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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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Christmas is here... In case you are celebrating it, we wish you Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! If not, we wish you Happy Holidays! Either way, as the leadership of our guild, we wish you prosperity, happiness, love and peace in coming year of 2019. If you are away from home during the holidays, have a safe journey and see you when you are back in-game! If you are spending them at home, we wish you wonderful time with your beloved!


We've come long way, since I revived this guild back in May of 2017. Long and quite a turbulent way! Recruited hundreds to achieve what we have today: a warm, nice, family-like corner in ESO, to play and have fun together. And I dare to say we have been quite successful! Two Cores holding our banners high and proud, kicking further and farther into the darkest corners of Tamriel - making us proud! For this, and other achievements we've gained in past 18 months, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Without you, none of these would be possible! Without your efforts, Lodge wouldn't be here today!

Also using this opportunity, I'd like also to thank our dear Officer board, for the tremendous job they have done: every single one of you - including @Cortair and @mooslacker with whom this journey we started, Gavin and Coffee, with whom it continued; and those who are still with us and have done extraordinary things this year - mainly our dear friend @Jaynoel, and his Guidance team, @Kydum and @Kirikub, and our kick-ass raid leaders, who joined us to lend a hand with our Core raiding: @Maxime and @david0001. Thank you ALL!


Yours faithfully -- Gelmir


P.S.: Postcard by @Maxime

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