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Trial Guides

General information about mechanics you find here:  https://alcasthq.com/eso-kynes-aegis-trial-guide/
Image of trash mobs and locations (click here)
Note: this information was originally written as tank instruction but for damage dealers and healers it is useful information as well.
You probably have to switch skills between trash and bosses. So when you find the right combo make sure to save them in alpha gear or in dressing room.  You will need taunt and chains I guess.
The trash mobs in Kyne are dangerous but if we have to prioritize them in a killing order it would be: Infusers, Bulwark/Tidebreaker and next the rest.
The Tidebreaker does every few seconds and AOE attack, which makes that everyone has to hold block. So best is to kill this one first.
Infusers get enraged in just a few seconds thus they have top priority on anything else. There are a few trash spots where there are a couple.  Except for the last trash group before the final boss Falgravn, the strategy is that 1 tank taunts really fast all the infusers (be aware they hide and spread out) and then run into the tent (to the back) in the area, making the infusers stacking in the entrance. If you have, use something to interrupt them before they enrage.
 1st boss
Not going to explain everything, check Masel’s guide (on AlcastHQ website), link above) for that and I may confuse vet with Hard Mode but the basics are the same.
The MT takes the main boss (and Shaman when spawned cause we want the shaman be killed with AOE). The OT takes the Adder or the Gryphon that spawns every couple of seconds.
Keep the Adder/Gryphon on the main boss until he gets healed for the first time. In HM the MT takes the boss and shaman to the next position while the DD will finish the Ader/Gryphon, otherwise he will be healed each time by the main boss.  In Vet it is not always necessary but it mainly depends on the group dps. If this is low split them pls.
One of the mechanics of the Adder is a slam followed by watersprout which can instant kill dd. Not much you can do about it as tank except block yourself. Some say if you roll dodge after the slam you do not get watersprout.
For the totems: 2 are dangerous for you. Make sure you are not standing in the face of the fire totem and when the poison totem comes (chaurus totem).  You can overcome the poison by counting as follows the moment you get the notification and have seen the totem: 1, 2, 3, dodge
To be honest I do not know if the tanks get targeted by the totem as well.
For HM you need to know that once the Adder/Gryphon gets healed for the first time, the group has 16 seconds before the boss gets a shield and will explode and wipe the group.
 image of boss positions 1st boss (click here)
2nd boss
For this fight you need some dps and the primarily focus needs to be on the adds that spawn because every xx seconds new ones will come. Make sure to stack what you can stack, and burn them with AOE.
MT takes Vrol
OT takes the Half-Giant Bulwark (shielding the boss) and the Apotheycary (healing Vrol). The MT if possible interrupts the Harpooner because he will single target one DD and crits a lot, usually it is one shot if you do not see the notification from Code’s combat alerts.
Avoid standing in the red AOE (frigid cold), just do 2 steps out of it but keep the boss steady and bit to the right of the middle edge (so the portal that spawns will be clear as well).
After 50% instead of the happy 3 some (Bulwark, Apotheycary and Harpooner) we will get time-based a copy of the boss (the storm twin) which will spawn which the OT will stack on the main boss. Do not forget to bash the twin.  
image of the positioning 2nd boss  (click here)
The DD who takes the portal to the boat should not forget to bash the mage every time or you are ported out again before it is dead.
The persons that go to the ballista’s in the HM trial,  best use a shield skill on themselves from 50% and below of the boss his health.
3rd boss
MT takes main boss, OT takes the mini boss.
Our strategy will be that we kill the mini before we get the lightning phase (90% and 80%).  (This is not really necessary, you even can take the mini with you to the floor below, but it makes the life of the OT more complicated and you need a very high group dps if you have to deal with everything at the same time. This is the safe strategy.)
This means the OT has to be a bit away from the main boss with the mini, since dd’s do not really understand the the instruction: don’t touch the main boss lol.
The mini hits really hard, so if needed the OT and MT can guard (or a healer will) when the mini is up.  Besides a cleave that kills players (Blood Cleave) (face him away), the guy does insane damage with his light attacks (Quick Strike) and has a heavy attack that should be dodged.
Furthermore everyone, tanks included, has to move when the Sanguine’s Grasp is there (just step around the little red hands that come from the ground).  Njordal kneels down when he channels the mechanic, so there’s a clear clue for it.
 70% we go down one floor:
the boss summons three vampire knights that are pretty dangerous for the dd. Try to face them the same direction if possible. The blood knight will do his Blood Fountain and hits hard in a line in four directions.
Randomly one person will be caught in a “blood prison”, which kills the player affected after a few seconds. Usually it is on the person who is the furthest away, so better get closer when this mechanic is happening. 
When the three vampire knights are dead, the main boss come back. In this phase, he summons a ball of blood above his head and then blood coagulants start sliding across the room towards him. After 30 seconds, the ball explodes, damaging players for every coagulant that reaches the middle. Especially the big coagulants add a lot of size to the ball, so the bigger the ball, the bigger the damage. In this mechanic, do not move!  If you see the ball is starting to explode please call out to block!
With low dps, this phase is really a big pain and when you wipe you have to start all over at the 1st floor with the boss at 100% health.
At 35% Health, the second floor crashes and you go to the the cellar.
MT just  holds boss. see AlcastHQ mechanics guide for general information.
If the damage dealers which have to go upstairs to kill the 2 torturers, are failing to do this in time, the adds will spawn with the main boss. OT is taking them and stack them on the boss. Be aware that when the torturer is spawning in the middle, after a few secons he will start channeling a one-shot ability. The torturer has to die really fast.
Aside from that, the boss does increasing persistent damage over time to the group, 7k oblivion damage per second that can only be mitigated through weapon and spell damage reduction debuffs on the boss.
Really good instruction videos about the mechanics from TC Lee/Tank Club 
Trash mobs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hilUhpCsnWk
1st boss movement (HM) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wOMqqUsbyY
Sanguine Slater - MT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4IdimVVZME&start=25s
OT - HM - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMI_Eu8zm0c

