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PvE Raid Core: DPS Parse Rules

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In order to make things easier and more accessible for our DPS raiders, we have added a tab to our Discord channel #dps_parses, where you can post screenshots of your CombatMetrics DPS details and breakdown (/cmx). Feel free to update them anytime.


DPS Parse Rules

There are a few guidelines for the parses though, to avoid cheese or any sort of DPS misrepresentation:

  1. The usage of Orbs is allowed and will be provided during the parse by an Inspector/Guidance officer. Additionally, for Magicka users Elemental Drain will be provided; for Stamina ones, Major Fracture will be applied. 

  2. During parse, no War Horn is allowed!
  3. During parse, no support sets are allowed!
  4. Penetration should not exceed 13k at any point (11k-12k is optimal, but up to 13k is fine).
  5. We will evaluate DPS, based on classes, especially for stamina characters since StamSorcs and StamPlars don't have abilities causing Major Fracture.
  6. Use the exact setup you will be using in Trials. And use reasonable food/potion you would use in Trials. E.g.: the usage of food that has no HP-buff to it (a case which in most cases wouldn't be realistic to Trial conditions) is not allowed! Unless your Base HP is within acceptable raiding ranges of course. Yes, we realize this kinda scenarios can be tricky, so we will also check your Superstar screenshots for Base-HP and other values, overall to decide whether the certain Parse looks cheesy or not.
  7. DPS parses are to be performed on 6 million dummies only.
  8. Parses should be recent (not older than 2 weeks) and within the latest patch if anything major changes from the patch before.
  9. Important buffs should be shown e.g. Food, Mundus Stone, Vampirism, Potions etc.
  10. Magicka DDs are only allowed to use Zaan monster set if they are using a melee build.


Good luck and keep those screenshots coming!

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Starting June 3rd, these Parse Rules are no longer in effect, as long as we accept 21-million-HP Trial Dummy as our DPS Parse standard.

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