton, Orc, Redguard, Altmer, Bosmer, Khajiit, Nord, Dunmer, Argonian and Imperial. Bretons have the best Magicka management in the game because of this they are a good choice for Healers and PvP. Orcs are more geared toward Stamina-play, and most used in PvP. They are a decent Tank race as well. Redguards have the best Stamina management passives in the game, Stamina builds of Sorcerers, DKs and Templars are best paired with Redguards as they lack instant resource restore skills. Altmer - The Magicka DD race with increased Elemental Damage and Magicka Recovery, best paired with Sorcerer, Nightblade, Templar, Warden and somewhat DK. Bosmers have good Stamina Regeneration and Resistances, mostly used in PvP. In PvE, they don't see much use. Khajiit provides the highest DPS potential in the form of increased Crit Rating. They are best paired with Stamina Nightblades as they have reliable resource restoration. Can be paired with Sorcerer, DK and Templar, if you are confident in your Stamina management. Nord is one of the better tanking classes; they have higher Health Regen and Damage Reduction, although the Damage Reduction is calculated last so its not that high unfortunately. Dunmer are a versatile race with both increased Magicka and Stamina, however they get bonuses to elemental damage, namely they get more fire damage. Best paired with Magicka DK. Argonian - best tanking race there is and a good healer choice as well. Increased healing received and done are good for both tanking and healing roles. After massive sustain nerfs their passive which fills up your resources after drinking a potion, makes them a great choice for any build that needs more instant sustain and benefits from extra healing done or received. Imperial - Great Tanking and Stamina-based DD race, they get increased Health, Stamina and they restore health with attacks through the red diamond passive. Having a good race/class combination can increase your performance a lot, so choose your race wisely! Leveling Leveling can be done in 2 ways; one is grind XP, the other is doing content (quests, dungeons etc). I wouldn't recommend grinding for new players as you won't be familiar with core game concepts and miss a lot of skill points. You gain XP by basically doing anything, like exploring, killing, completing quests. As you level up to 50 you will gain 2 kinds of points each time you level up: Attribute points, which you can spend on your Health, Stamina or Magicka, and ... Skill points, with which you can unlock and morph new skills. Attribute points are only gained during level ups and at level 50 you'll have 64 of them. Skill points, on the other hand, are more numerous (you can get over 300 skill points). You gain them by leveling up, gathering Skyshards, killing the group event in public dungeons and some quests also grant skill points (namely the main story line quests, main zone quests and dungeon quests). Weapon slots and Action Bars You can have up to 5 skills and one Ultimate active at a time, they are placed on what is called Action Bar. Some skill linex require you to have a respective weapon equipped and if you don't, you cannot use those skills on the bar tied to that weapon. At level 15, you unlock your second weapon slot, with which you gain a second Action Bar. Weapon in the uper slot corresponds to Action Bar 1 and weapon in the lower slot to Action Bar 2. When you weapon swap with the hotkey, you also swap the Action Bars, allowing you to have more skills active during combat. P.S. Toggled skills and pets are toggled off/unsummoned when you swap off the bar that doesn't contain them. If you use any, you also have to slot them on the other bar so that it wouldn't happen. You gain skill lines by using them, or completing specific content or killing specific enemies. Wearing light armor unlocks light armor skill line and gaining xp with a two-handed sword equipped for the first time gives you Two-handed Swords skill line, etc. Your skills and skill lines level with you as you gain XP. Active skills need to be on your currently active action bar to gain XP. Same goes for class and weapon skill lines. Armor Skill lines need you to have the armor type equipped to gain XP. Some other skill lines have specific conditions to gain XP - like the Undaunted skill line which gains XP by completing dungeon achievements and Undaunted Pledges, Fighters Guild which need you to kill Daedra and Undead, Mages Guild which need you to gather blue Lorebooks. You can find the conditions of the skill lines by hovering over the skill line XP in the skill window. To speed up your leveling you can buy XP boosts from two sources or buy/craft gear with the training trait. One is the Crown Store from which you can buy XP boosts for real money, the other are crafted XP boosts, bought from other players. XP boosts come in three tiers: 50%, 100% and 150% ones. Player crafted XP boosts are drinks, so they are governed by the Connoisseur passive in Provisioning. Once you reach level 50 you gain access to a new feature called Champion system. The champion system is the endgame leveling system, you level it just