General information about this trial and its mechanics you can find on the AlcastHQ.com website. https://alcasthq.com/eso-asylum-sanctorium-guide/
Here below some extra information gathered from other players.

Kite and spawn positions:
take a number (1-8)  to know what direction they have to kite when the Storm of Heavens mechanics will start When the boss jumps at 90%, 75%, 50%, 25% number 1-4 hide at entrance and number 5-8 hide at the exit 1 sphere shields Olms. If 2 spheres are up the mini boss will also get a shield. Spheres spawn frequently so they have to be killed by the group on which side they are. If the Felms is up as well, then only kill the sphere when he is jumping around. When Felms is in the middle attack both Felms and Olms with AOE damage and ultimates  Healers:
The tank healer’s priorities are making sure the
Shock Damage AOE (and drains magicka) is not landing on the DD Felms, the nightblade boss is jumping not on the group or tank Heals and buffs the Main Tank (MT) Helps debuffing Olms When close to group gives orbs Make sure you have enough health by changing your Attribute points (40-46 in health) see kite drawing The group healer will
Buff the group (orbs and such) Heals when possible (especially when having Pious (poison) boss up, heal the person in the poison cone Put elemental drain on mini bosses and spheres Assist the tank healing by taking 2 jumps from Felms. Note: this means you have to watch the timer every second to be ready on your position in time See the drawing under where your walking paths are drawn  Interrupters
If Pious is up interrupters only will focus the interrupting of his oppressive bolts (if a dd is next to it he can bash as well). This is a really and intensive job. They take a position in the middle. Since Pious always has fixed spawning and jump points, it is easy to locate him. Make sure you tab target it or you lose him out of your site behind Olms.  OT
The off tank has to stack everything on Olms when the mini bosses are not jumping. For Felms this is not very hard, but Pious can be a huge pain. Keep tab targeting him and if he is in the back and you want to stack him on Olms, you need to run all the way to the tank healer to make sure he is following you, than run back to the middle in time. This may take some time to practice. In general: try to taunt the mini just before it moves. Stack Pious on Olms when Felms is jumping  The Raidleader needs to call out what to attack when. You need to keep an eye on the enrage timers for that.
Asylum Status panel is a must for this trial. How to read the information you can see at the picture below. You can download it from ESOUI.com  https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1847-AsylumSanctoriumStatusPanel.html 
Felms Manifest Wraith
 The nightblade boss also gives 3 floating AOE which can do a lot of damage. If you cannot see them very well, this is how to change that:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vG3sY1uZXME 

