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Lodge is aiming for natural growth through doing regular small-scale hard-difficulty content, such as DLC dungeons, Imperial Sewers/City questing/farming, Dragonstar arena, achievement runs etc, with long term goal of reaching viable vTrial Core. Need players of all levels and experience, of positive contributive attitude with motivation to learn and train.

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[Week 45] Weekly Guild Newsletter

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This is issue #45 of our weekly newsletter. Let's start...


Recruitment This Week

This past week, we focused on recruitment towards our PvE Raid Core, as our efforts to launch successful trial runs weren't that successful, mostly due to many of our Raiders not signing up at all ("Thank you guys!"). So we recruited about 7 new potential raiders to our Core, who hopefully will be more active and cooperative. @dragoriffique, @gollum, @MrKary, @ah_zimo, @Allie, @Petrosky, @Rihud, @Lyros and @FR_Knave have joined our ranks. Welcome guys! May your swords never rust, staves never rot! :D 

Additionally we have a new PvE Officer - @Varleni - joining our officer team. She will be helping us with Raid Core inspection/training and what not. Thanks for agreeing to help us with this very important task.


PvE Raid Core - Plans for the Upcoming Week

So, as I already mentioned above, last week, although we had 15 raiders in Core, it didn't really work out. Mostly because people didn't show up. So I decided to push further and recruit more, in order to get this Core sorted out. After all, we need reliable people who will be there when we need them. So this week, we will be scheduling vTrials on our usual days (Tue, Wed, Thu) and slowly get to our goal of having 15-16-person stable Raid Core. It is paramount for our raiders to show up in time (15 minutes before raid time - tough I don't know why I feel the need of reminding you guys of our Guidelines) and signup to all events. Signups will have higher preference for raids, and eventually I will tend to stick with those guys who regularly come to raids.

Also please remember this important note: raids will be added to Calendar two days before the raid time. So don't expect all of them to pop up in Calendar for whole week at once. Check Calendar regularly for new event schedules.


PvP, RP & Other Projects

I didn't recruit to that end this week. I see no point in working on other projects when I haven't finished one of them, or am close to finishing it. Once this PvE Core topic is settled (hopefully this week), I will resume my recruitment efforts on other projects as well. Sorry guys, but one can't focus on multiple tasks and be successful. Gotta prioritize and do things one step at a time.




Guild Housing

So I bet you've been wondering what these images are. These are from Earthtear Cavern housing and I plan to get it for our guild. It's gorgeous locale. I spent good few hours last night checking out every single house we have in-game to select our guild house. Many factors played role in my decision-making, but primarily I focused on these:

  • Ease of Access - House shouldn't have many doors and passways to get from one place to another. Noone does like that really. You need to be able to reach crafting stations, training dummies very quickly.
  • Lore Perspective - our guild originates from Witcher game series, and in Witcher, Lodge of Sorceresses is a secret organization. What can be the place of operations for such an organize than a hidden cave?
  • Design & Layout - We need large space for things to happen. Large and open space with stunning design. My other choice for a dimension was Observatory Priory, which comes with Clockwork City DLC, but I had to let go of it, because of the continuous loud ambient sound that exists there. You can't stay in such environment for long. Actually in Rift, we already made this mistake of getting a guild housing with gorgeous design where gigantic things are in motion, all the triumph etc etc, with an ambient noise never going away. Yes, I am talking about Tuldio Sun Orb. Got that noise I hated!!! So no, that ain't happening again!

So question arises: When are we getting this House? And how?

This house costs 16500 crowns (around 100 EUR value) and comes Furnished. And I am going to get it Furnished. I will get it when our PvE Raid Core is stable and have cleared all Craglorn vTrials and moved to tier-2 vTrials. So folks, stop messing around and get to work! Nuff said!!!


Gelmir over and out!

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Welcome guys.

I don't remember which day was it but previous week i when i saw 10+ plus users on the same channel i was very proud...Welp... Good luck for this week :apple-muscle:

For the Guild Housing if we guild members contribute towards to it with in-game gold imho it would feel more genuine, fruit of labor, earned with hard and modest work. Though that may also take a lot of time :) . 

Also thanks for the update on RP :apple-thumbsup:, PvE and PvP are usually bread and butters of the guild, it's totally no problem :)

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In-game gold won't help: I will get Furnished version which is sold with crowns only (i.e. real money).

What you guys could help me with, is by donating premium housing items and recipes to us, so that we could use them in our Guild house. That can be achievable by ingame gold. So in short, I will purchase the house from my pocket. Expensive ingame trinkets can be donated by guildies. Of course all this will happen after we have cleared Craglorn raids: no Core = no guild house. And yes, I am outright blackmailing everyone! :D 

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