like your usual levels, but it increases much faster in the early stages. When you gain a Champion Rank (CR), you gain a Champion Point (CP). CPs have 3 types: Red, Blue and Green. You gain these points in sequence: first Red, then Green and then Blue... This repeats until you get to the max softcap of 720 CPs (hard-cap is 3600). Each type gives different bonuses: Red gives you Defensive bonuses, Blue enhances your Offense and Green gives you Utility (like Increased Recovery, Reduced Sneak, Block, Sprint Cost etc). To equip the best items you'll need to be CR-160. The game is very alt-friendly: most of the game features are Account-wide, such as CPs, gear, bank and your collections. When you create an alt, you can allocate all CP after the initial loading screen, but your alt won't be able to gain XP towards CR until it is level 50. With this in mind, if you bank all the CR-160 items, that could be useful for your alts once they reach 50. You can deck out your alt in Best-in-Slot gear the moment it reaches a bank. Addons ESO, as many other MMOs, does support addons which can make your life a lot more easier. To make the installation and maintenance of your mods an easier job, download Minion addon manager. I will list useful addons by sections as we progress through the series, but here is list some useful ones: Skyshards - as the name implies, it shows all Skyshards on your map. Lorebooks - similar to Skyshards addon, this shows all Lorebooks on your map. Destinations - this addon shows all unexplored locations on your map, including markers for quests not yet done, achievements not yet finished. Azurah - a UI addon, you can customize how your UI looks. AUI - Full UI revamp addon with a built in minimap. Might give the game a slight performance hit. FTC - A useful UI revamp designed to make it more effective both for PvE and PvP. Dustman - good inventory addon, it marks grey and ornate items as Junk. When you talk to a vendor you can sell them by pressing a button. Advanced Filters - this provides a search bar on your inventory and bank for easier access. Inventory Grid View - enables for you to toggle between Grid-View and List-View, when you are viewing list of stuff (Inventory screen, Bank screen etc). Loot Log - shows what others have looted in your group Harven's Improved Skills Window - after you put a point into a skill, this addon will show its possible morphs Out-of game enhancements Reshade and Presets - Gives the game postprocessing effecta that it's lacking, like better ambient lighting, shaders and several effects. Has extremely low to no effect on game performance if you have at least decent GPU. Is endorsed by ZOS and will not get you banned. MusicBee or any other music player with great playlist editing capabilities - If the default music gets. Grab a bunch of Fantasy game soundtracks (of course ESO included) and make your adventure sound anew by switching between music when you enter a new area or dungeon! Want to delve in Banished Cells with the whining of demons from Diablo II? Stay a while and listen! This concludes Part 1 of the Newcomer's guide series! Part 2 will be updated soon! Thanks for reading! Good luck and have fun out there!
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    Once there was a beautiful dark elf dk tank dream..
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    I often visit a guild store which probably supplies munchies for that horse..
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    So we ordered some plain Elder Scrolls themed coasters and weathered them with wood stain and acrylic resin. Now we can ESO in style when having that sip of mulled wine If anyone's interested, you can order the plain version here: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1401442060 .
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    ESO The Erstwhile Sanctuary - House Tour - The Elder Scrolls Online
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    ESO New Life Festival 2017 - Double XP, New Life Gift Boxes, Skinchanger Motif, and more!
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    Welcome aboard, @Saerwen We will talk this evening, in-game hopefully!
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    Yep, thanks to you.
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    Wow, thumbs downing my posts? Seems I'll have to do the same to you
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    I got to chapter II yesterday morning (then had to do other things) and suddenly I've murdered a whole town O_O Literally there is almost no people left, they are all corpses on the ground. Oh well they attacked me first, all I was doing was saving a witch! Now I'm in jail and they took all my stuff! And I had loads of plants. I really hope to get my stuff back, I need my stuff, I'm a hoarder in games I do regret not murdering that Mikul guy, he really deserved to be severed in half. And sorry for spamming here and recounting my steps in a completely different game I'm a social gamer, I like to talk with people while playing and about what I play... must join more communities!
