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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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A late Hello!

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It's never good to start with anything with an apology, but I should have posted a "Hello" thread a couple of days ago.


So here it is...Hello and thanks for inviting me.  For those that I've already chatted with in GC (I'm @rugbyfans btw, but usually answer to Misty online) thanks for the info and advice you've given me.


A bit of information about myself: I've been playing MMOs since Dark Age of Camelot back in 2003.  I loved that game and it was only the declining server population that drove me away.  Since then I've been searching for my new virtual home - WoW, Warhammer Online, LotR, Guild Wars (1 and 2) and SWTOR are just some of the ones I've played, looking for that sense of belonging that I had with my old guild in DAoC.


I've been watching ESO develop from nearly the beginning and it looks like it could be the one.  And now, thanks to you guys, I may have found a home with like minded individuals. 


I love PvP/RvR, but that doesn't mean I hate PvE...if I'm honest, I'm a bit OCD about finishing stuff...So you'll often find me heading back into lower level areas to make sure I haven't missed anything.  I enjoy crafting too and love the looks of what ESO is trying to do. 


I know you can join many guilds in ESO, but that doesn't seem right to me.  Without going too RP, I've given my allegiance to one banner and that should be it!  But maybe I just don't "get it" yet.


OK, that's enough.  Again thanks for inviting me and I hope I become an asset to the guild.

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Guest Aeriea

Hi Misty - seen you about in guild chat so can't really say welcome lol - but your words re going under one banner chime with my feelings too - certainly as far as pvp is concerned.  I guess there could be a place for some specialist trading / crafting slots but can't say I'm desperate for them as this guild can fulfill those options too.

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