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Welcome folks, to yet another Guild Report. In this one, we got quite some topics to cover, so let's start...



Before we start, I will post couple of announcements. And then we will be discussing the latest developments in the guild (which these announcements will be related with) and stuff we plan to work on, in coming future. As we already hinted a week or two ago: we have some plans to revolutionize our recruitment process. We will go into details of that today. Team's been heavy at work in past couple of weeks to lay the ground works of it. Planner also was developed to make these big plans manageable in long run.


Announcement: Content Tiers & Clearance Guidelines

A week or so ago, we revamped our PvE Tiering: as you know previously we separated content into a Midgame and 3 Endgame Tiers. We switched to a unified 4 Tier system, where each tier has their subset of Midgame and Endgame content. Previously we had difficulties with our Midgame organizations, as higher Tier Midgame content couldn't be cleared by less skilled members, resulting in continuous frustration which I believe also damaged Midgame content popularity among our top skilled memberbase. Hence these changes. We hope this will help to increase Midgame popularity as our Roster grows.


Announcement: Open Raids

We will be doing more Open raids in coming weeks (more on that context down below). To prepare for them, we laid down few rules pertaining the organization of those raids, in order to handle those events more healthily. So feel free to check them out.


Announcement: DPS  Parse Rules Changes + Fundraising Campaign

As you know we've had a set of rules regarding DPS Parses you guys do and send to us  for clearance. With the release of Elsweyr chapter, we decided to change few things around: primarily, we switched to 21-million-HP Trial Dummy as a standard of parsing. This dummy provides you with all trial buffs, eliminating the need for someone to provide Orbs, Drain etc. We launched a donation campaign to purchase 2 of these dummies, and placed them in our Guild House - my, @Glevissig's ingame house. We plan to purchase 2 more of them, thus the fundraising campaign with goal of 4 million gold is still ongoing. Please consider contributing to the Guild Bank regardless the amount you can conjure, as every bit helps!




Announcement: Officer Vacancies

In light of upcoming changes, I believe we will need more capable hands to help us to run the guild. Thus, I posted an announcement across forums regarding Vacant Officer Positions. Please check them out and let me know if any of the positions seems something you think you can help us with. We need likeminded and dedicated Officers for Guidance and Endgame.


Announcement: Midgame Traction + Attendance Tracking

In past 2-3 weeks, due to me focusing heavily on the development of  Planner, the attendance tracking which we've been doing vigilantly kinda started to suffer. And unfortunately with that, people, being people, started to slack. As always, I am dedicated to revitalize Midgame continuously, so starting this week onward, we will be resuming tracking attendances. As we had few weeks of slacking in our hands, current non-Core members are expected to resume their activities, as we won't be notifying people anymore about their bad performance. Guild kick will be the case by the end of this week if we notice people aren't really interested in doing content with us. So please pay special attention to this topic.

Additionally, in light of upcoming changes to our Recruitment Process, we decided to ease things a little bit on our Tier-4 cleared memberbase. Effective immediately, Adeptus Major are required to do 2-content-a-week, instead of 3. Additionally, they can also train our younglings (e.g. DPS Training) as an eligible content that'd count towards their attendance (just make sure the event lasts 1 hour minimum and is recorded via a screenshot which gets posted in the gallery).

All in all, please let's get back to our participation in guild content.




Streamlining Registration & On-boarding of Applicants

Ok, now back to the main topic...

As part of grand plan, what I decided is to make the registration and on-boarding of recruits more seamless. To that effect, I disabled email/password based login system, switched to Discord model completely. The next thing was to decrease the number of profile questions to half. Although not completely eliminated today, they will be completely removed in short-term, as we are moving towards Planner-oriented guild management which should be about few clicks. In mid- to long-term, we might push forums a bit towards the background and bring the Planner forward as well. But eventually both of these tools we will be using as they have different strong sides to them.


Planner - Lodge Automated

Last year we had a big problem of maintaining this guild, considering all the requirements in place. Clearing people for content was a nightmare: we quickly lost track of roles which got cleared for content and as Cores were progressing into top Tier content, we got mix of people in them who largely varied in level of skills. 

And because of all this, after we disbanded two Cores in April, I decided to solve these problems. And of course, being software engineer myself, having to learn a new technology to bolster my skillsets, I thought Planner will be a great pet project to serve that purpose. What we managed so far is putting whole Content Clearance topic into a manageable model. Today we can easily clear all roles for content and track the related characters. In coming days, more features enabling us to quantify and monitor that data will be added to it. Additionally, I plan to have an Event Calendar implemented there, which would enable us to automatically create Open events, manage signups by taking into account the characters cleared for content. All of this with Discord integration, to maintain clear communication. In mid- to long-term, I might also consider developing a Gallery on Planner and move all our screenshot galleries there (but this last one is low priority right now).




Reforming Recruitment: Discord, Planner & Their Role

So, with Planner I've been developing to make it easier to automate the guild, at some point, me and officers got together and we brainstormed little bit. The result of that is the following:

In coming weeks, we will be opening our Planner and Discord server to public. Initially, we will be inviting skilled players across the game to our Discord and eventually introduce our Planner to them. For those guests who decide to go through it, we will clear them for content the same way we do with our members, eventually creating a database of skilled and experienced players. In time, having this kind of database will enable us to devise new projects of any sorts, and bring those projects to that player-base to see what kind of interest these ideas garner. If successful, the interested parties will be on-boarded to the guild as actual members and related project be given a kick start. And of course, in between these projects, as we clear our guests for content, we will try to organize Open raids with them to evaluate the overall potential that exists. This way, for recruitment, instead of taking the traditional method of spamming and advertising, we hope to bring our audience to our Discord and increase our sphere of influence in time.

That's it, the big plan.

Of course both forums and Planner have their strong sides, so I guess we will be utilizing both tools to the maximum, in order to avoid reinventing the wheel and unnecessarily creating tools that already exist. 

So with all this announced, I'd like to ask everyone to consider inviting their promising in-game contacts to our Discord. Those contacts, as I stated above, don't need to join the ingame guild yet. We will cater towards them, as they choose to go through the Planner. Open raids will be organized with them, through our upcoming Event Calendar on Planner, which will work with characters these people have created and got cleared for content. Some of them even will be chosen as Event Organizers (primarily for us to see these people's organizational and raid leading skills in action). And these guests of ours will be assigned the same clearance roles our members have, with slight distinction of them not being mixed with our members on Discord - roles/ranks will be assigned, but all guests will still remain under Soulshriven category.


Guess that is it, folks! Thanks for reading, and if you are still here, please emote this post when done reading! Stay safe! -- Gelmir

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