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Greetings to everyone, 

A friend of mine has joined yesterday, and said you guys are doing "serious" PvE content, vTrials, and I wished to join and test myself. I mostly play as healer templar which is my main class, and love playing with.

I have done a couple of vDungeons in the past, some of them (specially the DLC ones, for example Cradle of Shadows and Folkreath Hold) were a total disaster. Could be me that wasn't ready, or the rest of the group, I don't know. Those and some of the others are a bit scary xD

I'm playing the game for quite a while with a ~10 months break I had. But I'm back now, and will continue playing cuz I love it. 

Well.... I don't know what else I should write. I'm a tiny tiny bit shy.


I hope to cya around :)

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