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    I'll just agree with Tyros, he's wrote it all so well. One thing I like to point to: Then of course, there are games where your character is female by deafult and there's no way to change that. That is what women have to do 90% of the time in computer games -play a male character, and it's sometimes rather annoying, because it can destroy the immersion of the game.
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    Book from Mages Guild in Vulkhelguard Trapped Souls One should never take another’s soul. It is amongst the darkest of magic to do so, and this book will not teach how to do such a heinous crime toward another living being. I will in this book describe how you can release a poor soul from its prison, if it has been taken from its body and placed inside another object. Mind, the souls body can’t live without its soul and will often be dead, when the soul is stolen, so there is a risk the soul might vanish when released. It might also linger behind in this world as a ghost or spirit. Stories are told of how a soul can be placed inside another body which already contains a soul (animal or human), but it will most likely lead to a war for control between the two souls and thus I will not recommend you to try this, not even with mice. In the following I will instruct you as to how you remove a soul safely from an object, without destroying the soul. The removal will most likely destroy the object. You will need the object with the soul trapped inside. Place the object inside a circle made of either candles, stones or other such small objects you have at hand. Light a dark candle and a light candle. Throw leafs of Blessed Thistle inside the circle and atop the trapped soul, while you chant the following 3 times: “Eer fuoytes iluos deppart†Now smash the object with something heavy and the soul is free. Be careful throughout the process of freeing the soul, and even more when the soul is free. Since you do not know if the soul is friend or foe, or whether it holds any power, be ready for anything. Be sure to protect yourself inside a protective circle and use all the spells you can think of. Some Daedra is said to have the power to sense when a soul is vulnerable, and any soul just freed from its prison will be vulnerable. So be aware you might have a Daedra on your hands to deal with.
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    Annnnnd she picked up her new computer WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So tomorrow is set aside for making it work. I'm thinking it'll take most of the day and hopefully I'll be on good graphics tomorrow evening for RP (else I swap back to old computer, it still works). And Flavia, I carried it home all by myself on my bike, with my strong manly arms, all the way through this hole damn town In a dress -wuuut And a gentleman man held the door for me when I was trying to hold the bike, the computer and grab keys, but finding out I had no third arm O.o He looked quite nice, but I think also he was a carpenter, and we know carpenter men are handsome, right
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    Gelmir, I expected such answer. A lot of people have the same feelings about the game. So, what should we do? I think we need to review our priorities and try to invite new wave of people. Lets be honest, we are not heavy-crafters or raiders, we are not pvp or endgame-oriented guild. We are casual pve/rp/social guild. I suggest to advertise the guild under such banner. Yes, we can do sometimes pvp, do some dungs, but I feel that most of us come to enjoy some social factor and casual gameplay. Level of the players really doesn't matter. We have all kind of players from 20 to vr12. To answer your PM question, Gelmir, I can help with the recruitment. I think, Serana will agree to do the same.
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    I get it now, its better not to talk to random danish women at all. If I will open my mouth, I will be automatically transformed into pervert that wants only to harass you, seduce, rape and place your head on a wall as a trophy. Where do you get these ideas? in your sexism awareness groups? I can add one more characteristic to danish women – paranoid. Now we have: cautious, paranoid and demandable. Superb shield! Where can I get one? I will call it 'Valkyrie Shield'. Oh, great abbreviation 'VS', we can start branding and mass production. I teached too and I am familiar with such obstacles, especially with 'rip their heads off' part. I will always remember my first group. I was only 23 when I already had 18 yo students. It's damn hard to earn any respect in such environment. It was great experience.
