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Glevissig (Gelmir)

June 2020 - Guild Report

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Hey everyone,

Gelmir here, in yet another Guild Report. We are growing fresh, with totally new roster of recruits. Today I will be telling you about the current situation in the guild, the current goals and future plans. So let's get started...


Current Situation

As you know, few months back, we disbanded our existing Core-2 and were at work to build a new one, dubbed as "Core-3". But towards the end of the spring I decided to pause on Core building. Past 3 years of doing exactly that, we had worked very hard and gained a lot of experience as a guild: we started slow with Midgame, and managed to tackle Tier-4 raiding content continuously working on the success of our Cores for quite some time, through arduous experimenting, in the process, shaping the Lodge we have today.

But we always have been few in numbers, and we always were almost exclusively focused on Core building. It is time we grew into a 100+ (even 200+) member guild, and that is exactly what I am trying to do now. Things are much better compared to the early years... E.g. instead of individually interviewing our recruits, I have built features into our Guild Planner to do that in rather automatic way.  I lowered Attendance requirement from 3 to 2 content a week, and CP requirement from 300 to 160. We already have gotten several new faces into the guild (welcome guys!). My request from our new members is to try and be a bit patient as we steadily grow: it takes time, especially for a focused guild like ours to get new, reliable memberbase.




Future Plans

So why all this? Why pause Core building? By autumn, the plan is to grow to such a capacity that we are able to kickstart 2-3 Cores at once. As you know, our vitality-based progression model is aiming on building long-lasting strong teams who can tackle Tier-4 with relative ease, through constant and quality progression. And to get there we need parallel-running Cores in our guild, not one at a time. That's why I am aiming to grow our numbers to be able to meet this goal. Expected time for us to resume putting together Core teams is sometime in Autumn, depending on how effective our recruitment efforts prove to be.


Final Words

As a conclusion, I want to urge our members to step up on Attendance please. Starting this weekend I will be removing members from the guild who don't meet their weekly quota (of measly 2 group content done with guildies). So please don't disregard this, as it is very important for the guild's aimed success.


Thank you all, and enjoy the game! -- Gelmir

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