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[Patch Notes] RIFT 4.4: Hotfix #13 5/16/2018

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RIFT 4.4: Hotfix #13 5/16/2018


For the past several months, the team has been focusing on one of your biggest requests: souls, callings, and in the case of Prime, global balance work.
We want to thank everyone who’s been testing, offering us detailed build and performance feedback. Our goal is to make more souls and combinations be more fun, competitive and satisfying choices for play, and your input has been invaluable.

We have a TON of stuff included in this mega patch. Grab a coffee, hot chocolate or grog and have a read-through. We hope you are excited as we are about it!

"The Seeker" starts TODAY!
Run wild over all of old Mathosia, searching for DeadSimon's lost contraptions. The first to complete the set will win a Silver Tier Loyalty! We'll give away three more Silver Tiers, randomly drawn from all who complete the set before the deadline of June 15th!
Click here for all the details!

Corrected the objectives and tracking of "Mitch's Task," a subquest of "No Strings Attached."

Bosses in Normal Tartaric Depths should now drop Captured Intel, like good little bosses should.

⦁ Updated several tooltips to be much more full of truthiness - please continue to report any that are off-kilter.
⦁ Updated buff stacking for numerous abilities across all callings for both active and passive buffs. Many of these were giving inappropriate bonuses due to being part of an incorrect group. I guess we can say "You're welcome!" and "Sorry for your loss!" depending on where your character falls in this correction.

WARRIOR: General Notes
⦁ Fixed an issue where warriors would have negative energy regen with their eternal weapon equipped and the Warchanter buff Deep Breaths active.
⦁ Fixed an issue where the warrior's energy bar would bounce between 0 and 20 several times when the energy regen buff from their eternal weapon was applied.

WARRIOR - Champion
⦁ Grim Satisfaction – Removed the internal cooldown on the proc.
⦁ Mired – Increase damage bonus to 4/8/12%. Up from 3/6/9%.

WARRIOR - Liberator
⦁ Liberator abilities Mass Casualty Response, Prolonged Recovery and Liberation treatment no longer benefit from Paragon’s Turn the Blade GCD reduction if points are spent in Search and Rescue.

WARRIOR - Paragon:
⦁ Modified how Flowing Strikes and Improved Flowing Strikes works. The player will now only get a single buff, either Flowing Strikes or Improved Flowing Strikes. Improved Flowing Strikes now provides both the crit bonus from Flowing Strikes and its previous damage boost.
⦁ Updated the tooltip for Paragon Flowing Strikes talent to improve clarity.
⦁ Force of Will – Now also increases crit damage of Follow Up Attacks by an additional 3/6/9%.
⦁ Turn the Blade – Reduced the damage and healing penalty to 20%.
⦁ Analyze Weakness – Now reduces the damage and healing penalty from Turn the Blade to 15/10% for Paragon abilities.
⦁ Weapon Master – Now also reduces the cooldown of Flurry by 7.5/15s.

WARRIOR - Reaver:
⦁ Explosive Infestation now affects up to 5 enemies (previously affected 2)
⦁ Septic Wounds now also causes Dire Blow and Desecrating Blow to have a 20% chance, per Attack Point consumed, to refresh all of your active Reaver damage over time effects on the enemy.
⦁ Removed talent Deadly Reach.
⦁ New Talent: Pandemic Synergy – Your abilities, except for Reaver damage over time abilities, deal 2/4/6% increased damage to an enemy for each Reaver damage over time effect you have on that enemy. Tier 2 talent. 3 points.
⦁ Updated how Decaying Defenses is implemented. It now applies a debuff which appears separately from the Flesh Rot DoT effect. Only 1 stack of this debuff can be on a target at a time, regardless of caster.
⦁ Updated the tooltip for Plague Bringer to increase clarity.
⦁ Updated Septic Wounds chance to refresh Reaver DoTs to 35% per Attack Point consumed.

WARRIOR - Riftblade
⦁ Enhanced Burst has been changed to “Increases the Critical Hit Chance of Burst abilities by 7/15%. Hitting with a Burst ability increases the damage of non Physical attacks by 10/20% for 6 seconds.”
⦁ Increased the damage of Scald to be 4.5/9%, 9/18%, 13.5/27% of Attack Power based on Attack Points used.
⦁ Scald can now be triggered on enemies affected by Flame Burst or Flamespear.
⦁ Elemental Flux – Increased the Blade buff proc chance bonus to 5/10/15/20/25%.
⦁ Burst Synergy – Reduced cooldown from 1 min to 45s.
⦁ Improved Frost Strike – Now also increases damage from Finishers by 5/10%.
⦁ Elemental Caress – Now increases damage by 3/6%. Up from 2/4%.
⦁ Intensify – Modified to, “Increases Critical Hit Chance by 2/4/6% and Critical Hit Damage by 5/10/15%.
⦁ Enhanced Burst – Now also adds a 25% chance for hitting with a Burst ability to award 1/2 combo points.

WARRIOR - Warlord
⦁ Reduced the duration of the DoT from Arterial Strike to 6s. The total damage dealt by the DoT remains the same.
⦁ Updated the Wave of Steel ability description to show how much damage bonus is gained if the ability is used after a Warlord Finisher.
⦁ Three Moves Ahead now increases Wave of Steel and Piercing Thrust damage by 10/20/30%. Up from 5/15/25%.
⦁ Combat Training now increases damage by 5/10%. Up from 2/5%.
⦁ The damage bonus from Down and Dirty is now 3/6%. Up from 2/4%.
⦁ The Advance Planning buff from King of the Hill now also affects Decisive Strike.

ROGUE - Riftstalker:
⦁ Updated the tooltip of the normal version of Planar Rejuvenation to correctly indicate the duration of the healing effect.

ROGUE - Saboteur:
Fixed an issue where Bombs Away! would stop causing Detonate to grant a combo point after respawning from death.

CLERIC - Justicar:
⦁ Fixed an issue where the Justicar’s Even Justice ability would proc its legendary effects with its normal version
⦁ Updated how Salvation and Legendary Salvation are setup. The new setup avoids potential healing reductions when Salvation healing interacts with buffs that increase healing. Players should generally notice no change to the ability.

CLERIC - Runeshaper:
⦁ Bonus Rune of Smiting damage from Legendary Seal of Vulnerability can now only be triggered by the Seal’s original caster.
⦁ Fixed an issue where Rune of Travail, with the Powered Inscription talent, could occasionally refresh a normal Seal of Vulnerability with the legendary version.
⦁ Fixed another issue where Rune of Travail, with the Powered Inscription talent, would refresh Seal of Pain with Seal of Vulnerability instead.
⦁ Fixed a minor issue where an extra debuff effect would appear on the target momentarily when Seal of Enhancement was cast.

CLERIC - Druid
⦁ Fixed an issue preventing Wild Strike from adding stacks of Natural Force.

MAGE - Chloromancer:
Fixed an issue where the non-Chloromancer damage penalty on Lifegiving and Lifebound Veils could be removed.

MAGE - Frostkeeper:
⦁ Inner Might now has a stack size of 1. This should address the worst of an exploit where players were building up large stacks of this buff.
MAGE: Mystic Archer:
⦁ Elemental Bonds can now only have a single buff active at a time.

MAGE - Pyromancer:
⦁ Updated the talent description for Pyromancer’s Vengeance to accurately reflect how the talent functions. It now indicates it increases the proc chance of Pyromancer’s Blessing by 2/4% per stack instead of 1 / 2% per stack. This is only a change to the tooltip and does not affect talent or ability functionality.

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