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  • Ipsissimus

Due to the PvE-related projects we are developing for our guild, the ranking system once again, is seeing a major overhaul. 

Ranks now are based on the player's level or the projects they participate. No social ranks anymore! And only members being part of a project have access to the Guild Bank (generally meaning Adeptus Minor and above).

Following ranks have been established throughout the guild:

  • Initiate are the members with in-game level up to CP-160.
  • Neophyte are the members with in-game level up to CP-300. All members of this rank should be receiving their initial inspection by a relevant officer, for their builds and gear, based on the project they were recruited for. Any member above CP-300 who haven't been given their initial inspection will also reside within this rank, until they are.
  • Practicus are the members with in-game level above CP-300. Only those who have been already inspected by an officer, and have-farmed/are-actively-farming a gear.
  • Adeptus Minor are the members who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Midgame content (DLC vDungeons + vDSA). They have access to Midgame content calendar on forums, enabling them to signup for the related events.
  • Adeptus Major are those who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Endgame content (vTrials). They have access to Endgame content calendar on forums, enabling them to signup for the vTrials. Adeptus Major have access to FlexiCore vTrials, which are organized everyday, with no dedicated Raid Core group.
  • Dominus Liminis are members of Adeptus Major who are part of our established PvE MainCore. Being part of MainCore, they do vTrials with a Raid Core of stable members, in certain days of week.
  • Centurion rank is dedicated to our PvP Initiative. Members checked and accepted by our PvP Generals, to our PvP Raid Core, will have this rank. Being our PvP champions, they have permission to Claim Alliance Resources during Cyrodiil campaigns.
  • Rector/Philosophus rank is dedicated to our RP initiative. Members who take part in our RP activities regularly will have this rank.
  • Magister Templi - Officers within the Guild. In addition to classic managerial permissions, they also can Release Alliance Resources in Cyrodiil. Person of this rank cannot be absent for more than 10 days (without notice)!
  • Ipsissimus - All-caring, all-powerful Guildmistress, person-in-charge of Guild.


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