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Glevissig (Gelmir)

August 2018 - Guild Report: PvE Goals Enhanced

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Hello everyone!

Here with you again, in yet another monthly Guild Report. Last month we had few dramatic changes to our PvE plan-of-action. This time, we have enhanced upon it even further... Let's start!


New Officers & Vacant Officer Positions

Before starting the main topic of this report, I want to welcome 2x new officers joining us: @david0001 - a seasoned, very experienced PvEer joining us as a Raid Leader, and @Kirikub joining us as a Stamina DD Inspector. Welcome guys! It's nice having you onboard!

And we still have following officer positions vacant:

  • Inspector/Trainer Officers to work under Guidance umbrella, to train our PvEers. 1x for ea of Magicka DDs and Tanking/Healing roles is desired.

If interested please let me know on Discord.




MainCores: Current Status

I am happy to announce that we managed to establish our First MainCore (codename Basilisk) and we managed to stabilize it to a certain extent. Our friend @coffeediction leading this Core, we managed to progress farther, by achieving Veteran Sanctum Ophidia Hardmode. Currently we are trying to smoothen this trial even further, before we move onto Veteran Aetherean Archive HM and Veteran Hel Ra Citadel HM, and eventually onto DLC veteran trials. Basilisk is more or less locked down now, roles and responsibilities are settled (with very subtle changes still pending). Until September 16th, we plan to stabilize it even further, and lock it for eternity and ...

... start working on our 2nd MainCore formation (will be dubbed as Manticore). We already have substantial amount of PvEers recruited/trained/leveled, who will be forming this second Core. Our new raid leader @david0001 will be leading this new Core (he has some unorthodox, cool, and yet proven ideas he wants to implement). I believe by Monday, Sept 17th, we will have very good idea of who will be in it. The reason I want to wait with its formation is: I want to utterly and ultimately stabilize our 1st MainCore. It can be tricky to start 2nd one, if the first one is possibly a bit "ill": so before even forming Manticore, we will make sure Basilisk is as healthy as it can be. This is a very good opportunity for our members to improve their skills further and get ready until then.




FlexiCore Changes

But what will happen in these two weeks? We definitely can't ask people sit, cross fingers and hope for the formation of 2nd MainCore.

As I have been thinking in past 2-3 weeks about our FlexiCore - which originally started as "flexible raiding, everyday of the week, pick any 3 days you can participate and raid" - the fact is, that idea isn't realistic. First, you can't progress with ever-changing group of people; second, as MainCores form, it's not sustainable (not that the goal for it is to be). 

So starting this week forward, FlexiCore will evolve into Veteran Trial Training sessions (and lose "FlexiCore" naming) for those who are enthusiastic about eventual Endgame MainCore raiding. Such people who are cleared for Endgame, will be invited to join these runs and train in Veteran Trials, under the leadership of @david0001. And in 2 weeks' time, after we have enough information regarding the best candidates to join Manticore, we will officially form it. And this whole cycle will continue on with future MainCores. Of course, during the formation of new Cores, we will consider only regular, performing members who have been training throughout these sessions. Thus, it is very important for our Adeptus Major to understand the requirements of being a MainCore raider and the responsibility that comes with it. To make sure this is the case, I will be talking to each Adeptus Major in the game. Overall, the idea is 3-day-a-week raiding (Mon/Wed/Fri) between 8:30pm - 11pm CET.


That is it for the moment! Thanks for reading and thanks for being with us! -- Gelmir

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