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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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    PVE teamwork guide These guides will briefly explain why tanks jump off the cliff, healers beat themselves on the head with their staves in frustration and DDs shiver in anger sometimes. Comes with illustrations and recommendations on how to preserve sanity of your teammates in certain situations, giving a short overview of what the roles are trying to achieve, the main tools used for it and how you, while playing in the same group with them, can enable them to be more effective. ESO is largely about teamwork - positioning to enable better use of team abilities, slotting and using correct skills and synergies at the right time or even in sequence. The better you understand what tools used by other you can make more effective, the more edge you have in terms of damage and survival. Issue 1 - How to play with a healer in your group In current meta healers are there to: keep you alive buff you or debuff enemies and restore resources to the group. To allow them to do so effectively, you should play into the abilities, armor and weapon sets the healers use. Since the most effective (excellent balance between healing power and sustain efficiency) healing comes from ground targeted abilities and Combat Prayer (8% damage buff) is applied in a pretty narrow area in front of the healer, damage dealers will benefit from the healing and damage boosts when they are not randomly running around all the time, but try to stay more or less in line between the back of the boss and the healer. Healing Springs also restores Magicka to the caster for up to three targets hit by the initial tick, so the more of you the healer can cast it on at once, the longer their blue bar will stay happy! Naturally survival comes before comfort, so you should still move to avoid mechanics. Safety first! But whenever you need healing and see a healing effect appear under you or close to you, do not be afraid to jump in it and remain as long as you need to. Like tanks - move when you need to avoid something or when avoiding something is a lot easier if you already have momentum, but get in the habit of not moving too much when you don't need to. This game uses a lot of ground based abilities and recasting them because someone moved is a hassle and a waste. Vestment of Olorime and positioning In Summerset, ground targeted AoE heals are also the ones which apply the damage buff by Olorime set, you want to be positioned so that the healer can land a ground targeted Area of Effect healing ability on as many damage dealers as possible at once. Having one healer rotate Olorime buff both on melee+tank and ranged+healers group in trials allows the other healer to run other sets, or have several DD+healer groups in situations where several larger groups need to be split up a bit. Spell Power Cure's buff is still easier to apply in 4man dungeons and on fights with constant movement, so you might not see Olorime everywhere, even though it is clearly considerably better in the right conditions. Most widely used abilties that require your proximity Healers in ESO have mainly three kinds of heals which are actually good enough to be usable: Ground targeted Area of Effect abilities These stay until the end of duration and then disappear. If the same healer recasts the same heal, the previous area will disappear and new one appear in the new location. A good example of this is Cleansing Ritual. Cleansing Ritual Allows anyone in it to use the synergy to remove all harmful effects from themselves and heal for a small amount. Healing Springs (morph of Grand Healing) Heals everyone in the area initially and once every second for three seconds total. It is also one of the only ground targeted abilities which you can cast again, retaining the effect of the first cast. This allows for wider coverage or very high healing output in a smaller area when spamming it, since the effects in the same area do stack. Luminous Shards (morph of Spear Shards) If anyone uses the synergy provided by being close to Spear Shards , they restore either Magicka or Stamina, whichever maximum is highest, and in case of Luminous Shards, also half as much of the other resource. Budding Seeds (morph of Healing Seed) Creates an area of flowers, which will heal everyone in it for a great amount after 6 seconds. One ally in it can activate a syngery to gain a Heal over Time effect. Also the caster can press it again to instantly activate the big heal on everyone in it. If this on the ground, it is either needed for an emergency or there just to give the Warden a bit more time to cast anything else, since they know everyone in there will be healed after 6 seconds. So if possible, firmly plant your adventurer butt in there. Enchanted Forest (morph of Secluded Grove) If this is up, there is usually a need for it. Dire need. You will probably die without it kind of need. So be a good treehugger and frolic around in that glowy green forest and get healed. It heals anyone in it for a great amount every 1 second for 6 seconds and is probably the most charge efficient healing ultimate in game. Cinder Storm (morph of Ash Cloud) When you see a DK healer in your group, make sure you stand in this whenever possible. It heals just for about 1000 health per second, but the 18 second duration makes it very efficient and low cost heal for the healer to throw out and just keep topping everyone up when they don't need emergency healing. Ash Cloud and Eruption The base spell of Cinder Storm and its morph Eruption look exactly the same, which can be confusing. Unmorphed version heals for just a little, but Eruption does not heal at all. Refreshing