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Greeting fellow guildies!

It's nice meeting you guys in yet another issue of our weekly guild newsletter. Let's start...


Welcome, New Members!

This week we had nice recruitment streak, recruiting several new members. Most of these guys - namely, @Aionna, @DeadlyDag, @Macleress, @chuckles, @Jock_Lander, @Bloodhill and @Stammy9933 - have joined us. Welcome, guys! Handful few others who have registered at forums will soon join us as well.

Additionally, one of our oldies - @neaNicu - has rejoined us, bringing couple of his friends with us: @Peaceruler , @Kwuiq and @Bl13. Welcome folks!


Regular Guild Events

As you know, our new guild direction is going through small-scale tough content, at the end creating skilled, tightly knit group of players, who hopefully one day form a successful and self-sustaining veteran trials Raid Core. To that end, I've been scheduling events on our guild calendar in a regular basis. In past week, we managed to tackle the first boss of Scallercaller DLC dungeon alongside with veteran Dragonstar Arena, not to mention the blast we had yesterday in Imperial City Sewers. Both were fun runs and we gained some experience in these content. As we grow in numbers and as our existing new players level up, I believe the attendance rate of these scheduled guild activities will also increase.


Important Note: Please be advised that this new direction Lodge is taking, is very important step in the development of our guild. As such, all members are expected to participate (not necessarily every day or event, but it is necessary to make yourself noticed at least once a week), as we are striving to build a strong social guild. I understand some very old members may not wish to participate for this or that reason. If that's the case, please let me know - on case basis, we will think of something! In general, please be advised that Lodge doesn't recruit people for the sake of numbers, so full guild participation is mandatory!

For upcoming days, I will be scheduling events more effectively, as I found a source where daily pledges schedule can be learned, ahead of time. Please vote in the poll on forums (to determine what days are best for you) and sign up on events whenever you can. I will also be announcing these events on Discord through #announcements.


Guild House Project

In addition to these events, we also have our Guild Housing project ongoing. As you know, past December we purchased Earthtear Cavern as our guild hall and since then we've been striving to decorate it with useful tools and items. We still need more in this regard. Please check the link for more info!


Miscellaneous Topics

Furthermore, I recommend all members to use ESO-Database.com addon installed. We will have guild statistics streamed to the related website, which is nice to have. This addon is absolutely light-weight and will keep working in the background automatically.

Additionally, we will need streamers for our Youtube and Twitch channels. You will be provided with XSplit license. Let me know if you are interested.

Last but not least, as always, I would welcome new Social officers to help me with recruitment efforts. Someone who can interview candidates before joining and guide them along the way - from interview, to registration, to guild invitation, giving information to them about us whenever they need. Let me know if you are interested: there will be 30-day trial period in your current rank, if all goes well, you will be promoted to Officer position at the end of the period.


That's all folks! Thanks for reading! -- Gelmir


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