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Guild Introduction: Lodge of Sorceresses

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Please be advised that Lodge of Sorceresses is open to all classes, races and genders and isn't restricted in any fashion, especially in respect to players' genders. The name of our guild is strictly RP originated and only!

In brief ...

Lodge of Sorceresses is generally a casual, soft-core guild who value dedication. We all have a life to live, mostly working-class, who don't want to waste their time in MMOs we play, but benefit from it instead. Meaning, we prefer steady (even if it is slow) progression, to no progression at all, or to a rushed one. We are endgame-oriented, with RP-origins (just to make it more fun, than usual PvX guilds out there). If you are this type of player, who wants results and spend fun few hours in company of friends and do something that matters at the end of the day, Lodge definitely is the guild you are looking for.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for people like-minded to us, who in general know the value of team-work and who realize what the ends (fun, accomplishments) and means (gear and riches) are, and which is more important. We need players from all classes, and all roles, to fill our ranks for a very long term. We don't want people coming and going - so no "guild hoppers" please; we need caring members, for a caring guild, who value, love and cherish their guild and guild-mates.

Why Lodge?

  • We aim to create a guild with great focus on in-game activities: we generally recruit on Project-basis - for our PvX initiatives. We want steady, existing progress regarding the content we play. We are against pointless grinding day after day, with illusion of "we are having fun time". To that end, Lodge runs parallel PvE and PvP projects, where we constantly train to become skilled in our classes/roles, sharing one vision. We value patience and perseverance, the attitude of player always comes before his/her skills. We hate elitism.
  • From time to time, we open certain limited number of slots in our Roster for Social Casual players. By "social", we mean it literally: i.e. players who participate in day-to-day guild activities, such as dungeons, questing, crafting etc and are vibrantly active in guild-chat and our Discord channel. Lodge never recruits for the sake of recruiting, we never want players who join us either just to be part of some guild, or just for the name of the guild, or just to seek some help, never contributing anything back to our community. If you are joining us as a Social Casual, your guild-mates must become your "buddy-list" with whom you'll do the daily content: we hate the concept of "guilds within guild".
  • Lodge comes with strong organization and prior experience in other MMOs. We have effective ranking system tailored both for our Social- and Project-based (e.g. Raid Cores) memberbase.

What Now? How to Join?

Like the idea? As I mentioned above, we recruit for limited slots, either in project-basis, or social-casuals. To join us in these slots, please register at our forums, completing your profile fully. We will get to you as soon as possible.



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Guild Bank Rules (ESO)
Golden rule for withdrawal is: you can't take anything from Guild Bank for selling purposes, unless instructed by leadership to do so or if you have special privileges in guild allowing you to do so. You can take items which you can use, not for safekeeping until you level up. 
Following rules are in effect, based on vaults and the type of item in them:

  • CP 1 - 140 consumables (potions, food, ehncantment runes) can be taken by anyone.
  • CP 140 - 160 consumables (potions, food, ehncantment runes): Potions and food are for raiding purposes. Only raiders can take them, for guild raiding only. Using those resources for PUGs is forbidden! Those who need consumables for non-raiding purposes, please ask in guild for crafting!
  • Crafting materials, Recipes can be taken for leveling your crafting skills by all crafter-members. If you can, please return crafting materials that are product of transformation, to Guild bank - though this is not mandatory.
  • Master Crafting Writs, Premium Player Housing Items & Premium Housing Item Recipes (epic and above quality) cannot be taken for Guild Bank. They will primarily be used for Guild Housing.
  • Gear can be taken by all members for both usage and crafting leveling. CP 160 gear cannot be taken for crafting-leveling purposes, but can be taken for usage.


Deposit Restrictions

  • Consumables for level 1-49 are not to be put in Guild Bank. Only level 50 and above potions and food are allowed in Guild Bank.

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Following are Lodge of Sorceresses logos with their appropriate PSD source files and demonstration JPG/PNG files.

  • Default transparent logo with black text - logo-5.psd

    Preview - click thumbnail for correct viewing. Its default PNG preview file, that's why it will show background noise surrounding it.


  • Default transparent logo with white text - logo-5-white-text.psd

    Preview - click thumbnail for correct viewing. Its default PNG preview file, that's why it will show background noise surrounding it.


  • Logo with black outside-rim and white-interiorlogo-5-black-outside.psd

    Preview - it is best viewed and used as JPEG image.


  • Logo with white outside-rim and black-interiorlogo-5-white-outside.psd

    Preview - it is best viewed and used as JPEG image.


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Projects in Lodge

Since day 1, every type of activities in our guild has been project-based, including PvE and PvP, Crafting and Trading, even RP whenever we had it. And every project generally has an Overseer who creates, manages and runs that project. When it comes to that specific activity, the Overseer is the boss and has the final say during an event. Even the Guild Leader has to follow his/her rule during the activities. And of course in other times, it is Guild Leader's duty to oversee all his Overseers (i.e. officers) in general. This way, our Projects become autonomous entities within the guild and Overseers become free with their decisionmaking. Even if it is the Guild Leader who puts the Overseer in position, it's the guild who in most of the cases relieves him or her off their duties.

As a good example, PvE activities which ultimately means a progression in the endgame PvE content, is a project where the Raid Leader rank is the Overseer role, who organizes everything raiding-related, including picking people for our Raid Core from our general Roster, training them, organizing them and leading them during the event. During raids, everyone including the Guild Leader are mere raiders. Everyone follows one person's lead. The same goes for any other type of project, including Trading (most predominantly in ESO), Crafting (in Rift) etc.

