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Housing Mania part 1

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In this topic I plan to post some cool screenshots which would inspire us about furnishing/designing our ESO houses.

I will start: the following is from today's Crowfall newsletter. Item of interest is Crowfall Necro Table related. Link to topic here.


I believe replicating this table in ESO, using different housing items is quite possible.

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Guest Peaceruler

Thought about what to use for a table. An Ayleid table came to be mind as it is made of stone, but it is a very white stone.

However, for today and tomorrow this beauty is on sale in Coldharbour at the luxury vendor:


What is more evil than re-purposing a table once used for the Divines?

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Guest Peaceruler

As for the other items:


Human skulls can be easily bought at guild traders for a penny.

For variety you can also get a guar skull as a (bound) achievement item in Vvardenfell.



White candles I can craft. The red candles can be bought in the future at the luxury vendor when the Dark Brotherhood items are back in his collection.


Another way to get red candles is to have a passive in the DB skill line which allows you to get one item from the Stay Silent vendor. Unfortunately, this will take some farming, which I gave up on myself very quickly. You can only get one item from her per day, and she gives all kinds of crap.

Bowls of blood:

Another bound achievement item, now from Shornhelm:

or better yet, this bound achievement item from doing all the achievements on Midyear Mayhem festival:

Podium with book
The nicest one will be from the luxury vendor, but won't be for sale there till july/august. Guildstores may still have it but they sell it at premium.


Which can be decorated by "sinking' skulls into it.

Another choice would be the Brotherhood ledger stand, again another luxurary furniture that doesn't show up for a while in the vendor's collection, and can only be bought for a premium at guild traders:


The third option is buying the stone podium from the guild store with crowns. :\


Almost forgot...

Bull's head

Got to be the trophy for completing Falkreath on normal. You just have to sink the plague into the table, so it only shows the head of Domihaus.


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