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    Non-RP (I forget sorry O.o) I think we should group up, so we know where we are I also thought group-chat would be non-RP/out of character, instead of using guildchat. The idea of RP is to be your character, act and talk like your character would. Like Tyro explained. He also did this guide. It is very good and I'll recommend you read through it, as it answers many questions (and I might forget to write things). Basically you do what your character would do (emotes and actions) and say what she would say (or whisper). Probably we can't all the time identify 100% with our characters and their actions, and no one is checking up on you and no one will judge or tell you how to do. If in your head it works for you Serana is a good friend, you still know what she would do and say in most situations. I won't recommend you to try and be a female if you find it hard. I don't think it will matter much if you play Serana "as a man", as long as you don't try to stand up and pee She can be a masculine character, a tough warrior type if you want it It's the thoughts and inside which is important in RP (in this one it is). The moral compass if you like. The character sheet thread, operates with alignments, in this way you decide your core morals and can always go back and act on that by a sort of default. I'm not very good with the alignment system, but it works well for some. I've found this page which explains it in depth (truly in depth but don't read all that O.o), just read the first 5-7 lines for each alignment if you like (to get an idea of how they work). As said the system works well for some, and not at all for others, so only use it if it works for you, not if it restricts you. From Tyro's guide, I think they are good guidelines: -Leave RP open so everyone can be part of telling the story. -Accept that things may not always go the way you “want it toâ€, and that’s part of the fun! -Know well enough to keep IC and OOC separate. (Fighting IC doesn’t mean you hate each other OOC, having an IC romance doesn’t mean you are a real life couple, etc.) -Don’t poweremote or metagame (“Tyronus punches Morier in the face, knocking out three teeth that fall out and scatter on the ground.†should in stead be like this: “Tyronus swings his plated fist in an uppercut, trying to strike Morier in the face.†where you give the other person a way to avoid the hit) -Don’t force “darker†RP on people without knowing that they are okay with it first. For example, don’t try to kill/disfigure/torture another character without asking OOC permission first. -Don’t break game lore by claiming something crazy, like that your character is the husband of Queen Ayrenn, or that you actually ARE Queen Ayrenn. -Likewise, we can’t all be the Vestige, so it is best to leave the main plot of the game aside and not use it for your own character story. RP/IC is through: emotes, say, whisper. non-RP/OOC is through: Groupchat (guildchat). Ask anything there also There is two experienced people, me in the middle and two who are new to RP (correct me if I'm wrong here). I'm sure the experienced two will answer any questions along the way Just don't be scared of doing or saying anything, the only way you can disrupt the story I've planned is if no one shows up And remember: RP is for fun Always. And really don't worry I'll be really scared and shy to begin with, because I've never ever done RP events in MMO's before O_O And I'm happy I get to play NPC's some of the time. [i realize "excited" might translate differently than intended *blush*, what I mean is I'm looking forward to tuesday ]
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    Flavia I never ever said or will say women and men are the same biologically If you read my previous posts you can see I actually point out some differences when it comes to the biological gender Here is a nice picture that explains what I mean with equality When it comes to the social gender, the gender we perform or show (which can be and sometimes is different from the biological gender) we do wrong in thinking all men and all women are similar. It is a false presumption that all men likes to kill things and love sports, and it's false that all women are naturally good at caring for children. Loads of studies show this But a lot of children are raised in a way so boys like to kill things and love sports and are tough, and girls are taught to dress pretty and like all things with flowers on them (yes pun intended). Watch this video, where men are asking to be allowed to show feelings, and just be themselves and not some image of a manly man they think they need to be. This is why feminism helps men too Let us be the ones we are, not our gender, not stereotypes I know it's easy to just throw in pictures and videos, but I already wrote so many words here and I'm a little bit bussy today... again... I sleep way too much!
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    I'm too lazy to go to another page to PM, so I'll just write here Ideally I would love to have TWO of my characters included; both Tyronus and Ma'zaad. However, my Khajiit is kinda low-level still and can't RP outside of Auridon, so to stick with Tyronus, here are the basics I guess you might want to know: -No friends or enemies, he is alone. -He has recently been turned into a vampire, but he still hates other vampires. (Though I don't mind if that is something he might come to terms with as we RP together) -His main motivation is to fight Molag Bal. -I don't mind playing Tyronus as an antagonist to the rest of the guild if his personal agenda is too difficult to meld together with the guild story.
