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PvE: Open Raids Organization Guidelines

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As stated in the recent Guild Report, due to our future plans to Reform our Recruitment Process, we plan to organize Open raids in a regular manner. To facilitate those events in a healthier fashion, some Guidelines have been devised. These are mostly for Event Organizers (officers and such), but I believe non-Organizers will also be able to get the main idea. Generally Open raids are of three types: progression, farm and score raids, and we will be handling them separately:

  • Open Progression Raids generally don't require prior clearing of the content in any way, unless the Raid is a some kind of sub-raid of main content (e.g. vCR+1 is sub-raid of vCR+0, vAA HM is sub of vAA etc).

    In the case of being a main-raid (e.g. vCR+0, vAS+0, non-HM vTrials), the related event announcements cannot have any "must have finished", "must have cleared before" or similar statements in them.

    In the case of being sub-raids, prior main-raid content clearing maybe and should be stated as a requirement (again, for example, if content is vAA HM, prior clearance of vAA may be, or even, should be, required).

    In contrary, Open Farm and Score Raids do require prior clearance of the content.
  • Open Progression Raids can require people to read and learn mechanics from guides. They need to explicitly state that, if this is the case. Open Farm and Score Runs on the other hand, already assume you know the mechanics.
  • All Open Raids, as any content we organize, are content-clearance basedOpen Progression & Farm Raids require the character doing them to have minimum the same Tier-clearance as the content is. E.g. vMOL is Tier-2 content, so only characters with Tier-2 (Practicus) clearance can attend those.

    For Open Score Runs though, the Tier-clearance is one level above of the content. E.g. when a Tier-2 content (e.g. vMOL) is organized as a Score run, only Tier-3 and above attend it. Announcements should mention roles in accordance to this. 


Short - tl:dr version:

Progression Runs: same Tier requirement as the content itself, no prior experience required.

Farm Runs: same Tier requirement as the content itself, prior experience required.

Score Runs: one Tier above requirement than the content itself, prior experience required.


Organizers, please make sure your announcements follow these guidelines.

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