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Glevissig (Gelmir)

[Week 25] Guild Newsletter

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Hello esteemed members of Lodge!

Welcome to yet another Guild Report We have a lot to cover, so let's start! ;) 


New Officer Announcements

As we are growing, our needs for managerial staff also grows. It's my pleasure to welcome two new PvE Trainer/Inspector Officers to the guild: @vsar for Magicka DD roles, @Bigevilpeter for Stamina DD roles. Welcome guys! It's nice having you with us, and thanks for considering to help out!

Those who have joined us and are pending inspection: Stamina builds please contact @Bigevilpeter for inspection. Magicka builds please contact @Knight30 or @vsar. Healers and Tanks - @mooslacker is your guy! Unfortunately, due to real-life issues, @Nefaras had to step down from Officer position for the time being - so, please do not contact him for any inspections!


We still need 1x Stamina Trainer/Inspector to join us, who would help us to inspect our Stamina Builds, give some tips where necessary and direct people towards correct Gear Farming! Let me know if interested, please!


Welcome to New Recruits

And of course, since our last report, we've had large number of people joining our ranks. Our welcomes go to @MadAxemen, @Huleeya, @DemonLorD92, @shoot8me, @Jpages, @Dabalya, @Fedaykin, @vsar, @Feleran, @Helethen, @nemixia, @vandamonia, @Shaenaki, @Gomorha, @Coud@CampbellLawson, @Flyntlocke, @Apraxia, @Pauley_Mccoy, @Galazon, @Hawie, @Furycane, @SeRuM, @Xarthisius, @AMtoPM, @Garretmia, @Livf, @OBCallum, @NFGBobbatta, @Stormcream, @VanIliriagon@Redlight@Verther, @Jaynoel, @AcidicAcid and @Cleaver! Thanks for joining guys!




PvE Midgame Events

As you know, few months ago we started our PvE project, with its initial phase of Midgame content (DLC Veteran Dungeons and vDSA). Our events running everyday, and with great completion rates. Our guys are getting hang of hard encounters, at the same time training and farming for gear. Thank you to everyone who have been participating in these events in a regular base! It means great lot to us, especially in these early stages of our PvE endeavors.

Alas, although we've grown quite well, the number of parallel runs don't seem grow as well, mostly due to many of our members not participating in events as we agreed during recruitment. With passing Ramadan, during which we had little bit slow down, we expected attendances to grow as well - but this time around, football championship kicked in. Regardless all these real life setbacks, starting the end of this week, we will be evaluating our attendance statistics once again. To that end, until the end of this week, I'd like to ask those who haven't been so active during events to start signing up please!


Important Note: Please be advised that this new direction Lodge is taking, is very important step in the development of our guild. As such, all members are expected to participate (not necessarily every day or event, but it is necessary to make yourself noticed at least twice a week), as we are striving to build a strong social guild with sustainable raiding capabilities. Please be advised that Lodge doesn't recruit people for the sake of numbers, so full guild participation is mandatory!

We also have had a good number of new recruits. Those who haven't had a chance to get inspected and cleared for events, please do so as soon as possible. It's imperative you get that sorted out very soon and start joining our events, so please don't delay!




PvE Normal Trials Farming

For past few weeks, we've been scheduling Normal Trial runs as well, for farming purposes. On frontpage of our forums, we have a poll, asking which nTrials you guys need to farm - so please don't forget voting there (please update your votes as you farm your gear!). Normal Trials happen at early hours - mostly before Midgame Content events, and last for 1.5 - 2 hrs in general. Attending them is not mandatory, but well recommended, if you need a piece of gear from them, for future Veteran Trials. Also please note that, attendance to nTrials does not count towards minimum weekly attendance requirements (because these events aren't organized well enough to be tracked, and they exist only to help you folks to farm some entry-level gear).


PvE Veteran Trials

This week, we also started planning the future of our PvE: veteran mode Trials. This week we will be making preparations and hopefully by the next week, we will be scheduling them on our calendar. We will be doing some checks to make sure guild is ready for them: some inspections here and there, some checking on members etc etc. More news on this regard will follow in coming days.




Guild Hall (@Glevissig's Primary Housing)

As I stated before in the dedicated Guild Hall topic, we have numerous coolness installed in our Guild Hall. Crafting Stations, Training Dummy, alongside with countless premium furniture all over the place. Of course the place isn't in it's final stages yet - I have many ideas about it, which I hope to realize in near future.

In the meantime though, we need some mats to craft housing items - primarily simple Style Materials (such as Bone, Obsidian etc) and Daedra Hearts. Also every weekend, I am buying housing items from Luxury Items Vendor in Coldharbour, which really cost a fortune (every week 100k+ gold in average). That's why we are open to donations of mats and gold to the Guild Bank. With all these, I plan to make our Guild Hall an exotic place to enjoy, full with tools and stations we need. Hopefully, in future, if real Guild Halls get implemented into the game, I will move all these stuff to that place.


Guess that's it for now! See you guys in yet another issue! -- Gelmir

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