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    I don't like reduction jewelry at all. Abilities cost 300-450 and the reduction is only around 20. Sets can provide attributes recovery too. If you already have recovery softcap, it's better to increase your armor a little bit. Armor enchants on jewelry are very strong. Even simple VR glyph adds 400-500 armor and It will take only 1 jewelry slot. The problem is not only with light armor. Medium armor has low spell resistance. I like pure DPS, but honestly you don't want glass cannons at the raid.
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    That's why I maxed my heavy armor
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    I got Lycan coupla days ago. Gotta level it to 6 so that I can pass the disease. After that, I think I will switch to Vamp.
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    More power to you, Morier. I think you're right. Thanks for the link! I think I may have seen snippets of this film before. But I'll charge my iphone and put this on while I level in ESO later today!
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    Very nice Please be lenient on us , Molag Bal's enemy vamps
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    Since you care about RP and Lore i guess, a fun fact is that you actually become one of Lamae Bal's children and she hates Molag Bal more than anyone.
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    Yay, you finally got it posted! And right! Sorry! The events of the Elder Scrolls Online take place in 2E 582 2E = The Second Era 582 = The year of that era For the names of the months, as they correspond to January-December in our own Calendar year, that info can be found here. NOTE: You can, of course, also just change "Date of Birth" to "Age", if you find that simpler. I realize in hindsight, I may have overcomplicated that part a little bit.
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    I'm actually at work right now, uploading documents for my students and preparing lessons It's bad enough I have forum open and radio on, I can't get myself to watch films while working
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    I'll be posting all relevant RP information regarding lore, officer application, IC and OOC info on Mon 07/04/14. Our first RP event should be the following weekend, i'll post the precise date and information regarding ALL matters on the Auditorium. As always feel free to directly contact me in game if you have any questions or need further details, @xXHerbManXx .
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    It was expected that forums would die a little right around launch right? Atleast I expected it -everyone would be caught up in the game. But turns out the forums are still active, atleast some ppl are. I think (I'm sorry to say) that we grow too fast. Humans are made in a way so we can manage to know a certain amount of ppl, and at some point with too many ppl it becomes a blur. Before launch we where not so many here and I had an idea about who ppl where, I felt I had a chance of getting to know ppl. And I know it's bad to say this, because a lot joined, so please, this is in no way meant to aim at anyone, it's just a fact. And I will ofc try to get to know all of you Second problem is the game itself: 1. Storylines why lvling is very indulging. I atleast have to concentrate at the stories told to me, so I don't talk much in g-chat while questing, and more while emptying bags and crafting. 2. Same problem with TS. I find TS disrupts my gameplay -because I like the stories and don't want to miss them, and ppl talking on TS while some npc explains her lifestory of sadness, is a disruption. 3. We can't really group: A. Faction isssue? We can't group with those not of our own faction *cry* and here I had hoped Serana had some evil twisted plan to make Malva her slave or omg a vampire. B. Zooning issue? We can't group and quest together if we are not doing all quests in the same way, because of the game zooning or instancing areas. I think when raidcore is created atleast those participating there will become a tightknit group, so that is good. But it is also very bad if we get divided like that -because we will be if we are not carefull. I know as I've tried sitting outside and not having much talk with raidcore ppl due to them being really bussy with raids. So that might become different factions within guild: raidcore, pvpcore, rpcore and the rest. Sad What can we do to prevent it? -mixup raidcores and have a group big enough to circulate -participate in more then just one aspect (like do both raidcore and regular pvp) But it is up to the ppl doing those things, as you can never force anyone to be social. Also just talk a lot Talk really do catch I think. And it does not matter what we talk about. And don't be shy. We don't bite (unless you want to become a vampire, then someone might be ready to bite you). Also did you guys know we can form a band? Be the first to make a band weeeee and give performances in towns. Because you know it is cool if you ever did play WoW L70ETC Rogues do it form behind ;P
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    something you guys might be interested in werewolf guide http://www.tentonhammer.com/guides/elder-scrolls-online-how-to-become-a-werewolf vampire guide http://www.tentonhammer.com/guides/elder-scrolls-online-how-to-become-a-vampire?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss WARNING both of these links contain lists of the skills they can get some people view these has spoilers so please don't discuss them in this thread
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