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DLC Pledge Dungeon - Falkreath Hold


ESO - Midgame
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Event details

We will be doing today's DLC pledge dungeon - Falkreath Hold.


A guide with detailed mechanics from our friend and saviour Static.


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· Edited by Feleran

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Falkreath Hold. I was the tank. Cannot even remember much apart from the last boss since it really took less than 25 minutes to reach there.
On last boss... I screwed the most and we wiped many times overall. Every time we got the boss down to around 10% there were some adds alive that piled up and eventually killed us or I left the boss untaunted due to chasing all the adds or... anyway we wiped.
15 minutes before the event's end we decided to try a new tactic: at 20% hp both dds will ignore the adds and focus on boss. And that worked, kinda. Tanking the adds in the middle. At 10% we hide, adds are still alive and (mostly) taunted. Then go on with the execution.
I still remember the picture (no screenshot, sorry!) where boss has 0.3% hp, 2 of us are dead, me and someone rushing the boss from behind a pillar. I die. Then she dies. Then boss dies :D

good job @Niraito, @semiocube and @MisteryShad

And no, I didn't use the abilities you see on my bar :D Was just getting xp to them from the quest (since it was my 1st time there). 
Also next time I will hide the UI with a button I guess :) 



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So,I haven't much to say since I am pretty much exhausted.Four adventurers decided it was high time they visited Falkreath Hold,but it was being assaulted by evil Cows(meat for Moose).Even though not everyone experienced this challenge before,we managed to preavail and destroy that bastard(my favorite Boss EVER <3<3 ) Domihaus.

Thanks @Niraito @semiocube and @Feleran for joining.


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Guest nemixia

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so i got left with writing out this review which is fine i guess. i'm not sure what to say really. it was good? that's a start i suppose. mooslacker was very informative and told us which dumb one shot mechanics were on which boss. went pretty smooth though the angry cow man at the end was a bit hard to tussle with as he kept bucking us off (he also summoned elementals which all seemed to enjoy stabbing us) oh and it was HM which helps. we died like 3 times but in the end we tamed the minotaur, by that i mean we beat him to a bloody pulp and then killed him in a horrific feat of cruelty. all in all a pretty good night. thanks to @Nerfmysorc ,the wonderful me @nemixia, @mooslacker and last but not least @vsar who stayed up till 1AM just to help us get an investigation from PETA

Response from the author:

This review is for the previous week, dear reader! :D

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