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Hello sorceresses (and sorcerers)!


While browsing the ESO forums I found a post about social members, so here I am:

I am  pretty new to ESO, had a blast leveling a few characters in a mmo where it isn't just about fetching daisies and gathering bear tongues or lion blood (just to discover that none of the afforementioned beasts have any..) and doing some easier group content like normal and DLC dungeons. As a long time MMO player, having raided semi-hardcore, filling all roles in WoW raids over the years and raided some in Rift, I've found that group content great and environments gorgeous and detailed. However it would be far nicer to run all that in a group with some comms banter on the highest difficulties and at some point when I'm ready - raid a few evenings a week.

For now I'd like to join the guild as a social member, running dungeons and farming what I need to get ready for the most difficult content.

Outside of Tamriel I eat, sleep, train, take care of computer systems in a pretty cold country called Estonia and watch fantasy/sci-fi or run some tabletop RPG.  I also enjoy playing Tracer/Ana/Hog in Overwatch, cooking, brewing proper teas or coffee and a good wine with suitable food (or mulled).

I hope you all are having a nice day and will consider a fellow adventurer for the guild.

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