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[Week 9] Weekly Guild Newsletter

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Hello Lodge!

It's been quite a while since I dispatched our weekly newsletter - to be precise, 4 weeks now. Sorry for that, but we didn't really have anything to report, as things have been slow lately. So, here goes what Lodge leadership has to say for the current week :) 

Note: Bold style within the text generally outlines the main concepts and points of our current status, activities and goals.


General Community News

First of all, I'd like to welcome our newcomers: @TheSilverHawk, @Caruth, @mooslacker. Welcome folks!

Secondly, thankfully as of late our Discord got chattier. And to make things even sweeter, I added two bots to Discord: one for ESO and one for GW2. Read here for more info on those.


ESO: Recruiting Strong

As some of you already noticed, we are trying to strengthen our ranks and try to grow in more natural way, rather than forcing our way through projects - primarily PvE Raid Core. The long-term goal is to populate the guild with sociable memberbase who would do activities together, specifically hard, non-trial related content. Good examples to these kinds of events are DLC Dungeon runs, General achievement runs in dungeons and otherwise, Imperial City and Imperial Sewers runs etc. These are stuff most players in general don't get chance to try. So I decided to grow our Social roster and strengthen this side of the guild before actually jumping to anything vastly serious. Of course, PvE Raid Core recruitment is also still on, albeit relatively slow.


ESO: Current Status

As of now, our de facto Guild Housing (my primary housing) - Earthtear Cavern - has Outfit station alongside with Sturdy Skeleton Dummy placed in it. In very near future I will be installing Attuned Crafting and Transmutation Stations there as well. Please feel free to donate housing stuff to our Guild Bank, more about that here.


Currently we are around 15 regulars playing in a daily basis - I cleaned the roster from long-absent members, which downed its size to 30+ members.


GW2: Things Are Slow

Since I have to allocate most of my free time to ESO, I am afraid things at GW2 side became a lot slower than they already were. For that I apologize to our new recruits who joined our GW2 guild. For upcoming month, I regret to say I am not planning on working on GW2 side of things. Of course the guild isn't disbanded in GW2, but it's not active either. Hopefully after couple of months I will get chance to revisit it again.

If some of our GW2 members decide to leave the guild, but would like to remain a part of our community, please drop me a line on forums or Discord - I will make necessary arrangements (i.e. won't delete your accounts, also making sure you don't get any unnecessary emails from us either - except news pertaining us launching new guilds in new MMOs).


Eyes on Bless Online

As you know we plan to be in Ashes of Creation when it launches, but that thing is years away from now. For this year, I plan to test upcoming Bless Online when it launches - if it proves to be rich with features, non P2W and aligning with our traditional guild goals and style, I might launch Lodge there as well. But this is something like not-so-short-term planning and it all depends on what BO will come to be.


That's it I guess... Thanks for reading and see ya folks in-game! -- Gelmir

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