Cloudrest is one of the most mechanic based trials in ESO. A mistake on the wrong moment can wipe a whole group.  Although you need occasionally burst damage (when mini is up) , you do not want to parse on the boss. There are too many mechanics which needs priority.
Keep an eye on the boss health as well to know when a new mechanic will be added to the fight.
 For more information see AlcastHQ Cloudrest guide: https://alcasthq.com/eso-cloudrest-guide/
Where to be... / prority's

Depending if you go +0, +1 - +3 you need two or three tanks
For gear so appropriate guides.
The MT 1 and 2 will go into the portal. When you go in, make sure you face the right side and hold block, so that the first hit you receive will be blocked. Don’t forget to interrupt when the shade is channeling or dd’s are thrown in the air. Tanks in the portal use elemental drain on the crystals and once you are experience try to keep the mobs inside as long as possible as well.
When coming out you take the spider and mobs with you and stack them on Z’Maja. Once they are dead, tank will switch position on the main boss with the other MT.
 DD’s do not enter the portal before the tank is in.
 Off-tank will stay in the group and debuff the boss, or taunt mobs that running around loose. Do not leave the group or you will get crushing darkness. As soon as the mini is up, tank it at the right position. (In excecute off tank is often kiting the crushing darkness behind Z’Maja).
Best way to position mini bosses in progression raids >> see image! click the image to enlarge

Portal DD’s:
 Discuss who is going clockwise and who counter clockwise  One always start behind the Shade  Drop your ulti or a AOE/DoT on one of the crystals and start fighting the other one (that way you are fighting 2 and   you are faster)  When a shard appears close by, bring the crystal already to the shard while the other DD continue with his crystals.   The last crystal can be delivered by the tank (depending what you have discussed) See image for more information 

Kite healer video en info (pre-greymoor) (Timewizard video, april 2020)

vMoL Achievements

Fang Focused

Defeat Rakkhat in Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj, with at least three dro-m'Athra Dreadstalkers still alive

It can be done in vet mode. You'll need to hold off on DPS. After Lunar phase, the archers will begin spawning. Having a third tank to deal with them will be helpful, and have them tank it in the back or something. Or a DD taunting and kiting

Lunar Phase: 2 healers in middle platform + 2 tanks, pressing synergies simultaneously like this

MT platform 1 + 3            OT platform 2 + 4         H1 platform 5 + 7      H2 platform 6 + 8

executed as follows: 

1st    MT platform 1 + H1 platform 5

2nd   OT  platform 2  + H2 platform 6

3rd    MT platform 3 +  H1 platform 7

4th    OT platform 4  + H2 platform 8

DD's will all help attacking the platforms that are called out (the ones in their surrounding)

Void Avoided

Defeat Rakkhat in Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj, with a maximum of two players ever being afflicted by the Breath of Lorkhaj. (The runners can take the white orbs in execute phase)

Hard Mode

Everything in Hardmode does more damage, like always. And there are also some additional mechanics you need to be aware of. The boss and the adds all have more health. Most mechanics also happen more often.

·         The void. Every few seconds some1 will have the void circle around platform 3 and 4. You must have it explode against the wall.

·         Backyard Area & Breath of Lorkhaj Debuff

                The backyard itself is unchanged. However, now after you come back from the backyard              you cannot cleanse yourself anymore. Which means you need to always send two different               people out. (or be able to reach 13% at 4th or beginning 5th platform).

·         The debuff after returning glows darkish on you, it also gives you a healing debuff so you have to be very careful where you stand.

                On top of that the debuff also can spread to your group members, so make sure not to

              stack right in the group with the others.

·         Assassins

                Every time you kill two of the six Dro’mathra Shadows in the backyard, an Assassin will                 spawn.

                You have to be careful, they have a Tornado attack which knocks back players that are in             range of their attacks.

                The off-tank has to tank those adds close to the boss so they die to the AoE damage of your       DDs.

Congratulations, you successfully beat Maw of Lorkhaj Hardmode!

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