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Autumn 2020 - Guild Report

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  • Ipsissimus

Dear friends,

As you know, since late summer we have been trying to recruit for three raid Cores. But unfortunately, for reasons I want to discuss below, we've been quite unsuccessful to even properly fill one single group. And our problems, to many people's surprise, isn't even about finding critical roles (Tanks and Healers). As of past 1-2 weeks, we've been struggling to find Damage Dealers.

Why this is happening? I suspect:

  1. ... partly because we've steep onboarding requirements: last time we built Cores it was painful result of us building up the guild through Midgame and then gradually switching to Endgame and getting Cores up. We didn't have Attendance requirement at first, so it never was a negative factor for guild-building. After 2-3 times switching Attendance on and off, I also established it never was a factor anyway. With or without it, our recruitment efforts remain the same. The other factor would be our steep onboarding, which involves website registration on top of mandatory Discord usage. This unfortunately we can't lose: Discord will always be the integral part of our community, and website needs to be there at some point of membership (either since the very beginning, or at some point when a member decides to participate in active content). All in all, this onboarding process might need re-evaluation.
  2. ... and partly because ESO actually has very big influx of new players, at the same time losing a lot of medium- to long-term serious PvEers. As you know ZOS makes a lot of changes to almost everything (new features and changes to combat, classes, content itself etc) to accommodate casual players, rather than committed/serious ones. Add lags and bugs on top of all this, and you get a recipe for disaster - a disaster which alienates veteran to the game. How do I know this is the case? One: I talk to some guild leaders and participate in many Discord servers of different communities, that's how I know how other guilds fare. Two: I have been recruiting since late summer. At some point I was thinking "Hey, we have this vitality based progression, we create Cores from Tier-2 onwards, never from Tier-3 or -4 - this can be a problem for a lot of people". But during these past 3-4 months, vast majority of people whom I talked to about the guild (the potential recruits) have been (relatively speaking) new players. People who've played the game for a year, tops. The number of vets who've contacted me doesn't exceed the number of fingers in my hands. This is how I know situation is dire - the remaining vets try to stick together and create raiding-only guilds/groups, a recipe which unfortunately isn't 100% compatible for our guild (my goal is to build a functioning, successful PvE guild, not only a raiding one). As a result of this, in past 2-3 months we lost a lot of Core members to such groups - groups which get together fast and get raiding. We've lost 2-3 tanks, 1 or 2 healers, 4 or 5 DDs, who if remained, would consist half of any Core group.


So what this all means for us?

Well, you all know, this guild is the way it is because of one single philosophy: we don't want to waste our members' time, and vice versa. That's why we call ourselves a focused guild.

But as you all know, we've wasted a lot of time trying to build our Core groups. This is very bad.

As such, I see it as my duty to tell all our Core members about this situation. To me, and to most of you I am sure, time is golden. As such, if any of you feels this is taking unacceptably long, please feel free to join other raiding groups. At this point, unfortunately, I can't promise you anything about when our Core group(s) will be ready for raiding.

If somehow this becomes the case, and you join a different group or guild, please consider staying in the guild. If can't, consider switching to Soulshriven in Guild Planner and staying on Discord. If can't do that either, then I wish you all the best, and good luck in your future endeavors! I am sorry this recruitment hasn't happened as fast as we wanted it to.


Will I continue recruiting and Core building?

Most definitely. Lodge will remain in ESO for a foreseeable future, at least until 6 months into the release of Ashes of Creation. But I suspect it might take a while to get any Core groups going, which might not be what some of you want to hear. Additionally, as you know, Cyberpunk 2077 was released yesterday - thankfully this happened very close to Holiday season. I admit, I will be playing it a lot, but I also expect to be done with the game by early January. I will be recruiting at a much slower pace during this 1 month period, but next year it will be again at full speed. And again, in no way I plan to abandon ESO: as some of you know, I am working on making our Guild Planner a public website for other guilds as well, and as such, I am committed to ESO for a foreseeable future.


That is it I guess. Thank you for reading! Stay safe and good luck to all of us! -- Gelmir

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