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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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Malva's Journal

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     So many things has happened, this one does not know where to begin her story. She shakes as she writes this down, but she feels it is necessary for her to have a written record. To remember or to Silvaar, if he is also looking.

     The last thing this one remembers clearly before the nightmares began, was the attack. She is worried about the companions. Did they get captured with her? Dark moons. Silvaar was in a tree. She hopes he escaped. Has to believe he did. This one does not know the Wild Winds whereabouts, but she will find them! In Vulkhel Guard, this town down south where altmers live, this one found herself a journal, and so she tore a page and cleverly wrote a notice for a tree. Already someone has answered her, calls themselves S and has knowledge of the companions. Malva is ready to go and search, even if the mages warn her. Silly mages sends her down in ruins full of ghosts and cut-throats and then tell her not to go to Blodlet Throne.

     Then Malva made smart deal with silly mages, so mages can sleep well at night, knowing this one is still alive for them to send down to more haunted ruins to fight deadones. So they will make portal for her to go search the Blodlet Throne for clues of the Wild Winds. By the moons this one is scared of what she will find, but she tries to grab hope and hold on to it.





     Mages told this one to take warm clothes and go in shiny daylight, when she would go through their portal to Blodlet Throne. So this one was ready to use all her sneaky tricks so to look for her Wild Wind companions.

     What horrible place she found. Cold wind trying to rip off fur, ice and snow stuck on her paws and in whiskers. And the sun shining from all sky and trees and bushes and ground, even buildings, blinding her. Mages was right, such a bad place one should not travel to. Ruins and grey rocks, broken down in places, looking as if ready to eat Malva whole. Covered in snow and locked up good, ruins telling this one “go awayâ€: not welcoming place, but this one can open doors still. Mages gave a gift of sunlight for Malva to use in case of troubles, but this one has tricks of her own. She looked around outside, where only snow was to find. Wild Wind friends would go inside by fires to sleep. Nothing was to be seen inside either. And this one knows what signs to look for. So Malva was quiet while looking and quiet while leaving again, and this one thinks no one saw her. But she left a sign, in case Wild Winds was hiding nearby.

     Mages was glad to have Malva back, and they did some tricks to warm her up again. Now she just wants to sit in warm room with no shining sun in eyes.





     A new letter has arrived, from this same S-person who claimed Blodlet Throne was the right place to look. S. now says go to Whiterun and mages shakes their heads and leave her alone to think. This one suspects there will be no smart portal this time –unless this one makes one herself.

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