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Hello Lodge!

Here goes the next issue of our Weekly Newsletters, for the current Week #11. Enjoy!


Welcome New Guys!

First of all, let's welcome our new members to the Lodge: @Tigorner, @Ante, @Nerfmysorc, @Dukeofverron and @Crystallize115 have joined our ranks. Welcome guys!


ESO: Small-Scale, Hard-Difficulty Events to be Scheduled

As I already mentioned several times already through various means, our current plan is to grow as a Social guild who would focus on small-scale, yet relatively hard-difficulty group content. The goal is to create a community of players who have extensively played together doing challenging stuff, thus paving the way towards the ultimate thing: veteran trials. So overall, Lodge's presence in ESO will go down this path from this point on, meaning all our members - including our social roster - are expected to participate in these events (please do consider this as membership requirement). Our new members have been recruited with these goals and plans in mind, and I ask our few remaining regular oldies as well to support us in this goal. We won't be requiring people joining these events every day, or certain numbers of days in a week - but please make sure your participation, even if it's once a week, becomes noticable.

To that end, starting this week, we will be creating such events on our Calendar. For starters, I created a poll which, in the end, would determine what days best suit the guild for these activities. Please vote in that poll (which also is available on forums homepage).

So what these relatively hard-difficulty content are? Generally following are considered as such:

  • Veteran Dragonstar Arena,
  • Veteran Dungeons Achievement farming,
  • Imperial City & Imperial Sewers farming (faction based),
  • DLC Veteran Dungeons which are harder and take longer to conquer,
  • Skyreach in Craglorn,
  • Some hard Public Dungeon achievement runs which might be hard for some members (personally I cleared them all solo though)

and similar. This list can be extended of course, but I am sure everyone gets the idea. By recruiting more members and together doing these stuff, I believe we will have more natural growth as a guild, towards the establishment of vTrials Raid Core.


That's all! Thanks everyone and see you in-game!

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