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First-Ever PvE In Lodge - Rift Era

As you might already have guessed, Lodge is a multi-game guild. It was founded in late 2010 in Rift (during Beta events). Few years later, in mid 2013, just before the game went free2play, we disbanded there. During our time in Rift, especially towards the end of 2012, we had quite successful PvE raiding experience as a guild. We applied the methodology I explained above (Projects in Lodge) and had very good progress despite being a semi-hardcore guild (we managed to down 13 bosses of Tier-1 and -2, in first 13 weeks of the release of Storm Legion expansion, with our rather relaxed, yet disciplined setup). We also had a loot distro system totally unique to us, which was based on concepts of performance, activeness, and contribution. Our forums still have records of that time, so feel free to take a peek.


Our History, Post-Rift Era - Elder Scrolls Online

After Rift, we existed for small periods of time in SWTOR and Guild Wars 2, but decided to settle in Elder Scrolls Online. We recruited a lot before its launch, and founded our guild there on Day-1. Due to very poor launch performance of the game, Lodge in ESO was temporarily suspended for more than a year. We resumed our operations almost half a year ago (around May'17).

Since our re-launch in ESO, we've been hard at work, trying to grow steadily. The year of 2017 didn't really prove fruitful, as the recruitment we had ultimately failed to attract reliable raiders, viable for potential Endgame. Our hard-working raid leader @Cortair put a lot of effort to make things work at the time. Alas, we couldn't. For this reason, for the year of 2018 we came up with a totally new plan of action: we decided to take a path of natural and organic, yet disciplined growth - training our members rigorously, putting them into "Midgame" content (veteran DLC dungeons + Arenas) and training there further, eventually getting ready for Endgame raiding. During the first half of 2018, we did extensive amount of Midgame content - with the great help of our PvE leader @mooslacker -, and eventually in late August of the same year, we managed to create our first Raid Core (which initially was led by our first actually raiding leader @Coffeediction). 1-2 months later, our second Core was founded. And by the end of the same year, we successfully laid plans to establish our third and final Core. As of this writing (Dec 2018), our first two Cores managed to clear and master all Tier-3 veteran Trials in ESO, and directing their gaze at Tier-4 content.

And of course, it is important to mention that, we've been quite lucky to have very dedicated PvE officer team - specifically our Guidance group (trainer/inspector officers - @Kydum and @Marmoth90 ) led by our dear friend @Jaynoel , who have done tremendous job of training our own. And of course, our Raid Leaders, who eventually led our first two Cores into numerous victories: @Maxime and @david0001.

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Ranking System in Lodge (ESO Guild)

Due to the PvE-related projects we are developing for our guild, the ranking system once again, is seeing a major overhaul. 

Ranks now are based on the skills of player's and/or the projects they are part of. There are no social ranks anymore! And only members who have been cleared for content tier have access to the Guild Bank (generally meaning Neophyte and above).

Following ranks have been established throughout the guild:

  • Initiate are the members who haven't been cleared for any content tier. All members of this rank should be receiving their initial inspection by a relevant officer, for their builds and gear, based on the project they were recruited for. 
  • Neophyte is a main rank for the members who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Tier-1 content.
  • Practicus is a main rank for the members who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Tier-2 content.
  • Adeptus Minor is a main rank for the members who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Tier-3 content.
  • Adeptus Major is a main rank for the members who have been inspected and cleared for PvE Tier-4 content.
  • Dominus Liminis is a meta-rank for our PvE Core members. Being part of a Core, they do vTrials with a stable group of raiders, in certain days of week.
  • Centurion rank isn't being used at the moment.
  • Rector is a meta rank granted to our 6+ month old members, which makes them exempt from Guild membership requirements.
  • Magister Templi - Officers within the Guild. In addition to classic managerial permissions, they also can Release Alliance Resources in Cyrodiil. Person of this rank cannot be absent for more than 10 days (without notice)!
  • Ipsissimus - Leader of the guild.


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Lodge 3.0 Recruitment Model

Since our guild revival back in mid-2017, we have evolved the inner workings of the guild, by constantly experimenting with new ideas, trying them, iterating over them, eventually developing better solutions: our recruitment model not outstanding. We have went through 2 different recruitment models in this time, eventually reaching  what I call "Lodge v3.0". It involves the following practice:

Starting June of this year, we will be expanding our reach outwards, in order to revolutionize our recruitment process. To achieve that, we  plan to invite players of varying skill levels to our Discord Server. The ones from among these guests who choose to go through our Content Clearance process, we will clear for content and eventually, rank them the way we rank our actual ingame guild members. And then we organize Open events involving these people, thus expanding the scope of our events outwards, from in-game only mode, to Discord-Roster level. And as we develop new ideas and projects in the future, we are planning to bring them to the attention of these ranked (and in time, battle proven) players, potentially capturing their interest and hopefully recruiting them ingame. Naturally, the database of skillful players also would enable us to determine whether a  certain idea or project is feasible to kickstart, whether they have potential of fostering...

Thus, we'd like to invite you guys to join us on our Discord Server (link at the top). You don't need to join the actual ingame guild at this moment. Once joined Discord, please communicate your interest, and we will be in touch with you. 

Thanks and hope to see you soon!

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