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Guest Redlight


I've had my eye on this guild for a while but I never had the time to match up to the activity requirements (not because I lacked the free time but because my schedule was very inconsistent and irregular). That was until now, I can now assure you that I will meet them, except on particular occasions (on which I will previously inform the guild on when and why I can't meet them).

I am not sure what to say here exactly so I'm just going to ramble a bit about why I would like to join, what I'm looking for and what I'm looking for-ward to doing and then I will just say a bit about my ESO experience ;p I hope that's alright

It should be clear by now that I'm no William Shakespeare but I'll try and make this as eloquent as possible, When I first started playing ESO the game was hard and confusing for me as I had almost no MMO experience (Except for some World of Warcraft), and I had a big flow of doubts but I found the zone chat where I "spammed" my questions and I had many people eager to answer them. That was my first contact with the ESO community, I'm sure some people would disagree (because some people always disagree ;p) but I think the ESO community is pretty great, or at least noob friendly (unlike the game). After that I made some friends and they thought me the game the best they could and I slowly learned more and more and eventually reached the point I am at today. Now I have still a lot to learn and that is one of the things I seek when I say I want to join this guild, but that's nowhere near all of it, in the end ESO is a game and I play games for fun so that's also something I want, fun. I'm also looking forward to meeting nice friendly people I can have fun and learn with ;p


Now for my ESO "résumé" (Not very impressive btw)

I am currently CP capped (751 to be exact) and here's a list of all the trials and the difficulty I have completed them in

Aetherian Archive: Veteran

Hel Ra Citadel: Veteran

Sanctum Ophidia: Veteran HM

Maw of Lorkhaj: Veteran

Asylum Sanctorium: Veteran

Cloudrest: Normal

The Halls of Fabrication: Never (eheh)

Dragonstar Arena: Veteran

As for dungeons(DLC) I haven't done much because there aren't many "LFM" in chat for those, although I am happy to get an opportunity to run them! (I've done vRoMHM, vWGTHM,vICP and vCoS tho)

Thank you for reading this and considering my request to join, apologies for the way it is written. I hope there's no missing information, that you like it and that I make the cut!


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