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Winter 2021 - Guild Report

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Hello everyone, welcome to yet another Guild Report of the current season! Let's get going...


Recruitment & Tier Changes

When we recruit, we ask people to be able play the game 3-4 evenings a week. We changed that for Midgamers: the dungeoneers who join our guild should be able to play the game 2-3 evenings a week, 2 being an acceptable minimum. But of course, as always, we don't want to see in-game absences for more than a week as a rule (without notifying us).

Additionally, I will be introducing Tier-5 (yes, five) to our Tier classification, indicating people who have completed whole Tier-4 and are score-pushing/achievement-hunting in our advanced Cores. The rank to be assigned to this role will be Dominus Liminis, which has been a rank denoting raiders in the guild until now.


PvE Changes: Tiers, Cores and Progression

As you know, this past Christmas we started working on our current Core-3 group, aiming to continue testing our vitality-based progression model, fine tuning it further. Although we announced a final Core team (Core-3) a week or two ago, unfortunately that group already started struggling soon after. Due to this, we decided to have few changes around...




Firstly, from now on, for Damage Dealers joining our Core groups, we will be requiring a completion of both vMA and vVH solo arenas, without cheesing their builds (no mythic items, no half-healer-half-tank builds and similar). Additionally, for all roles, but mainly for Healers and Tanks, we will require completion of all Tier-3 Midgame HMs, on their primarily roles (i.e. content needs to be done as Tank or Healer who aims to join a future Core). Since DDs already complete solo arenas, we will go a little bit easy on them (they can miss 1 or 2 HM dungeons). As you know, at least for every weekend I aim to hold these Weekend Midgame Challenges, giving away gold rewards as a motivation. So please find a time and get these things done as soon as possible, increasing your skills and preparing for Core raiding. Two birds with one stone, this will also bolster our Midgame activities. This change also aligns with our Attendance requirement, so guess it is three birds with one stone :) 

In addition to this: as you know, we have 2 types of Core groups planned, one being so called standard one which aims to progress from Tier-2 to -4, and the latter (advanced Cores) being planned for future Tier-4 achievement runs and score pushing. But as of late, especially since we started recruiting inexperienced/less-experienced players as well (mainly because our progression teams are starting from Tier-2 content, which are a low tier content), we realized we actually need to bolster our training programs as well. To that end, we decided to change few things around regarding how we form our Cores. So, here is the plan - everytime we wish to build a Core:

  1. We choose a raid leader for future team, without choosing members for that team...
  2. That raid leader organizes regular Open Training Trials (guild wide, also including our Soulshriven guests), thus training our existing roster, to be precise, part of the roster who aim to join this future Core group. We run these content 3 times a week (precisely how a Core would run), monitoring the attendance and performance of the people attending these runs. We focus on Tier-2 trials (Craglorn HMs, vMOL, vAS, vCR, vSS), training in them and partially progressing ("partially" because we won't be focusing on vitality-based model during these runs).
  3. The moment our raid leader is confident that he/she has reliable and performing 16 people to populate their Core, they will move forward: they will pick their best 16 people, announce a Core group, and continue progressing with vitality-based model in mind.

This way, we aim to increase the quality of our groups, and actually have sustainable progression (instead of completing a content every 2-3 weeks, which is absolutely bad performance we don't want to ever have). This way we also want to have open-events happening in a guild-wide fashion. Being a focused guild as we are, these open-events won't be like those in casual guilds out there, but will primarily include people who aim to be part of a serious progression group. People who have time to play, and can commit themselves.




Last but not least, we decided to change our raiding days. Instead of Mon/Wed/Fri, we will be raiding on Wed/Fri/Sun, thus bringing in the possibility of weekend-raiding. Weekend-raiding is something good to have for many reasons, main being: we all are well-rested, especially on Sunday evenings, with no work burden whatsoever. Another thing is being away from Monday as far as possible, which mostly affects working-class (to which most of us belong). Since Saturday doesn't really work for our roster (people taking personal time off, away from their PCs), we ruled out that day.


Future of Core-3

With these changes mentioned above, regretfully we have to announce the following: effective immediately we are disbanding our Core-3. I invite every member of this team to join our above-mentioned Open-Trial Training runs, because those performing well with regular participation in these runs will be part of our upcoming Core. If any of you guys (Core-3 members) decide not to be part of that, please make sure you maintain your weekly Attendances unless you are Adeptus Exemptus (check your Discord roles). Main reason for this disband, as mentioned previously, is lack of progression in this group; not to mention this team lost a lot members soon after being formed.


Guild Photoshoot

It's an annual tradition to hold a guild-wide photoshoot every year, in the beginning of that year. For this year, we actually are a bit late. That's why, this coming Sunday, at 7pm CET we will be holding our photoshoot event. This will be a single-occasion event, i.e. if you miss it, you miss it. There won't be second time for those who do. So please try to be there.


Thank you all for your attention! Good luck and good hunting! -- Gelmir

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