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January 2019 - Guild Report

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Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Time warrants yet another Guild Report, so here we go...


PvE: Cores, Changes in Them & Future

As you know, last weekend we had to introduce some changes to the structure of our Raid Cores. For 3-4 months our existing 2 Cores have raided, and eventually we hit a wall of stagnation - we couldn't advance further due to certain limitations. After talking to our Raid Leaders, Guidance guys, it was decided that we switch to a progressive, hierarchically structured Core system, where competition, constant improvements and performance will decide the Core a raider is in. Of course these changes weren't welcomed warmly by some of our members, who decided to leave us. But they had to be done, alas!

After restructuring, now we have 2 relatively better organized Cores. Core-1, being our flagship team, has the best this guild has to offer. Core-2, hopefully one day catches up with Core-1, is our second level Core. Both Cores thankfully are Veteran Cloudrest grade Cores, currently progressing in that content. Both hopefully soon enough will conquer that place!

But despite all this, I have coupla relatively negative news for us:

Firstly, as you noticed several members decided to leave us. Due to these losses (about 7-8 members), we have to cancel our Core-3 initiative for the time being. We just don't have enough manpower to keep that Core going. We have to enlist few of its members into Core-2, after which we will have only handful of players who can't really sustain Core-3 at this point. But of course we will be continuously recruiting, training and clearing new active PvEers into the guild. I suspect in a month or two, Core-3 initiative will be kickstarted again. I know this news will hurt some Core-3 members - I am sorry for that - but please rest assured we will keep working on our PvE extensively throughout 2019.

Secondly, our dear friend @Jaynoel has to temporarily pause on raiding due to his studies (namely, his laboratory sessions at university, due to which he won't be able to come online until past 9pm CET). Because of this, another esteemed veteran of our community @Zaza102 decided to help us in this dire moment, by leading Core-2. He is well versed himself, so please welcome him as a Raid Leader and as a new officer to the guild!

With these news in mind, we will be shifting some raiders around:




PvE: Midgame & Its Future

We realize Midgame suffered lately, as never before, due to our focus into Cores. I plan to fix this problem. We will be extensively recruiting for Midgame tier and get our numbers replenished, at the same time making sure our sustainable Endgame stays that way (i.e. sustainable).


PvP Initiative

As you noticed, as the new year arrived, we also started to work on our PvP project. As a midterm plan, with small steps, we will start with Battlegrounds, attempting to form our BG Squads. Currently, @Kydum is measuring the pulse of the guild in order to determine who, from the current roster, are interested in PvP, specifically in training as a PvP player and being part of our BG Squads. Please contact him if you guys are interested. With Cyrodiil campaigns possibly on horizon, as a long-term plan, let's develop our PvP branch as well. Once PvP kickstarts in full force, we will consider it as an eligible content in the guild, towards our 3-day-a-week attendance as well.


Other Topics

Other than these, we decided to grant 5-6 plus month old members who generally have cleared all Midgame content a Rector rank, technically exempting them from 3-day-a-week event participation. One reason for this to be introduced is us trying to build a long-lasting gaming community. Another is basically being fair and loyal to our old members who also have cleared almost all Midgame content.


That's it folks! Thanks for reading, see you ingame! -- Gelmir

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