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Glevissig (Gelmir)

[Week 1] Weekly Guild Newsletter

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Hey folks,

Welcome to the yet another issue of our Weekly Guild Newsletter, this one being for the very first week of the year 2018. And with this, I also would like to wish you all Happy New Year of 2018! Be happy, be loved and have fun to your heart's content! :) 

Ok, now let's continue with our newsletter, shall we? ;) 


Guild Wars 2: 40+ & Counting

We reached our 40th marker in Lodge's GW2 Roster, and still recruiting towards our 50-members milestone. Once we reach 50-members marker, we will evaluate: Lodge will either continue recruiting towards 75-members marker or we will start recruiting towards our PvE Raid Core initiative.

I would like to personally thank @Blackheart and @Slavic Varg for their all hard work and efforts since we started this journey. Black has done grand job of recruiting fresh souls to the Lodge and organizing regular guild events with Slavic, who has been doing very good guild work both assisting with guild activities and streaming those activities on our Youtube channel in a very high-quality manner. Thanks guys & please keep up the good work!


ESO: Hiatus Mode

Unfortunately, I decided to put our ESO guild to hiatus this week. It's extremely hard to run the guild without proper officers. Officers aside, it's even harder to find suitable people for our PvE project: those I find and invite leave after few days for various reasons. So instead of wasting more time and energy on a community which doesn't seem to yield any results for us, I decided to focus my efforts on GW2 instead, where we have viable success.

Of course, this is not a guild disband in ESO: I still personally play the game and remaining handful of us still do the same. So guild will continue to exist without any official disband order. I will see you guys in-game!

Additionally, if any of you would like to take the guild in ESO towards more casual direction (such as nTrials-based PvE, or RP), please let me know. I will make necessary arrangements to make the transition. We still have our Guild Housing already purchased, which is a gorgeous locale, so I'd rather see all that potential used by someone who is content with more casual touch in ESO. Personally, I am not such a player (which is the reason why I decided to stop supporting ESO in any serious manner).

Last note for ESO guild is this: since we try to create a gaming community, those of you who would decide to leave the guild for this or that reason but would like to maintain contact until future AOC release and recruitment, please let me know on forums or Discord. I will keep your accounts on forums and notify you when such time comes. In the meantime, as I ask all our members across games: please use Discord to socialize with our members, across games.


Potential MMO: Crowfall

I have been checking Crowfall as of late, and it's distant possibility I could check it out once it gets released this year. If anything fruitful happens there, I will let you guys know.


That's it for now! Thanks for reading and thanks for being with us! - Gelmir

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As I noted above, I am open to suggestions regarding taking our ESO guild in direction of nTrials based PvE. If anyone wants to run this project in ESO, please let me know. I can make necessary arrangements for you guys to start working on that.

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