Path (morph of Path of Darkness) When you have a Nightblade healer or tank in your group, you will most likely see this the following ability. It heals friendly targets in it and for a few seconds after leaving it. You also gain Major Expedition for a few seconds. Major Courage from Vestment of Olorime After you step into the circle or just get hit by it when it's cast, you gain Major Courage for 30 seconds. Major Courage is the new buff group which replaces Spell Power Cure's damage buff. Since this buff lasts for 30 seconds and does not require the targets to be at 100% health. The circle appears in the middle of a ground based AoE heal, so it might be inside the graphics of Healing Springs, etc. Smart Target abilities These generally affect one, some of the time several targets and are usually applied by priority, where the targets with the lowest health percentage are the highest. Prime examples would be Healing Ward which shields a target and when the shield expires, heals them. Also Breath of Life, which has to be aimed in the general direction of your primary target, heals them a lot and also heals the next most hurt target for a considerably smaller amount without any facing requirement. Traveling abilities These are abilities which keep moving after being cast, and at some point expire, usually healing allies on the way. Main example here is the morph Energy Orb Energy Orb (morph of Necrotic Orb) Flies in a straight line from the caster and heals allies on the way. If anyone uses the synergy provided by being close to the orb as it travels, they restore either Magicka or Stamina, whichever is highest, and heal every group member in range for a good amount. Aggressive Horn Tanks and healers will rotate this ultimate, giving everyone in range a 30 second 10% buff to all Attributes (Health, Stamina and Magicka), and a 9.5 second boost to Critical Damage. Considering the duration and ultimate generation, tank and healer will try rotate the 30 second portion of this either back to back as much as possible, or one of them will keep theirs for a certain phase where boost to burst damage or extra health is needed, and the other will toot in between. In case of very high group DPS in dungeons, they might just rotate the 9.5s portion once for bosses. If you want to track this (as a tank or healer you must), either set up a tracker for it with any buff duration addon you're using(make sure to track anyone's Horn from your group) or get the Warhorn Tracker addon, which does just that and nothing else. Taking everything above into account, know where your healer is/healers are and position yourself to best benefit from the healing and damage boosts they provide. The main thing is - do not move all over the place unless encounter mechanics call for it. Stay at least somewhat packed together in front of the healer if possible, just make sure that in some encounters doing that could kill the others standing near you with splash damage or a frontal line AoE targeted at you. This wraps up the most important bits about making your healer happy and allowing them to shower you with health and buffs. Feel free to suggest corrections or improvements In the next issue we will take a look at what tanks can do more to enable the group!
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    The cup of Christ was made of wood, not gold.
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    Well,since I am in my last year of highschool and I'm having my final exam in 2 weeks + my university exam,I won't be that active.I may join some dungeon events and do VMA by myself when I have some free time.I shall(hopefully) be completly done on the 25th of July.
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    Hello, just got back to the game after 21 months away. Im 23 years old from Sweden, 360+ cp in eso, I played as a stamina nightblade for most of my time before. I quit before mostly as I was bit tired of the CP grind and trouble finding players to do PvE with to gear up my character and learn. I'm currently in process to make a Warden to make (most likely) as my new main. I'm about to start grinding it, and after I plan to do raids, trials, dungeons and lots of PvE in general. I want to know how to do all of it really well. This guild seems to suit me well by the description as it seems casual at first so I can join in and learn and hopefully with time develop to do more difficult and demanding endgame. Once I have my character fully setup with cp and gear and experience in PvE I will go forward to learn Warden in PvE better. That's my plan for now atleast but things change so we will see.
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    Hi, Just got back into the game after a long break, looking for guild and friends to do post lvl50 stuff with. Hopefully that's you guys : ) Main is templar healer - T
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    Sunderflame Restoration Staff ☠️☠️☠️☠️
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    Hircine's Veneer set change - Summerset Chapter
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    Sunderflame set change - Summerset Chapter
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    Looking to join. CP 740. Exp as healer in all vDungeons, vDSA, all normal trials, the old trials in vet, HRC, AA, SO. vAsylum. Got all classes at 50, all of them stamina currently, aswell as tank ready on my warden. Stamsorc, Stamplar, StamNB vtrial ready. Will possibly roll healer again on my stamplar. Also interested in PvP, AD and EP.
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    You heretic, what is this blasphemy?? Domihaus does not approve of these alternative patch notes!!!
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